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Ministers say hostage ordeal was a sign of ‘maturing democracy’

2021-10-16 08:20:00 AM

Ministers say hostage ordeal was a sign of ‘maturing democracy’

The two ministers who were held hostage by ANC military veterans are of the view that the ordeal is a sign of South Africa’s maturing democracy, and that the country is not a security-heavy state.

The ministers were kept captive from 7pm to 10pm, and were later rescued by police. A total of 56 people were arrested.READ:Gungubele said the meeting had ended in a stalemate, and the group of military veterans then proceeded to demand that either President Cyril Ramaphosa or Deputy President David Mabuza address them.

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When they were told that that was not possible, the group said the meeting could not proceed.He said:We accepted. So, as we were proceeding to the doors, we realised that the doors were blocked.However, he said that they did not feel that their lives were in danger. He also said that he did not feel the ordeal was embarrassing for government, but rather that it was unacceptable.

“In my view, we are dealing with a maturing democracy, which enjoins us, especially as government, to listen to our people. When we listen to them, we don’t start on the basis of paranoia or suspicion. We listen to them because we trust that their grievances are legitimate. And indeed, they are well meant. We don’t always go to those meetings with suspicions.”

Modise said two ministers and a deputy minister being held hostage demonstrated that the country “is not a security-heavy state” and that ministers can trust ordinary citizens to engage with them freely.“It also demonstrates that we will go to any instance to hear concerns about any citizen, whether they are liberation veterans or ordinary citizens. We will listen to the concerns that they put to us. This meeting was not planned. As such, we went there because the presidential task team invited us to go because the matter was there,” she said.

The same group marched to Luthuli House, the ANC’s headquarters in Johannesburg, on Tuesday, prompting an evacuation amid a security breach and noncompliance with Covid-19 protocols.“So, I am sure that people will think that the state is weak. No, I don’t think we should go there. We should say that we are very proud as South Africa to engage, to sit among our communities, and among our military vets, without thinking they would kill us. We should also take it further, Minister Gungubele, to say, in fact, at some point they were singing liberation songs and some of us joined in because they were our songs too. Therefore, we did not feel that our lives were in danger. We were unhappy about [not being able] to leave when the meeting clearly had aborted,” said Modise.

READ:Hundreds show up to welcome Zuma back, but he could only address them virtuallyShe added that they did not feel threatened, but were uncomfortable with being held against their will.Over the years, ANC military veterans have raised grievances and have even held protests in different parts of the country over what they claim is neglect on the part of government. They have raised concerns about a lack of housing and not being able to access the bursaries established for their children to attend higher education institutions.

Modise said that with all the money that has been allocated to the department to deal with issues faced by military veterans, they should be better off than they are now.“And, therefore, I intend to do an investigation to find out where the resources have gone, why the lives of the veterans have not improved, why they are not in the houses that the state has gone all-out to build, and why they do not have access to all the clinics and hospitals in this country. And why, if we have said they have an education benefit, that and their children’s school fees were not paid. Those are the issues that we think we are taking away and that we think we will be investigating.”

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READ:Owner cries for help as mine is hijacked, stripped and torchedModise said she was still open to meeting with the military veterans to discuss their grievances, however, she and her deputy would not be dropping the charges against those who had been arrested.

“There was a violation, the police responded. You cannot hold people against their will and then say you are going to be released. We do not want to set a precedent that I can commit any violation and the law will be put aside because it is me and I am a military veteran, legitimate as my grievances might be.”

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Maturing Oh...ppplllleeease Minister. Moronic response from government. The AllAtSea will NEVER call it what it is - yet another capitulation to lawlessness and contempt for the law. Which is why nothing will become of it, just like the outcome of the madness and mayhem a few months back. Nothing. Nada.Niks. A wine does not mature in the bottle...

🤮🤮🤮 Even during the looting they kept on saying we are safe So kidnap of S.A. Cabinet Ministers by a mob is OK then? GBNEWS ozcrimenews SkyNewsAust nypost dcexaminer TuckerCarlson FoxNews rtenews Independent_ie CTVVancouver VancouverSun DeutscheWelle FRANCE24 Does not this politicians think before they talk🤔 cos that send a message out through the world South Africa is a week state. A country with now law and order.

Kak man! The whole minister responsible to keep us safe and the minister who oversee intelligence were held hostage by some hungry group of people. This country ne This lady yesterday lied unprovoked, I lost respect for her when she said 'they were singing struggle songs and we joined in' but we saw videos circulating showing clear signs of panic on them.

Trying to put a positive spin to it.. the hostage is a sign of a wesk State.. security agencies have been crippled by ANC factional battles

We are not embarrassed about hostage ordeal, says Minister Mondli GungubeleMinister in the Presidency Mondli Gungubele says they are not embarrassed about being held hostage by military veterans at St George’s Hotel in Pretoria. JacksonMthembu_ s shoes are too big for this one.Clearly it was just another factional appointment based on personal trust. How can the ANC gets embarrassed if they never embarrassed by this

Maturing democracy or more like a further descent into anarchy? Sometimes is just best to say nothing Delusional geriatric minister of a Banana republic. I guess stealing state funds are also a 'Sign of a maturing democracy' Hahahaa you call this democracy? More like democrazy! Hebathong hostage drama killing people kidnapping human trafficking is a maturing democracy according to Anc ministers who don't have any explanation 2say or 2give jeses!!!

I expected this from the Ramaphosa admin. Propaganda at its best. I have started to see strong Zanu pf traits in the ANC party. Am sorry to say this but u a now like Zanu pf. You downplay issues which must not even downplayed. Ohh please!! that was a sign of lawlessness. Meaning in democracy we must expect more lawlessness

170 minutes in Irene: How ministers were held hostage on Thursday nightMinisters and deputy minister say though they were held against their will, it was not a violent ordeal. Punish Them, Heavily! Why make excuses for them? Hostage is hostage In actual essence the ministers and deputy minister want you to know that they love it, angithi GungubeleMondli

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More like 'rotting democracy' with ParliamentofRSA devoid of oversight So why arrest the Veterans? ‘Maturing’ as in dying Listen, if you call a political hostage situation a mature democracy then the overthrow of government is probably a perfect democracy in your mind. Or at least, on the African continent.

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Who teaches them these fancy words? Maturing democracy lol.

170 minutes in Irene: How ministers were held hostage on Thursday nightMinisters and deputy minister say though they were held against their will, it was not a violent ordeal.

MYANC why is our beloved country subjected to this kind of torture? This woman should be playing with grandkids and baking cakes for school fund raisers not playing with our national security and schooling us in incoherent rubbish. I would've also held them hostage with her BS. 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 The animal slayer...

Nonsense there was never a hostage situation it was a new strategy of avoiding accountability shame on you minister thandi modise is this is how you treat your colleagues 😱🤣🤣🤣 What utter nonsense. The hostage saga is a complex situation in regards to authority. Arthritis Government 😑😑

Thandi Modise says no need to hire more bodyguards for ministers after hostage dramaDefence Minister Thandi Modise insists there should be no increase in the security detail of ministers after the hostage drama. As you all see ANC government does not have money, better Ministers buy themselves Okapis for kidnappers But 5 more bodyguards per minister and deputy minister and DG and deputy DG could maybe solve the unemployment crisis? I’ll always testify the good good deeds of Mrs kayleighcole0 in my life and that of the people I’ve referred to her. She is an honest woman who wants the success of others... feel free to contact her if you’re in need of another stream of income kayleighcole0

'SA not a failed state,' say ministers ahead of mooted meeting with hostage takersDespite the turmoil on Thursday night, Thandi Modise says she wants to meet the military veterans again to find solutions to their grievances. Whahahaha That's real funny Prove it Correct it's not's FUCKED! and it's only thanks to the State. What planet are these Ministers on?

Mondli Makhanya | How ANC ruins democracy | CitypressIn popular culture, Pietermaritzburg is known as Sleepy Hollow because ... well, you can guess why. I trust CyrilRamaphosa President of that criminal gang that is MYANC reads this.