Tembisa 10 mother: No one will force me to reveal where my babies are

‘Tembisa 10′ mother: I will reveal the babies’ location in my own time

2021-06-16 08:41:00 AM

‘Tembisa 10′ mother: I will reveal the babies’ location in my own time

The mother of the 'Tembisa 10' has broken her silence, saying that everything the Tsotetsi family said about her is not true.

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Wiskopies is calling. She has mental issues! I hope she is not planning to steal the babies mothers and health-care workers should be careful she must take her own time, some of us don't care anymore. not that we ever did in the first place Are we being scammed here... An unemployed lady with no resources manages to hide 10 (probably premature) babies and still finds time to take videos of herself instead of the alleged babies? This lady and all those who believes in the story need serious help.

Why it must be a secret of babies do they exist or not Since it's in the news we just interested if all are alive or what Yessssss girl !!! Either a scam or waiting for the highest bidder !! Plz stop giving stupid fake news coverage!!

South Africans react to Tembisa 10: Where are the nation's babies?If you're following the Tembisa 10 story with bated breath, you might have to hold it little while longer; their whereabouts remain a mystery I'm one of the South Africans that who is out of those who say they are missing just because you want to see them. Wait for the right time and moment you will get all the necessary information then Break the news as that's your priority Tembisa10 are not missing. Hlala phantsi

😂 She's not OK. You’ll reveal them in your own time yet no health care facility has any record of the birth There are no 10 babies. We were played.

Curious case of the missing Tembisa 10 – A story filled with contradictionsSouth Africa has been taken by storm by the curious case of the Tembisa 10. And not surprisingly, considering the mountain of contradictions.

Tembisa 10: Family pleads with SA to help find decuplets' 'mother'The family of the now 'non-existent' decuplets' mother are asking for help in finding her, while the reporter behind their fame is investigating the case. via TheCitizen_News He's 'investigating the case' after reporting on it? 😂😂😂😂 The reporter supposed to do the investigating first before telling us the story, the level of journalism is low

'Tembisa 10' mom: Family wants to know where her triplets are | News24'Where are our triplets?' That's the question the Mzolo family has been asking for the last three years. This, after 'Tembisa 10' mother Gosiame Thamara Sithole gave birth to triplets in 2018 and then apparently disappeared. | TebogoMonama TebogoMonama Apparently she(Abatwana womb) has 20 kids TebogoMonama We know your angle, you will do and say anything to discredit the story of the 10 babies. TebogoMonama 🙃

Sanef calls for independent inquiry into 'Tembisa 10' reportingSanef said the Press Code was not upheld by in reporting on the infamous decuplets, who are now said to be 'non-existent'. Those SANEF clowns must start here amongst many 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Hebanna really

Mother of the 'Thembisa 10' accuses dad's family of wanting riches through the babiesThe mother of SA's alleged “Thembisa 10' decuplets, Gosiame Sithole, has accused the family of the children's dad of wanting to benefit financially from public donations after the birth. Let's see pictures of the babies. Scam 101