'Tembisa 10' mom: Family wants to know where her triplets are | News24

The 'Tembisa 10' mother is accused of hiding triplets she gave birth to in 2018 from their father's family.

2021-06-15 07:11:00 AM

'Where are our triplets?' That's the question the Mzolo family has been asking for the last three years. This, after 'Tembisa 10' mother Gosiame Thamara Sithole gave birth to triplets in 2018 and then apparently disappeared. | TebogoMonama

The 'Tembisa 10' mother is accused of hiding triplets she gave birth to in 2018 from their father's family.

That's an unnecessary procedureAs soon as we decide to start a familyOnly if we're struggling to conceiveResultsThat's an unnecessary procedure17% - 515 votesAs soon as we decide to start a family7% - 201 votesOnly if we're struggling to conceive

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TebogoMonama pietrampedi, where are all the babies Piet? Under your bed? TebogoMonama They don't have her contacts? They waited for the Tembisa10 before starting to act? It's ThumaMinaMediaGroup worried here TebogoMonama 🙃 TebogoMonama We know your angle, you will do and say anything to discredit the story of the 10 babies.

TebogoMonama Apparently she(Abatwana womb) has 20 kids

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