Dstv 403

Dstv 403

Stop posting fake news: Family of kidnapped children appeals

[TRENDING] Stop posting fake news: Family of kidnapped children appeals #eNCA #DStv403

2021-10-23 06:36:00 AM

[TRENDING] Stop posting fake news: Family of kidnapped children appeals eNCA DStv403

The Moti family has appealed for privacy as police continue the hunt for their missing boys.

READ:Four school children abducted in PolokwaneShabir Valjie of Mighty Tactical Security in Polokwane says that people should refrain from posting fake news on social media.Valjie said,"people must be now a bit sensitive and understand that the Moti family needs privacy in this moment as they are going through also a tough time dealing with the situation currently."

Poisoned: Tshwane’s boreholes, taps and soil - The Mail & Guardian US praises South Africa's detection of new COVID-19 strain Covid-19: In swipe at China, US praises SA scientists for 'quick identification' of Omicron | News24

"I think the media and the people on Facebook and all those social media things must try to at least not comment on what is happening with the Moti family and put forward news." Read more: eNCA »

LIVESTREAM | Eskom provides update on system challenges

Eskom CEO Andre de Ruyter is back with an update on the grid.

The problem is that too many people have too much time on their hands! Instead of looking for work or where they gonna get their next meal, loosers look for entertainment or sick pleasure at the expense of anothers pain! SocialDecay Why is it when a South African is kidnapped they don't get these much media attention but other non Africans do?

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Workers hope bill will stop poor pay as mine bosses earn bigThe draft Companies Amendment Bill 2021 which wants to allow the disclosure of salaries of company bosses against those of lowest paid employees is causing tensions between labour and established business and giving bosses sleepless nights. mphoza248

Stop stealing and meet government halfwayThe government builds roads, puts steel rails on bridges, we steal them; puts stop signs, we vandalise them. It plants trees, we chop them for “amapali' – poles to go build our “imikhukhu”. Than they should first learn not to steal before we meet them halfway The truth but government is to blame for destroying law enforcement agencies. The government possibly has sent out a memo all theft must be considered as petty crime.

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'Strong probability' that the remains found are that of Brian Laundrie, says family attorney | ChannelSteven Bertolino, the attorney for the Laundrie family, has said that the 'probability is strong' that the human remains found in a Florida nature reserve on Wednesday are that of Brian Laundrie.

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