Malema calls ACDP’s Meshoe a ‘tsotsi pastor’ for spanking his kids

#Malema calls ACDP’s Meshoe a ‘tsotsi pastor’ for spanking his kids


Malema calls ACDP’s Meshoe a ‘tsotsi pastor’ for spanking his kids

The preacher and politician said the ConCourt ruling outlawing corporal punishment will lead to children 'turning to drugs, particularly nyaope'.

On Thursday, African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP) leader Reverend Kenneth Meshoe took to Twitter to criticise Wednesday’s Constitutional Court ruling banning corporal punishment, and to reveal that he and his wife “occasionally used physical discipline while raising our three children”.

“Don’t be fooled by liberals – using discipline in love is not the same as abuse,” he added.

In another tweet, he said that “banning corporal correction is not going to make SA children wiser, but they will become more unruly [and] disrespect [sic] to their parents, teachers [and] authority in general”.

Meshoe is not the only South African who wants corporal punishment allowed on religious grounds, with the Constitutional Court challenge to the 2017 high court ruling outlawing it the result of an appeal by civil society group Freedom of Religion South Africa (For SA).

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ConCourt rules that 'reasonable chastisement' is no defence for spanking kidsParents no longer have a defence if they are accused of assault for smacking their children at home. No government has a child in my house. If i spank any of my children and they arrest me, when i come back he/she better move out to stay at the constitutional court. I'll rather pay his/her maintenance. The court will provide shelter to the kid I did good by enrolling for law at Unisa. The courts will be a busy place in this ThumaMina term. Now Parents will beaten and stabbed by their own children then they go and finish the teachers. It's okay. The kids can be handed over to government for discipline. Wonder how many schools, universities etc will stay standing. 'N pak op sy tyd is soos brood en konfyt.

Banning spanking of kids will help break cycle of violenceI was spanked as a little girl right into my early teens, but I never felt or thought I was being abused by my mother. Not sure I agree. Nonsense!!! Politicians don't raise their children and have no idea how to

Bonang on 'spanking' ruling: I can hear all African moms already ‘not in my household’Bonang joined in the discussion on spanking. Oh please, isn’t tha5 the person wh9 enjoyed men’s hand at her ass and on/in her Pu**y while standing at the stage ? not this common, ordinary, sl7tty bi**h !!! This is going beyond all. How can parents control children that is out of control when there rights as a parent are taken away. Abuse yes can I understand of children must never be tollerated from parents. Abusive children with this new law means parents need to run to cops .

ConCourt ruling on spanking children: Social media weighs inThe Constitutional Court ruling that spanking children is illegal has drawn mixed reactions on social media

WATCH | Mzansi hits back at 'no smack at home' rulingThe Constitutional Court ruled on Wednesday that spanking children was illegal.

This law isn't speaking to me,in order for it to,it will need to allow me to have a devorce of my children when they get out of hand

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