Jackson Mthembu hints that tobacco ban could be lifted under Level 2 lockdown

2020-05-29 12:49:00 PM

Minister in the presidency Jackson Mthembu said he does not see the ban continuing past Level 3

ByUnathi NkanjeniMinister in the presidency Jackson Mthembu said he does not see the ban on the sale of cigarettes and tobacco products continuing past Level 3.Image:Sunday Times/Esa AlexanderSmokers might have to wait a little longer before the ban on the sale of tobacco products, including cigarettes, is lifted.

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This after minister in the presidency Jackson Mthembu hinted that the ban on tobacco will likely be lifted at Level 2 of the lockdown.Mthembuon Thursday that he did not see the ban continuing past Level 3.He also said that he did not know for sure how long Level 3 would last.

“The ban on cigarettes, it’s just at this level we are in. We don’t know how many weeks we will be at this level. I can assure you after we’ve been out of level 3, I don’t see the ban on the sale of cigarettes continuing,” Mthembu said.Mthembu added that the government would consult with members of the public on the controversial tobacco ban and other issues when it was time to move to Level 2.

During aninterministerial briefingon Level 3 regulations, Mthembu said the government was preparing to defend itself against mounting legal actions. Read more: Times LIVE »

Don't worry sir. 99.99% smokers sommer lifted the ban themselves. Like visiting nearby family or not? That ban was also lifted, so you and Cele can just chill. Problems solved. 500 000 citizens signed a petition about lifting the ban on Cigarettes in level 3. 500 000 were ignored. While she holds onto the 2000. There is something seriously wrong here. She can't even produce the names of the 2000. How scaly is that!

Why must we wait until level 2?There is no reason why we must wait! The truth is starting to surface that this was all a load of hogwash to start off with. a Personal issue off 1 women. Turning law abiding citizens into criminals. Stop it. What will be the difference between now and level 2? Will the virus be on its last lap on level 2, because the reasoning for its ban is health. What will level 2 differ with level 3 health expectations? I wonder

Too late for talks right now we are going to court Liars. They said that about level 4. How does the Gov decides how long does a level take? 2 weeks 21 days 14 day 24 days 30 days. You seem confused man especially wena Mthembu entlek what is your job description? You know British tobacco sgot you on your balls. Now buying time. PutSouthAfricansFirst

Lo and behold on TV news HE LOOKED LIKE HE SMOKED all the TOBACCO!!! And according to NDZ they have no timeline on level 3... yea what utter bs Okay but then make the TWALA CHEAPER 😂🤣🤣😂 He also said u can visit friends and family It sgould be lifted now this is cruel and unusual punishment it makes no sense other than NDZ ir profiting from it or her ego is too big stop this financial suicide

It should have been under level 5 he must not jump and jive behind Dlamini's skirt. Jackson Mthembu you know what just do as you please.. We don't care anymore... NDZ and Bheki Cele are both South Africa's presidents... So whateva decisions been made the two of them over power Ramaphosa... 🧐covid will still be there in level 2! So why wait🤷‍♀️ Government is only proving the ban wasn't about covid but instead about control, It seems they are trying to kill the tobacco trade. NDZ did mention class suicide is this it?

Funny watching these useless deployed comrades trying to save face. Lies lies and more lies Makes no sense to sell at level 2 but not 3- what has changed? Piss off! You're just saying that because you're getting hammered with court cases right now. fita_sa afriforum and BATSA, don't back down by falling for their lies again. They think we are all idiots. Once bitten, ANC!

Going to see your ass in court. You must all explain to taxpayers as to why you wasted tax payer's money on defending the indefensible. We might even reasonably demand 'The Council' refund the funds frivolously spend. Lockdown must just end. It seems only the unemployed will be forced to stay at home.

ANC is all for killing Jobs how can people that support this ban not see that life is good in Azania lockdownSA Seeing as Beki Cele just seemingly overturned Mthembu's announcement that family visits are allowed, I am not holding my breath. Not to mention that NDZ has ultimate power and will overturn this herself if Cele doesn't. NDZ and Cele ARE the presidency and NCCC.

BAT and other SA corporates have hopefully now learned their lesson: a cadre's word means f...all, and the communist regime cannot be trusted. Ah ah ah ah ah ah.... Fukc that we cant wait for level 2 i have lifted it myself, thank you

British American Tobacco to take legal action over cigarette banThe tobacco ban will continue under level 3 of the national lockdown. Let's all use EndTobaccoBanSA to get this trending in support of the court cases. Not just about cigarettes but about stopping overreach by incompetent ministers with agendas Yho British American What took them so long?

Batsa off to court to force removal of ban on sale of tobacco productsBritish American Tobacco SA said on Friday it will start urgent legal proceedings to challenge government's decision to extend the ban on tobacco sales during level 3 of the lockdown. The fat thing in the doek will force taxpayers to pay up for her court case. She's not willing to lose out on the millions she makes from smuggling. Perhaps she should worry about her own KFC addiction rather than smoking. Too late BATSA. You have lost my support.

Lift cigarette ban or we go to court: AfriForumAfriForum has written to the ministry of cooperative governance and traditional affairs, warning that it will go to court if the government doesn't lift the lockdown ban on the sale of tobacco. Stupidity and corruption of ANC gov will give these ones Afroforum opportunistic moments of reason. But where were they the whole time smokers have been venting their frustrations? Covid19SA IrrationalCovidRegulations

Lift cigarette ban or we go to court: AfriForumAfriForum has written to the ministry of cooperative governance and traditional affairs, warning that it will go to court if the government doesn't lift the lockdown ban on the sale of tobacco. 😂😂😂😂 This circus is turning to be even more funnier This clearly vindicates the narrative that this whole cigarette ban protest is driven and fuelled by white people ... They are breathing through the wound. Let them go to court. A re tlokwa ka maburu They making their names GAT. If you want to run with the big dogs dont bark and piss like a puppy! Stop the small talk and DO SOMETHING

Command Council briefing on level 3 regulations to take place on ThursdayMinister in the Presidency Jackson Mthembu says the National Coronavirus Command Council media briefing on level 3 regulations will take place on Thursday. Also endthelockdownSA God forbid I have to sit and listen to that rabid hag DlaminiZuma repeating herself over & over & over again. At least I still have the freedom to choose not to tune into this shit. Government needs to be held accountable for the shitshow they created and has to be dissolved.

SA lockdown: Smokers lament cost of black market cigarettesSouth African smokers have come forward to share how much they have been paying cigarettes while the ban on tobacco products has been in place throughout the lockdown. TheCapeArgus CigaretteBan TheCapeArgus and i will continue to support the illicit trade just because 'im being told what to do' - I have a mother and dont need another one TheCapeArgus a few smuggling points in Vereeniging TheCapeArgus