Ramaphosa, Ncc, Cope

Ramaphosa, Ncc

Ramaphosa, NCC have ‘successfully’ divided the country – Cope

#Ramaphosa, #NCC have ‘successfully’ divided the country – #Cope

2020-05-29 01:30:00 PM

Ramaphosa , NCC have ‘successfully’ divided the country – Cope

The country needs decisive leadership now like never before, says Bloem.

The party’s national spokesperson Dennis Bloem said the country was fully behind Ramaphosa two months ago when he declared the national lockdown. That has since changed, raising concern as Ramaphosa and the NCC have now succeeded in dividing the country.

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“Over the past few weeks, we have seen confusion and contradictory statements from the NCC. The latest easing down to Level 3 regulations have divided the country right in the middle. The announcement that schools will reopen on June 1, (Grade 7 and 12) has divided educators, learners, parents and teacher unions.

“The easing of congregational worship regulations, re-opening of churches has also divided religious leaders and their congregations. Labour Unions and their members are at loggerheads. Some workers are allowed to go to work and others not. Transport Associations/ Organisation are up in arms. The business sector is divided as some organisations are allowed to operate while others cannot.”

Crucial questions such as “why lift the ban on alcohol and still keep the ban on tobacco?” need answers according to Bloem“It doesn’t make any sense to keep cigarettes away from smokers. This has promoted the illegal smuggling of cigarettes. Very few people have given up smoking. People are exploited by the black market.”

“Why are some businesses allowed to operate and others not?“Why can’t businesses like restaurants, hair salons, beauty parlours, and all others be allowed to operate under strict regulations?“The country needs decisive leadership now like never before as the virus is a dangerous enemy that cannot be undermined.”

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