Inside Bonang Matheba's bruising battle with agents

Bonang Matheba is embroiled in a multimillion-rand fight over her sparkling wine brand House of BNG, which her camp claims she was muscled out of by her former agency.

2021-10-17 02:02:00 AM

Bonang Matheba is embroiled in a multimillion-rand fight over her sparkling wine brand House of BNG, which her camp claims she was muscled out of by her former agency.

Bonang Matheba is embroiled in a multimillion-rand fight over her sparkling wine brand House of BNG, which her camp claims she was muscled out of by her former agency.

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Respect Aus Ntsiki, she called this whole Bonang situation, and was attacked for it Hectic. Make money watching ads. Payouts are guaranteed. We support BONANG. Sparkling wine is everywhere and thes some that taste even better than BNG. Don't know how companies think the support they currently getting with bonang being the face will continue if Bonang is not part of the Brand.Its a bad strategy. Greed always backfires

Is it her brand or she is a brand ambassador? Eyhooo 😰😰🙏🙏 Modern slavery This story. 😭 ThembiMrototo LOL, she never owned it! 🔌 de_Qorium buka lelilizwe lakho bafo.... Angeke ngi sa yithenga azange ngayi thenga vele

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So ba tsamaile ka yena vele Face Can't be certain House of BNB sales will be plummeting because Bonang. They should spike instead if someone is smart enough. When we asked who are actual owners of the brand, people said we are jealous. Next it will be Boity, Pearl and the Newzroom Africa channel. U guys dont know what it takes to establish such big companies or brands

So uBonang wanted to be the one who breaks the news to us the other day before the journalists change the whole story🤔 Gyz this just goes back to lack of business knowledge to Bonang and sabotage by her management/team. She unfortunately got scammed BEE fronting is dangerous. We thought Ntsikie was jealous 🤔

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WATCH | Inside the room where minister Modise was held hostage: EXCLUSIVETimesLIVE Video takes you inside the room where minister Modise was held hostage Thank Geoffreypreud you for mentoring me and showing me the right and wrong, to support me in every manner possible, always made sure we get the best ROI.

I am sorry Ntsiki for not buying your story And I honestly thought that she was smart enough to know that there is a thing called 'FRONTING'? Bathong... Yena a re Champo lompo lompomoo lona la re sparkling wine. Fronting for ANC heavyweights is dangerous. We all know who funded the project. For now let me zip

Such a shame how white owned companies continue to gatekeep industries. To appear progressive AND sell to the majority, they pull in names & faces to front. We're all too excited to get the toe in the market. But just you stray, they'll be sure to show you who the real boss is 😪 Probably had spelling mistakes somewhere.

They are done using her as a people never learn.. the problem with south African celebrities they won't to look like rich American entertainers instead of creating their own thing they will be proud of LA CASA DE PAPEL! Seems like it's going to be a long LEGAL battle. I hope all goes well for Bonang, 🤞 she worked very hard for the House of Bonang brand.

WATCH | Inside the room where minister Modise was held hostage: EXCLUSIVETimesLIVE Video takes you inside the room where minister Modise was held hostage Hebanna, Samuel L. Jackson Ppl are tired of this ANC government. Its best they bow out of this election. This country is going to burn if the ANC is elected again. The country is captured by the elite when it belongs to SAns. Those ppl dont even live here. this story is embarrassing, if government officials can't scenario plan for simple thing like a dispute meeting ,you can kiss that bullet train fairytale in your dreams , No wonder in 27years you can't point to 1 government developed suburb ,it's aparthied leafy suburbs

I don't think she was a 360 degrees front. work on the industry before. Sparkling wine its not complex to own your own Brand & its not expensive. She can afforded on her own as things stand she was roped in to the deal & for her name. That where she got it wrong. You can’t be muscled out of something that you never owned to begin with.

Now that they got their mileage they are cutting her out. Wow nanimelamu Mate, did you see this? Tell them we won’t bother buying it ! We buy it For “Bonang” if she Ain’t part of It ! We Out Too ! Until we as black people own means of production, we will always het a raw deal. It always get messy when a business arrangement goes sour, now the dirty laundry is aired and it's gonna get messy. 😬

Kanti ezicontract bazifundelwa ngobani na OBonang? Her name is still there. Does it not have to be paid for If you watch Uzalo , iswidiElimnandi storyline should give you a clear idea why Bonang should have went that route instead of fronting for House of BNG

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There's nothing new here, a lot of celebrities have done the same. B0nang is being done dirty, BNG wouldn't be as popular if it wasn't for her. Anyway, I hope black celebrities stop aligning themselves with yt businesses CSAglobal_ how could you sies!!!! Maan Well I knew a year ago that she doesn’t own BNG, how come she didn’t. Don’t people ever read contracts.

Ntsiki Mazwai told us but we said she's jealous 🤐 There's this thing called 'Intellectual property' Please business people..✍ Remember that Bafana Bafana saga🤔 Are you saying Her sparkling wine The way Queen B stans Dragged Ntsiki for telling the truth 😂😂😂💀 Wow that's bold naming something HOBNG and you don't even run it.

So she didn't own that wineyard? 😕 🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭

Zuma now ‘irrelevant but he’ll battle on’, says analystZuma also lashed out at those who had broken away from the ANC and were standing as independents, or joined other parties in the upcoming elections, saying it was a 'strategic and dangerous mistake'. Even though I have pride as a man, at the end of the day I'm a parent too. My children slept hungry for the second night in a row😔. Please, please assist my family with any food donation or food parcel🙏. We can go days without eating, my babies can't 💔😭 That's what they said before he ws arrested and fools believe this nonsensical analyst guess wht 300 people died because of this fools analyst How can an irrelevant person trend and appear in a the racist publications everyday ?

Hlengiwe_EJ Ntsiki told her thing about South Africans we enjoy looking successful instead of actually being successful Ohh my If they muscle Bonang out of this, we must stop buying it WOOLWORTHS_SA. Ntsiki has been vindicated Bonang just say the word and I stop ✋ buying this, ASAP. Whether you like it or not, there's no real businesswoman who is a successful multimillionaire, they are all just condoms nje🤞🏾👌🏾 VodkaNation

Sunday times subscribers kopa screenshot sa full article They hve been robbing a lot of people these ones trust me So this is the End of BNG 🥴 Maku celwe uXolo kuSis ntsikimazwai 😪

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So this means she was just a face🤔 The Queen' yeah neh ziyakhala ke manje Where is boity n her cider So Cassper Nyovest is the only one who know how to read contracts properly ntsikimazwai come this side we should start listening when you talk. These agencies in SA be very selfish. Sosie2 Legend Casper nyovest done his homework on this deals.

Screenshots please. We don't buy that newspaper anymore 🏃🏽‍♂️🏃🏽‍♂️🏃🏽‍♂️ Fronting is the downfall of us being used by europeans ntsikimazwai you were accused of so many things when you spoke about this Sibhanxiwe ke apha... Uphi u Ntsiki Mazwai.... Wayetshilo mos.... Wine farm yona... Eish

You once said lomntwana wabantu is jealous AKERE OK anyway M not her spokesperson 🤜🤛 ntsikimazwai Yaz andiyazi abantu bakuthatha serious nini. fronting == Are SOUTH AFRICAN ARTIST has a team which look on their deals they are making? First AKA with REEBOK n COOKING SHOW now BONANG with WINE PPL? Mthura_Khosi ntsikimazwai told you all but still you didn't listen,that white man in the background has her by the scrotum

ntsikimazwai forever spitting facts but y’all just argue and hate her !! Ave nincishana nezindaba ay Wine distillery and celebrities do not mix. Distillers sweat, wear khaki clothes, run up and down with bakkies in the grape fields etc which is a total opposite of Bonang. So there's no longer gonna be BNG?

Ba motabotse She would need a good lawyer, tsotsis have started their nonsense to capture her hardwork. It was only a matter of time before they do. She must squeeze them out of her brand. Why is ntsikimazwai not trending already on a Sunday morning? 😂😂😂😂 It had scientific ingredients in it so clearly it was not hers.....

I don't even know the whole story 😂 😂 but If I were Bonang I'd definitely do my own shit, what she waiting for. Show these thugs what you made off . Thixo wam It's not her sparkling wine,they are were just using her name coz she is a brand!!! ThoboKerekang Niyimisunu nonke apha 😑 Umntu omnyama akafuni ubona umntu omnyama aya phezulu..... On the comments 😏

BEE deal gone wrong ntsikimazwai eshelldk Akavule i'space for into ekhona manje Boer ayaqeda ngaye Ngwana ko gae Bonang please come this side. Ba bua ka wena Does this bonang even know how how wine is made? I guess no! Yhoo I hope this isn’t true. She’s worked hard to build her brand. Results of fronting agreements. Ake happy shem.