Coronavirus, Covıd-19

Coronavirus, Covıd-19

Battle-weary healthcare workers plead for help and support during COVID-19

Battle-weary healthcare workers plead for help and support during COVID-19

2021-10-16 04:47:00 PM

Battle-weary healthcare workers plead for help and support during COVID-19

Healthcare workers are suffering knock-on effects of the pandemic with many facing depression, increased anxiety, compassion fatigue and more.

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It's no secret that healthcare workers were suffering knock-on effects of the pandemic with many facing depression, increased anxiety, compassion fatigue and more.Laeeka Philander who works in the COVID-19 High Care Unit at Tygerberg Hospital, the largest such facility in the Western Cape, said, “People would die in front of you and then you must just be okay. And then the next person comes in that same bed, but you haven’t even mourned that previous patient yet. It was scary."

Rajendra Laljith, a paramedic, said the best support would be to get inoculated.“The thing we can do to protect ourselves and everybody else is if everybody gets vaccinated so we can eradicate this pandemic.”Those in need were encouraged to reach out to organisations like the South African Depression and Anxiety Group.

If you, or someone you know, are showing signs of mental health challenges, including depression, burnout, or mental distress, please reach out.South African Depression and Anxiety Group:Suicidal Emergency contact: 0800 567 56724hr Helpline: 0800 456 789

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COVID-19 | WATCH | Children don't need parents' consent - expertChildren do not need a parent's consent to get vaccinated against COVID-19 , according to Acting Health Director-General, Nicholas Crisp. They are doing this because uptake is not good and they have excess Vax that us about to expire. Mac do not appear to be in agreement Utya I Drugs uExpect Governments are taking parents responsibilities

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Sanral blames Covid-19 for R570m revenue lossSanral has blamed Covid-19 and uncertainties of e-tolls in Gauteng as toll revenue dropped from R4.3 billion to R3.7 billion in 20-21 financial year. These toll gates on highways r very expensive. Every month the toll fees go up especially on the N3. Damit Covid-19 did nothing but Sanral should be blaming presidency for making wrong decisions that led to loss of revenue. Imagine 🙄. Did the toll road have Covid-19 You can't blame loss of revenue on covid. But you can say fewer people were making use of the toll road, which I may add has been making a loss since inception.

Parents have mixed feelings about teens getting Covid-19 jabs'Why should a child who always needs consent for everything else not need consent for a vaccine? It is as though they are scaring us into getting the vaccine or some are scaring us against it.'

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