IN MEMES | Mantuli strikes again & Kwaito's relationship won't survive it!

2020-05-27 11:44:00 PM

Fans think one thing is clear, Mantuli's actions 'will end in tears!'

Image:Via InstagramImagine your mother inviting your ex-girlfriend to come live in your house, without consulting you or caring in the slightest about how it will affect your already “teka teking” relationship. That is exactly what Mantuli did and fans of the soapie couldn't believe it!

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More than Kwaito's unclear feelings,Skeem Saamviewers are convinced that Mantuli is the dangerous element in all of Kwaito's relationships.Not so long ago, Kwaito was in the middle of a love triangle between him, Lizzy and Glenda. It took him a long time to untangle himself from that mess and when he did he chose Lizzy over Glenda.

However, if you know anything about feelings then you know they aren't loyal. On Glenda's return to town, viewers of the soapie could immediately see that Kwaito still cared deeply for the girl.They were happy he was talking things out with Lizzy (they fought over Glenda) because it looked like poor Kwaito might finally have peace.

That dream was short-lived when Mantuli went and offered Glenda a place to stay. Now all fans are waiting for is the drama that will unfold as Kwaito's relationship crumbles thanks to Mantuli's blind generosity!Check out the memes they shared.

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