Biggest single-day increase as SA records 1,673 new Covid-19 cases

Biggest single-day increase as SA records 1,673 new Covid-19 cases

2020-05-27 11:30:00 PM

Biggest single-day increase as SA records 1,673 new Covid-19 cases

In what is the biggest single-day increase to date, 1,673 new cases of Covid-19 were recorded in South Africa in the last 24 hours.

25,937 cases on Wednesday.The death toll jumped from 524 to 552 - and increase of 28 deaths.The provincial breakdown of cases, deaths and recoveries was on Monday provided as:Western Cape — 16,893 cases, 391 deaths, 8,504 recoveries;Gauteng — 3,167 cases, 31 deaths, 1,955 recoveries; 

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Eastern Cape — 3,047 cases, 70 deaths, 1,491 recoveries;KwaZulu-Natal — 2,186 cases, 49 deaths, 1,180 recoveries;Free State — 221 cases, 6 deaths, 123 recoveries;Limpopo — 141 cases, 3 deaths, 67 recoveries;North West — 128 cases, 1 death, 39 recoveries;

Mpumalanga — 106 cases, 0 deaths, 62 recoveries; andNorthern Cape — 48 cases, 1 deaths, 30 recoveries.The figures are from a total of 634,996 tests, of which 29,005 were in the last 24-hour reporting cycle. Read more: Times LIVE »

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That Corona virus is bullshit... Bring Thabo membeki n his health minister... Eat beetroot n garlic... We will b fine

Western Cape records 39 more Covid-19 deaths, as confirmed cases rise to 15 756The Western Cape has 7 555 active cases of Covid-19, with a total of 15 756 confirmed cases, 7 844 recoveries and 665 people are in hospital. I don't trust this statistics after what DrZweliMkhize said After Covid looks like there will ne no sick person anymore in The Republic of Western Cape Sending love and light to Western Cape be strong bantu bakithi

Western Cape records 30 more deaths as Covid-19 cases increase to 16 551The Western Cape has 7 660 active cases of Covid-19, with a total of 16 551 confirmed cases, 8 504 recoveries and 660 people are in hospital. Yehova! Take that province back to level 5 Iyoooh

Forty-three more Covid-19 deaths reported as total cases now 24,264'As a country we are now facing a challenge with the global shortage of testing reagents,' Health Minister Zweli Mkhize said. If only we used those 25yrs for hospitals and a functional medical system,oh well you win some,you lose some! Don’t believe these COVID19 death stats anymore! One can die of other causes, yet the death is deemed to be due to COVID19 !! Misleading the figures...not good!

SA records 24,264 confirmed COVID-19 cases as death toll rises to 524Forty-three more people have died from the coronavirus in the country, taking the death toll to 524. Apparently the curve is flat according to minister of health The city said that most people who contracted the virus would be able to self-isolate at home and recover without requiring any further medical intervention. It added that those who had been hospitalised or had died after getting infected had underlying conditions. CoCt That's only the beginning the worse is to be unfold if the leaders who got their positions through nipotism are still given the opportunity to participate in this regard. They failed to provide relief grants to the less fortunate up to date. How can they lower or manage covic19

NUM proposes mines with high Covid-19 cases should temporarily closeIt also says all mine managers whose companies were not adhering to the Covid-19 regulations must be arrested. Close everything. You don’t need food.

Confirmed Covid-19 cases in SA spike to 25,937The recoveries to date are 13,451, which translates to a recovery rate of 52%. Ho hum, wake me when this exceeds last year's seasonal flu stats Mkhize, do you really want to put your face next to those numbers? Why did you let those psycho Aholes intimidate you? We need level 4 in hotspots. After finding out that scientists are not consulted in decision making processes.... I can't find it in me to even read or listen to anything Mkize says. In my opinion, it's uninformed statements which I prefer to ignore. A little knowledge is more dangerous than no knowledge.