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Former President FW de Klerk on unbanning of political parties and Mandela's release

Sunday 2nd February 2020 marks thirty years since the announcement of the unbanning of political parties and the release of former President Nelson Mandela. ...

2020-02-13 11:54:00 PM

WATCH | Prior to their walkout at SONA2020 the EFF made reference to an SABC News interview with the last apartheid president, FW De Klerk denying that apartheid was a crime against humanity. FULL INTERVIEW

Sunday 2nd February 2020 marks thirty years since the announcement of the unbanning of political parties and the release of former President Nelson Mandela. ...

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Q DownloaderBot de clerk, I don’t blame you because that’s how white South Africans were raised and taught at schools and at home on how to oppress and practice apartheid to black people so you see no mistake or a sin like any other white South African SakinaKamwendo 😭 FrancisHerd Hello Francis. Been missing in action?

Now i understand y! I could’nt watch this finish... keepmecalm Yoh 😤 EFF will always grow as a movement because of their boldness in confronting anyone on the wrong or issues of great concern and being unapologetic about it thanks to EFF for being mouth of the poor I'm confused what ANC stands for it seems they have became a new political organization called NP of De clerk

Genocide is a crime?...Apartheid WAS genocide... 😂😂🤔🤔 This de Klerk must repent before he dies Create Black elite and give them power, that's all it took for white people to prosper And the painful part about this is that the very black men whose relatives were murdered, his grandchildren's future is still trapped in some shack in a sewage infested township, stood up yesterday in front of the whole country and defended this man!! 😭😭😭

HlokiMabogale TSEK MSUNU WA LEKGOWA 💔💔💔💔MYANC has failed its people He’s quite right De Klerk. But when will they let apartheid go and move on? It seems as though when people fail they go back to apartheid for the blame. Sies Hahahahaha Maybe his apartheid in his context can be explained by the ANC’s democracy ...because the same killings that were happening at that time are happening still now. People are being killed more like the apartheid era!🤷‍♀️

DownloaderBot Whoever entertains the Eff and it's hateful speeches scornful words is evil as they're too africaupdates Shame on You De klerk😣😣 Apartheid, is a crime , but it is not compatible to genocide. EWC is compatible to Apartheid. TeeKayZim Even though he makes valid points about the reforms under his government, apartheid cannot be defined soley on his tenure in office. Heinous crimes were committed en mass as a result of this evil system called apartheid.

humphreyvn here it is Gift_97Nk That line used is quality. 'het die koek uit die gemaak'. 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Sounds like de Klerk thinks apartheid was an accidental genocide!! No Oupa. Holding you personally responsible is pointless and ahistorical - but plenty of people told you what was really going on in 1990 - 94, and if you didn’t already know, you certainly did not listen.

SONA2020 U want to prosecute PresJGZuma and u bring and protect De Klerk, lm confused There was never genocide 😳 under apartheid, o tlhapetswe. These guys were killing a black person everyday 🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️ How disingenuous can you be. What a terrible edit of the full interview. You should be ashamed of yourselves editing an interview to misdirect viewers. Your editing staff need to improve their editing skills.

Listen is a skill! Sometime ago someone said we dont call for killing of white ppl atleast for now! Is this not the same context we debated about bcz De Klerk said I dont fully agreeing with that meaning partly he agree GardeeGodrich 😢😢😭😠😩😩😱 MbuyiseniNdlozi 💤💤💤......💤💤💤💤 Genocide is a crime, apartheid is nothing near to a crime. Yes people died because of politics not because apartheid was the sole cause of deaths. Snr officials were given *early retirement* 'cause they were not following new orders from CIC of apartheid.☠

Yes I get y da EFFSouthAfrica is angry DeKlerk denying that apartheid was a crime against humanity but honestly we can't have people who are defending the horrific crimes of apartheid seated as guests to our parliament, De Klerk actions last week is what happens when forgiveness is granted before the acknowledgement of crimes!!! He can't defend apartheid

Lord have mercy efe⚰️ ngingakamuboni mina lomunt coz ngiyomunquma🗡️⚔️ Ahahahaha this guy I am sorry BUT!!!!!! Its unfortunate for him to deny that apartheid was a crime against humanity......because it was. jy het gesorg dat al ons boere nou dood gemaak word jy wou nie oorlog gehaad het nie nou wat gebeur nou

Anc protects him...eintlik whose fooling who!!!! Now y’all understand why White South Africans will not give a damn MbuyiseniNdlozi He's remorseful. So EFF was within the rights of the people to have wanted De Klerk out of parliament, how sad of Members of parliament accept DA members. MbuyiseniNdlozi A Jew will never marry a German woman and answer us this... With a criminal record you can vote however you can't find work even in government with qualifications.

GetVideoBot What?! This man is pathetic!!!! this_vid Apartheid murderer Listen to his context and address the actual topic brought up by the former president - come on people - let democracy thrive - the right to voice an opinion

EFF disrupts Sona: De Klerk must leave, Gordhan must be firedEFF leader says FW de Klerk's presence is an insult to victims of political violence Our little bantustan having an embarresing evening. And the eff failed in that point of order..... Apartheid illegitimate president.

We ended apartheid, not De Klerk, says President Cyril Ramaphosa | IOL NewsNelson Mandela was freed as a result of the tireless liberation struggle, not through the kindness of FW de Klerk, president Ramaphosa said. A little 2 late for that talk. Ramzy is the worst president ever!!!! You think, yet the ANC plays the race card at every opportunity it can. Keeping the country divided by color. All you did was change the color of apartheid. You have nothing to be proud of, 25 years later & the ANC is still selling empty promises, stealing the country blind. says sell out of note

EFF disrupts SONA over De Klerk then Gordhan | IOL NewsThe EFF on Thursday requested that former South African president FW De Klerk leave the National Assembly where President Cyril Ramaphosa was set to deliver his State of the Nation Address. SONA SONA2020 I will never vote for EFF, they simply acting childish Thandi Modise is strong to deal with this hooliganism. She can govern this country. TheMercurySA De Klerk was never a president of the RSA, he was rather a president of the APARTHEID WHITE MINORITY. Anyone who recognize De Klerk as president of the republic, also endorse apartheid.

Ramaphosa should know that this is going to be our relationship going forward, says Malema | IOL NewsThe EFF has vowed to never sit under the same roof as Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan and former president FW de Klerk. SONA SONA2020 excellent news. So they will never go back into Parliament? Then don’t a hole , it’s a different league anyway , brains and tolerance Moving on...

It was not De Klerk's kindness that Mandela was released from prison - RamaphosaPresident Cyril Ramaphosa says that it was not the kindness of FW de Klerk that led to the release of the late former President Nelson Mandela from prison, but the pressure the apartheid government faced. Ramaphosa was speaking at the 30th anniversary of the release of Mandela from Victor Verster prison after spending 27 years in prison. Stop reporting with your racism now.

Madiba's legacy is being misrepresented: Seth Mazibuko - SABC News - Breaking news, special reports, world, business, sport coverage of all South African current events. Africa's news leader.ICYMI: Former Robben Island prisoner, Seth Mazibuko, says there is little to celebrate today as the world marks the 30th anniversary of former President Nelson Mandela’s release from prison after spending 27 years I agree and disagree with him. It is truly a little we celebrate today but the little we had 30 years ago managed to last us till this very day. Remember they said we will fail and tremble when we are in power but we managed to last for 26 in it Mazibuko went hard on Matamela can we get that video Record Debt, Record Murders, Rampant Corruption, Record Unemployment, Collapsed Infrastructure, Broken SOE's. This was not Mandela's vision.