EXCLUSIVE: Police accused of helping hijackers

EXCLUSIVE: Police accused of helping hijackers

2021-09-22 07:43:00 PM

EXCLUSIVE: Police accused of helping hijackers

A hijacking victim's tenacity has led to the arrest of one of his alleged attackers and the recovery of his car but it wasn't without a fight with officers at the Sunnyside Police Station.

WATCH:eNCA’s Barry Bateman takes an exclusive look at the basic police work it took to catch a crook. Read more: eNCA »

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Ofcourse Nothing new in SA don't be silly , whats next the police are corrupt ? 🤣🤣 Nebethon qha. There's always a benefit for turning a blind eye! Many did during the lost 9 years that Cyril has suddenly stopped referring to Its obvious they are part of syndicates that hijack and rape sex workers.Bloody criminals.

Help… The video is not playing,please reload. Then this case will disappear Police officers are just a formality in this country 😢

Mpumalanga police launch manhunt for suspect who raped his half-sisterIt is alleged the suspect found his 25-year-old sibling sleeping in bed after she had attended a funeral Appreciation they say is an application for more. If I fall to acknowledge you Michael_Jeff_ it will shows how ungrateful I am. i am really grateful to a man who God has used in blessing me and my family in general, guaranteed,trade with him now and thank me later

barrybateman The most useless police station in South Africa barrybateman This are not accusations mos The ANC changed Law and Order to Safety and Security. Now there is now Law and Order and we have no Safety and Security. ANC excellence. barrybateman Why am I not surprised azania1023 Am shocked.. Until the day the dollar die, there will be no more corruption

Tjoh😳 Lola Satafrika🤭 The police ARE the hijackers most of the time!

Orlando Pirates midfielder Ben Motshwari suspended after he was charged by policeOrlando Pirates will be without Ben Motshwari for their crunch Premiership encounter against Mamelodi Sundowns in Soweto on Saturday after the club revealed that the midfielder was suspended after he was charged by police on Monday morning. For what,bad tackle?,get us news,not riddles!!

Not shocking. We are now used to this info. No longer 'BREAKING NEWS'. we are not protected.I think the Department of police must be privatized. Currently there is no minister. We been known... SAMSNTOKOZO The whole Sunnyside idinga shutdown nje CityTshwane and tshwane_mayor hardly connect with inner city metropolitans i.e. Sunnyside, Hatfield, Arcadia

barrybateman Off course they did. What else can we expect from our largest criminal syndicate. SAPoliceService Honestly, we have no state in our Republic. The horn effect of new dawn will be rivalled by equally false promise of Baxter in Kaizer Chief. Never in history of brand promise has somebody promised so much and turn out to be so underwhelming.

Action S.A is gonna stop all this nonsense. When I read shit like this I always the whole precinct rotten or its just few individuals?🤔 Sunnyside police station must close bcz its useless n there are so many known drug dens in its vicinity yet nothing gets done the only thing they know is enforcing DMA regulations by closing clubs and pubs on time.imagine someone selling drug 200 meters from the station

Not surprised. Nothing new.

Illegal connections | One person dead in clashes with policeA City Power operation to remove illegal connections in Alexandra, Johannesburg, has turned deadly. everything for mahala....!

Two Mpumalanga police officers wounded in separate shootingsProvincial commissioner Lieutenant General Semakaleng Manamela has ordered the swift arrest of suspects in both incidents.

Abalone worth nearly R2m seized by Western Cape policeAbalone with a street value of nearly R2m was seized by Western Cape police after two men were found in possession of an illegal consignment. Last night we slept hungry again and my daughters were crying because of hunger. Please assist us with a 2kg mealie meal and tinned fish 🙏🏻 ... Just so my babies can eat😔💔. I've been struggling to get a job and in my struggle, my family is suffering

Mpumalanga police on the hunt for school robbers who stole feeding scheme foodRobbers made off with groceries meant for a feeding scheme, computers, a TV and a wooden door after holding a security guard hostage at a high school near Bushbuckridge, Mpumalanga. Inside job The security shuld be questioned more and the principal inside job