EFF MPs leave Sona debate after gender violence accusations

EFF MPs leave Sona debate after gender violence accusations


EFF MPs leave Sona debate after gender violence accusations

Speaker Amos Masondo asked Malema to leave parliament after he refused to withdraw his statements made against the president.

After attempting to continue with his speech, Malema denied the allegations that he had ever assaulted a woman and accused Ramaphosa of abusing Mtshotshisa.The EFF leader and party members vacated the house.

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The headline though 🤣🤣 Can’t we keep these hooligans out permanently 🤷🏻‍♀️ Red Hooligans are at it again. shame on you for publishing false news, and you call yourselves independent and impartial? You boycotted EFF but they still trend with you!? How will you make news without them straight straight? Go and apologize for your flop and keep covering them nicely.

That's a lie EFF MPs Left SONAdebate because the speaker fired His Excellency CIC for speaking the truth Was the beating in the head of this dumb douche-bag (who is supposed to lead the session) gender based violence ? It seems to me that the Parliament is over floated with gender based violence abuses

Guy is skinning ANC alive. Malema is feeling the heat. MYANC did well by unleashing the young MPs to deal with this barbarian. Such a misleading headline 😂😂

WATCH LIVE | Gloves off as MPs prepare to debate President Cyril Ramaphosa's SonaMPs will on Tuesday afternoon debate the contents of President Cyril Ramaphosa's state of the nation address. Her look is diverse like her fashion show, she still looking for more fashion designers who would love to showcase their work on the 25th april 2020 at Melrose House Pretoria . contact 0711353067 What a bunch of animals...... and they want to rule a country. Julius_S_Malema owns parliament. In fact he Julius Sello Malema uses the PresidencyZA CyrilRamaphosa and the entire ANC parliament caucus as his personal toilet roll paper to wipe his bum. Its clear that he runs parliament. KhuselaS FloydShivambu Eusebius MbuyiseniNdlozi

They walkout last week, they did it again on debate. Maybe the must be a rule that will force the parliamentarians to behave or face punishment we all know what happened, EFF didnt run after GBV accusations, CIC was ordered to leave, EFF mp’s followed their capable leader Coming after the brilliant speech of John Steenhuisen, it must have been difficult for Malema. He seemed to welcome the diversion of the accusations against him of being a spouse abuser. It helped him to create a bit of excitement, because his speech was never going to do it.

Malema's speech was extremely boring; mostly just him reading it in a monotone manner and lacked substance. No ideas for getting the country out of the crisis we are in. Dull as dishwater!! He seemed relieved to be chucked out because of the embarrassment of his weak performance. He looks very furtive

The right person to cause a havoc, not the wrong person. A matter of perception. And the country wants them to run South Africa?! Well, imagine this: You accusation against what's right and wrong will be solved just like this. Shouting and screaming across the floor. Good luck! I hope PresidencyZa CyrilRamaphosa sues EFFSouthAfrica Julius_S_Malema for billions on making such a statement about a deceased mrs Ramaphosa (may she RIP).that was way out of bounce. How does his squabbles with Boy, his ex & malema current wife Mantwa has to do with sona

Leave leave leave leave..... EFF should be suspended from parliament, they have no respect for anyone in it, they think its a joke, malema showing off for his delinquent posse,also with respect, really need a more articulate and stronger do. Correction: EFF leaves the house after MYANC MP’s and speaker refuse to deny claim, which could be back up by PresJGZuma, that CyrilRamaphosa abused his late wife

EFF rejects 'publicity stunt' apology from 'unrepentant' De KlerkFWDeKlerkFoundation 'He must be ostracised from the project of a new and equal South Africa and have all privileges afforded to him as a former leader of the state stripped. The state De Klerk led was collapsed and so must all respect he is afforded.' EFF love it when they find a whitie to bash on. On it like flies on crap. And MYANC needed all this noise to be reminded that they are sleeping with who led the dark government 🤔🤔🤔 SAA, Eskom, Telkom, State hospitals, everything government owned & runned is collapsing yet politicians focus on this. Last month, a mother gave birth to a headless baby due to state hospital doctor not scanning her tummy to see the umbilical cord around baby neck.Nothing is done

Wow! South African Parliament.... When exactly are national problems solved if so called honorable members behave in this manner? Absolutely disgusting. As if the EFFs hands are clean when it comes to gender based violence. F$ KING DISGUSTING 🤮🤮🤮🤮 This chap he needs help..andimqondi kakuhle ubonakala njengomntu ogula nge ngqondo!

I wonder if people realise that these people are fighting their own battles and the country is not being led by anyone... They get paid sitting allowances to go to parliament and just shout at each other about personal matters. Mmmmm. Getting your own back. Stings doesnt it. 🤔The headline 🚮 flip flopper

I shall keep on voting for EFF So, Malema is making accusations about someone who passed away because no one is going to say for sure what happened... and his sheep will believe what he says without proof Julius_S_Malema beating his wife? Quite believable... they must go we don't care

EFF rejects De Klerk apology that ‘lacks sincerity’, says he must face the lawThe EFF's position is that De Klerk be subjected to a forensic inquiry on his role during apartheid, among others. Who are they fooling Because they are forced to retract their statement Lay charges against him, if you think he broke the law. Stop threatening or asking someone else to do your dirty work Shifting focus away from VBS looting...

It is a problem if there are idiots leading a session and asking person has more intelligence than most of the ANC idiots. Everything about the EFF is tainted. They’re a wholly unsavory group of thugs. Who was accused of gender violence. Your headline is hiding something EFF are a total waste of taxpayer's money.

Those are fools always leaving parliament. When voters vote for u, they are sending u to parliament to raise they issues. Anger can't take malema anywhere always leaving parliament. And his people must follow, otherwise they will be insulted by him telling them i gave u a job gbv Julius_S_Malema must be held to account for making a mockery of gender based violence. EFFSouthAfrica member attacked a woman in ParliamentofRSA, failed to acknowledge and take accountability. Disgusting. Bullies. Hooligans

That face has GBV written all over it This Malema guy is special. He will take Boy Mamabolo to court for calling him a wife beater. But he will not take Pauli to court for detailed explanation of how they looted and spent VBS money. Let’s pray for Malema,because they will try to kill him now everyone knows that South African Government is full of lies and corruption even the President 😳

LETTER: EFF disruption was expectedNo precautionary measures were in place to stop the EFF from bringing parliament to a standstill

This should EFF leave the house after response to gender violence accusations and accusing CyrilRamaphosa who is a disaster for our as president You spewing rubbish Julius_S_Malema did answer the question ,that he has never laid a hand to any woman be it ex or current wife ,question now is can honorable president answer.or should we go ask msholozi🤷‍♂️

Good riddance! Stop lying and say it like it is, you losing credibility every day, nonsense Their leader was asked to leave.

EFF KZN leader says he is going nowhere despite attempts to oust himVusumuzi Khoza, the EFF’s chairperson in KwaZulu-Natal, has addressed rumours that were circulating about him being forced out of the party. He says that while he is aware of the attempts to oust him, he has no intention of leaving the party Julius_S_Malema FloydShivambu veronica_mente effsgo OmphileMaotwe vuyanipambo EFFSouthAfrica

How to tame tyranny of EFF minority question facing MzansiPRINCE MASHELE | Who knows - maybe the EFF clowns would not behave the same way if they were forced to wear a tie? Maybe red overalls breed madness EFF represents all of us who voted for it, uGatsha siyamhlonipha but this here is gonna send him beyond retirement very fast if we address him accordingly. We haven't forgotten what he did in KZN helping DeKlerk with his ZP killing squad. You can dress up a donkey but it will still be a donkey.... Prince mashele had a attention deficit disorders

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