EFF rejects De Klerk apology that ‘lacks sincerity’, says he must face the law

EFF rejects De Klerk apology that ‘lacks sincerity’, says he must face the law


EFF rejects De Klerk apology that ‘lacks sincerity’, says he must face the law

The EFF's position is that De Klerk be subjected to a forensic inquiry on his role during apartheid, among others.

The EFF has rejected the FW de Klerk Foundation’s apology regarding its statement on apartheid not being a crime against humanity.“We believe that the time for empty apologies in South Africa as a means of reconciliation is over. Apologies for the brutality black South Africans have experienced has taken various forms in South Africa, with all of them being publicity stunts.

De Klerk was a guest at Sona in his capacity as a former deputy president in the Government of National Unity formed after the first democratic election of 1994.Since Thursday, Mbeki was quoted as saying that De Klerk told him he was not aware that the United Nations had declared apartheid a crime against humanity.

Anglican Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu was among those who weighed in, slamming debate over the degree of how bad apartheid was.“That he lied to former president Thabo Mbeki and faked ignorance of the UN declaration on apartheid is a sign of mockery by a man who has justified his views and refuses to accept his role in the deepening of colonialism and anti-black racism in this country,” said the EFF.

“Such false narratives about the true history of South Africa leads to the miseducation of young South Africans of all races and disempowers humanity from ensuring that no such scourge is visited upon any people in any country of the world now and in the future. We urge all South Africans to work at destroying the deep wounds that resulted from apartheid.”

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Who cares THE CHILDREN ARE AT IT AGAIN! Yes he must face the law cos that apology is nt good enough I agree EFF really knows when something lacks sincerity, their two line Court ordered apology stands as prominent proof of that. De Klerk must wear sack-cloth, smear his body with ashes and run the streets of SA like a mad-man for his apology to be seen as genuine, joined by the Prince.

BlackCulture_HM So what's new EFF rejected FW DE KLERK fake apology that is not even coming from but from his Foundation that he created to continue defending racism in this republic If De Klerk doesn't get charged for Apartheid crimes, then it means some people are above the law and there are people who don't deserve justice after losing their loved ones....

They rejects the apology because they got nothing else to do The EFF leads and the rest follow Oh dear. What about their insults of every non black in the country. They are rebels without a cause

EFF rejects 'publicity stunt' apology from 'unrepentant' De KlerkFWDeKlerkFoundation 'He must be ostracised from the project of a new and equal South Africa and have all privileges afforded to him as a former leader of the state stripped. The state De Klerk led was collapsed and so must all respect he is afforded.' EFF love it when they find a whitie to bash on. On it like flies on crap. And MYANC needed all this noise to be reminded that they are sleeping with who led the dark government 🤔🤔🤔 SAA, Eskom, Telkom, State hospitals, everything government owned & runned is collapsing yet politicians focus on this. Last month, a mother gave birth to a headless baby due to state hospital doctor not scanning her tummy to see the umbilical cord around baby neck.Nothing is done

Surely the South African media are more than able to report on and investigated more pressing and interesting matters. Why do you allow these thugs to dominate your headlines? Or are you not capable of anything else? De Klerk MUST be Charged for his role played during Apartheid in committing Hyenas crimes againdt humanity,this selective justice that sees colour in respective of the crime committed MUST be stopped forthwith&Must begin with De Klerk because whites in SA dont value black life

Shifting focus away from VBS looting... Lay charges against him, if you think he broke the law. Stop threatening or asking someone else to do your dirty work Who are they fooling Because they are forced to retract their statement

EFF considering forensic inquest against De KlerkThe EFF says it'll explore all legal avenues to reopen a forensic inquest against former President FW de Klerk. First sort out the VBS heist they stole from the poor How about one against the EFF MANAGEMENT?

De Klerk Foundation under fire for its ‘degree of awfulness’ commentsCritics shoot down attempt to explain a balanced view of the apartheid era Is that blood dripping on his hands, oh sorry it's pink. FW de Klerk is a MURDERER PERIOD. THIS white MGODOYI must VOETSEK. Blah blah blah

Mbeki: 'I'll send De Klerk the UN convention on apartheid'Former president Thabo Mbeki has undertaken to send apartheid's last president, FW de Klerk, the UN convention declaring apartheid a crime against humanity. Can we send him to ICC for AIDS denialism too? EFFSouthAfrica an unrelated DISCUSSION between FWDEKLERK and TMALIunisa AND NOW Yawn....

ANC condemns FW de Klerk Foundation for denying apartheid was a crime against humanity | IOL NewsANC condemns FW de Klerk Foundation for denying apartheid was a crime against humanity ANC has condemned the statement by the FW de Klerk Foundation 'denying that apartheid was a crime against humanity as a blatant whitewash'. Too late!!! When did he say this? That word 'condemn' must be made illegal and declare a crime now because ppl always hide against it instead of taking action always

Desmond & Leah Tutu Foundation slam de Klerk after apartheid utterancesMaybe we need to legislate against cah denial? Senile. Just like kalliekriel

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