CONFIRMED: Quinton de Kock withdraws from Proteas T20 World Cup match over ’having to take the knee’

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South Africa Headlines News

Quinton de Kock has withdrawn from the Proteas team against the West Indies due to Cricket SA's Board directive that the national team had to take a knee.

De Kock had previously been the only South African player who stood at attention when the Proteas observed the Black Lives Matter movement on the tour of the West Indies.De Kock said at the time that"I'll keep my reasons to myself and it is my own personal opinion.


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MbuyiseniNdlozi We don't need people like him ,


Good apartheid is gonna way

Good Quinton!!!!!

Mixing Politics and sport once again - what about the White Lives Matter too. There are only so few of them!

Good on you QuinnyDeKock69 you are the real Heroe. respect

Respect his decision

MbuyiseniNdlozi Bye bye

So we are not allowed to have a joice, where is democracy?

Here is what Thomas Sowell, a Black American economist and University professor has to say about BLM


He knew for days he wasn't gonna take the knee. Why then did he not withdraw in silence long before walking on to the pitch knowing he won't take the knee

Good riddance, let him go play with Garrett Cliff and FW de Klerk

Ayi this is really ridiculous, the man doesn't want kneel can't force a person to kneel. WTF

It's his Right to do so, his entire career should not be shattered over this but Proteas should uphold a certain standard and remove quinton De Kock from the squad 🤞🏾


Laat hy vokof

Legend! You take the knee only for God almighty and nobody else!

I will not support a terrorist movement and BLM is irrelevant and shouldnt apply to SA if they feel oppressed then they need to stand up and remove course of the oppression anc

Give that man a Bells

South Africa has a lot of White talent to take his place. It is his choice but a bad decision. Put differently he does not care about Blacks being killed without just cause in the US. This guy is stupid. What did he gain?

That's why I'm against predominantly white team representing an African country. He must never ever against wear the national colours

Well done Quinton de Kock. You are a real man, you stand for freedom of choice and freedom of expression. Very proud of you

Ban south africa to compete internationaly just lkke the 90's when we were part of the Apartheid. Black lives matter is a bullshit organisation and is nothing else than apartheid regime. A disgrase for sport and our Youth for the future

Good for him. It’s high time ordinary citizens stood up to the woke mob. BLM is a Marxist organisation, highly political and has done nothing to combat the scourge of racism. It’s encouraging to see one man stand his ground. We are not alone


Well Done Quinton!!!!!

QuinnyDeKock69 Jou poes gaan huis toe, Jou plaas japie!

Sy kan sommer futsek die kok

He's racist too..

Well done. Everything gets forced down our throats these days.

And again, I need black people to realise that this what happens when you forgive people who never apologised in the 1st place. You don’t learn.

He is withdrawing from the World Cup in Dubai for refusing to condemn racism against black people only to come back to Africa 🙄🙄🙄! A principled person like him would immediately resettle in Europe, the land of the white tribes. Sies.

Up their with GarethCliff helenzille and jsteenhuisen One by One 🤣🤣. Racists

Hate towards QDK and not CSA is perplexing. Team decided and declared publicly 4 months ago that taking the knee is personal choice but collectively they stand against any form of racism. CSA silent for 4 months....chose to issue a directive on morning of a WC game. Mamparas

De kock just that Lafami tells you something

I will only kneel in front of God. God tells you that you may only kneel for Him. If Quinton has a religious conflict with kneeling, i stand with him 100%. ALL LIVES MATTER. Who will stand up for all the white farmers being murdered in South Arica?

Best move. Oppression has many faces, well done Sir! Salute.

Kock pulls out.

BLM just another word for covid vaccine passport! What, they think people must just forget what they believe in. To God and God alone will we bend the knee!

Good going Q.

Quinton has my support.

Glad noone will be left with any illusion of a rainbow nation

Let him

If I was QuintonDeKock and getting this instruction from unreformed and exposed racists like Smith id give them a finger too.

uLerato__pillay nontsundu PutSouthAficansFirst These are the issues you need to focus on in your country and stop harassing other black Africans. 27 years after independence black South Africans are still victims of racial discrimination in their own backyard.

Charl_Albertus eish

How is he related to GarethCliff ?

That's what happens when you stuff rainbow nation nonsense down the throats of people who never felt like they ever did anything wrong...

We are a diverse country...if he cannot fathom the struggles of certain sections of our nation, then he is better off stepping back... So sad...I really liked him as a disappointed.

Spelling error in the name it's the 🇶 🇺 🇴 🇹 🇪 🇦 🇸 🤣🤣🤣

Typical boer, they are the reason why RSA is so divided. People from Holland are the worst

I suppose Nando's will not like Quinton at all...😁

Good riddance ✌🏽✌🏽✌🏽✌🏽

It should be FLM. Farmers lives matters.

The only man with balls in the team 👏💪🇿🇦

Such a simple stunt to take yet difficult to understand in some minds. The reality is that we should all live in harmony and learn from those who have forgiven all culprits. Peace and love.

respect quintondekock


Remove Quinton De Kok he's not that big, him not taking the knee so him acknowledging and loving the racism

I kneel for no man. I kneel for God alone

That de Kock must never come back!!

I don't blame him.. Don't force your bullshit inse urities.. I bow to no man... But God...

What if he refused because he knows the that cricketSAhasnt reformed, racism is still rife?what if this is his way of giving a middle finger to the hypocrites? Wat if the players were given an instruction to kneel, it's not something they, as players, came up with in solidarity?

After Garrith Cliff, now this. We are being abused.

Just saying bending the knee wont ever defeat racism you will always find that one person that will be racist doesnt matter the race. I WILL ONLY KNEEL BEFORE GOD FUCK POLITICD

Akahambe umgodoyi

The real tragedy is having a high quality sportsman having to bow out due to political pressure! The world has gone mad! FuckBLM 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

And I say no more.


You see how hard headed and arrogant some of these white folks are?

Well done Quinton!! Proud of you!!

This racist think if they stay away from playing it will be the end of cricket

MbuyiseniNdlozi Well done Quinny! You should never let people dictate to you, particularly for something as ridiculous as BLM. I wish blacks would do some introspection - black kill more blacks than whites ever have!

Thank you Quinton for standing your ground. Respect, as all lives matter not just black. 🙏🙌 Always be true to who you are as that defines you as a person with Integrity and respect for all. BLM CricketSouthAfrica is racist forcing people to bend a knee. quintondekock

He must go stand for racism

All life matter,not only black all life MATTER,for the fact that's he's doesn't want to kneel,doesn't mean he's racist and the fact that other kneel doesn't mean their not racists!


If people act like sheep and follow the meek, should they be part of a team that can think for themselves

Quintondekock17 I hope you take them up on this

There is a difference between BLM and racism! Do the research! Let’s bend a knee for those being murdered on their farms, violence against women and children, those killed by terrorism,human trafficking! 🤷🏻‍♀️ alllivesmatter

Forcing player to take a knee is meaningless. CSA is not sincere in their stance. They are pretentious and doesn't really stand for black lives.

I respect your decision in 'not to bow the knee for the racists, communist, vandal blm' movement. This NWO enforcement is total BS. Stand up for our rights, for freedom of choice of association!

For idiots who never watched a day of cricket saying he must go, for standing up to his believes

Racists one side

MbuyiseniNdlozi SJN hearing has uprooted the deep and sutle racism in SA cricket. The team must stand united against it to send the message loud and clear.

MbuyiseniNdlozi Im not white but i don't see any reason why someone should be forced to take a knee. the same also goes with vaccinations

MbuyiseniNdlozi BEAUTIFUL!! Proud of you Quinton de Kock 🙌

Freedom matters , f SA cricket , will not support them anymore .

To all black people who are tired of these racists dogs who are unapolotegic arrogant. Asbashaye manje abezwa

Cancel him

Fuck that , nobody can force a person to bow down for any reason

All lives matter... vaccinated or not vaccinated.

He must fokof!!


Well they won without him

Free education, free land, it's the white man, they said something about our hair, he doesn't want to kneel, you must leave 'our country'..... blah blah blah!!!!! Etc. P.S please take your brains out of the plastic and start using it or are you scared of headaches?

MbuyiseniNdlozi Cricket South Africa should terminate Quinton de Kock's contract with immediate effect BlackLivesMatter . He can go play cricket in Orania . Half decent cricket player that he is

QuinnyDeKock69 good riddance

He should be banned forever

MbuyiseniNdlozi This bum thinks he's special.

MbuyiseniNdlozi Confirmed: Quinton is a Doos

Well done! Great to see someone opposing the BLM movement’s racist agenda

Ridiculous! Cutting off your nose to spite your face. Leave politics out of sport. This is all bull

MbuyiseniNdlozi WTF?

Chose to be stronger together with those behind the scenes. Yes, those ones.

Absolute rubbish from OfficialCSA , for how long is this madness supposed to continue. Maybe it's time for real cricket lovers to BoycottCSA


Good riddance to bad rubbish

It's fine we got Reeza. Don't need him.

When is he withdrawing from our country and back to Cork country or whatever the fuck they came from?

Well done Quinton

That's the end of the Proteas for this WorldCupT20 . OfficialCSA politicals and pressures killing the game. Sad for talented dekock and SA sport.

We won. We Don't need him. We've been losing with him being in the squad. Aaay fokof maarn.

Come home.

Thabang_350 For as long as cricket has racism, we'll never see the world cup. 'Put players who deserve to be there not because of the skin tone but because they have the talent and better skills than others'. So much is happening in cricket but hey I guess Nathi Mthethwa knows nothing.

pretorianews Great!

A genuine no nonsense man not taking the knee for this burn loot and murder orginasation.

Why should white people kneel in a country were black leaders do not believe that black people deserve not to be stolen from? Why should white people affirm what black leadership does not affirm? You expect white people to kneel for BLM while you vote in corrupt black leaders?

When we say no to vaccine mandates we are called antivaxxers. Quinton just said no to taking a knee mandate, should we call him a racist? Or we are just going to be hypocrites?

But what have we achieved with taking the knee? Instead of coming up with necessary tangible means to deal with issues, we chose the knee. It doesn't make a difference really. Issues of racism have to be addressed. But what does taking a knee really achieve?

White racism is not the problem. It's the lack of black racism that is the problem. Black people need to stop expecting apologies, affirmation and validation from other races. Affirm yourselves! Make black lives matter by picking better leaders who put black dignity 1st.

He might aswell withdraw from the tournament

Because he is there to play cricket and not adhere to a farce,elite,hollow symbolic narrative controlled by the western media.. Good for him that he a spine,unlike many

Faf phrased it correctly when he said All lives don't matter until black lives matter...if you disagree you can just go to hell because I don't care what you think

Nice to see all the racists calling Quinton de Kock a Saint...yes please bash me like the racists you are

SA needs all the good players they can get, they left Faf out, don't want AB back, Tahir is also not considered and now de Kock withdrawing - we will get nowhere in this T20 World Cup again! Just focus on playing cricket nothing else

I always thought Quinton is a reasonable person to understand the impact racism had for SAns .. so hes proving me disappointed as i regarded him as a leader n him being my fav makes it worse

Well done Q!

He must be banned from all cricket activities and voetsek leave our country,we have tolerated this nonsense for too long.

So now they’re policing our every move. Fascist, I say!! I only bend the knee to my God!

Freedom of choice

He won't be missed, we must go play for orania.

I really don't think it should be compulsory to take a knee. Come on Now, we Need Quintin for the World Cup.


Are we forcing people to take a knee now? You can't force a racist to stop being a racist. Let Quinton be who he wants to be. Besides, this knee thing is not even a South African thing

NICELY DONE MY BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!

He can retire too if he wishes who really cares about average Proteas squad that has never achieved anything besides their ego filled individual worth

Good for him. Supporters aren’t entitled to players doubling as political activists.

My hero.

What racism is that?

Good for him....

First it was politics in sport, now marxism.

Freedom of Choice exercised

Good bye MF

Why do you have to kneel?

Good. No one should be forced to do anything. Politics should remain out of sports. And people need to learn to stop looking for reasons to cause issues. Why is it so difficult to move forward?

The key word is 'Team'...dismantle the whole thing from the top and rebuild.


CSA is not a political party or are they. The team was selected to play cricket and no politics. CSA board should all be fired. They are not focuses on cricket. I support All lives. Support to all.

Seriously ? Respect for having a backbone! I hope people boycott the shit and switch off the tv

Our best player. Cricket SA is a farce...

Can't take someone who values not taking a knee more important than representing his country serious. God riddance 👍

All the players should have done what he did.

Send that man child home

Well done Quinton

Good. These racists must expose themselves.

Deepest respect!

The same reason I am not interested reading Siya Kolisi’s Book. the way it is hyped I have a feeling he didn’t touch much on the racism he has experienced. And y’all can’t say he hasn’t experienced it.

Has anybody inquired why he refuses to take the knee? Religious or other convictions before we jump on the racist bandwagon. I refuse to take the knee because my faith forbids this convention.


Other sad day for SA sport. Don't worry Quinton you will make more money overseas where they respect your skill not you skin. 🤐🤐

Good riddance, too many snowflakes in national team

What’s next, this?

Welgedaan QdK.

Why does South African sports still treat their players with indignation?

Good for you QuinnyDeKock69 you don't need the CSA 's shit

Does this mean de Kockcroach wont be playing, cricket😏

Respect to Quinton he only take the knee for God

It is sad when it is the sports fraternity that are tasked with addressing social issues and not politicians. Politicians do not even have clear position on this issue, and I applaud PSL for coming out early and say there will be no kneeling before the PSL games

Lol... They will do anything but acknowledge that black people deserve equal treatment.

One should ask why the ANC don’t bend the knee especially before they push the pay button that steals the money from their own people

My hero, hope they lose today

Good riddance

OfficialCSA Does this 'taking a knee' hurt that badly? He doesn't have to believe black lives matter to say it (by taking a knee), some of us sing Die Stem even though we have strong feelings and experiences against it.

LucidualLady Well done to him, say I.

We have lost the game before a ball has been bowled This is the final nail , I will not watch ever again


Well done Quinton, never kneel for any of these cry babies.. Or anyone at all for that matter

His last name is a giveaway...

What rubbish! He 'had' to take the knee? No choice? I don't care if they want you to kneel to the Queen, Satan himself, BLM, the ANC, the Pope or any other god. No one should be forced to kneel. That surely should be a personal conviction and choice. I salute you!

Well done Quinton👊👊

Hold the line Quinton 👊🏿

He must also withdraw from residing in Africa. Back to Europe

Mutwanamba_SA Just another Gareth Cliff, let him voetsek VoteEFFOn1November

Has taking the knee now become like singing the national anthem? CancelCulture becoming rife in society

Cricket capture

He should NEVER be allowed to play for SA again. If he's not prepared to take a stand against the pernicious evil of racism like his teammates, don't pick him again. There are many things bigger than sport, and Black Lives Matter is one of them.

CoruscaKhaya He must fotsek

All sports are doing it. Wtf South Africa gotta be different for no reason? What are we gona lose by taking the knee

He must retire from the national team while at it.

Welldone Quinton, a man of conviction!… how refreshing. Any other players got the balls to stand up for whats right?….

Might as well leave and back to Europe we are rainbowing this side!!!


Good riddance. Next!!!!

Ha lo nyela

The rainbow nation has always and will be a scam...

mix_upchick So now we can just force famous people to be activists? We can even choose what cause the need to be activists for? 🤔 Everyone in this comment sec that doesn't support Red Cross Children's hospital financially, hates children and wants them to die....see how that doesn't work?

If that's the case, the racist must be expelled immediately

These guys are arrogant too much marn yerr


Respect Quinton.

Good riddance! These racists must go froth elsewhere.


CoruscaKhaya IPL should not auction him as well

Level of commitment to being racist

Good man!

KurtOfficial Toe ek hierdie lees toe kom jou liedjie 'Jy's 'n legend' by my op! Ek dink jy moet vir ou Q 'n spesiale versoek speel.

Good riddance

CoruscaKhaya Fokof makahambe smunu lowo

Bye bye Proteas. A real cricketer only kneels when he does fielding in the outfield. Will not watch one of your balls (which you don't have).

That’s why Proteas will never win a World Cup they have racists in their mix


My Hero!!

CoruscaKhaya Good

Not even the Almighty God looked to force His will on anyone.

Imagine having to go on your knees to prove you're not a racist 😁 Imagine the thinking that forces a gesture that is for show only, at a sporting event, where all races participate evenly. It's theatre, and not genuine.


One day they’ll say gay man will compete with woman in sports

Lol! We need to focus on our own politics

Cheers Quinten. It's been real. You can stop pretending now

Well done Quintin. Hats off to you.

Excellent, black lives mean nothing to black people! Not sure why they have expectations for others to care about something that they do not care about themselves.

He will be a hero to some sick people.

Forcing the team to kneel defeats the whole purpose behind it. This directive is unnecessary and performative because how do we know who's kneeling because they want to? Imo Quinton deciding to withdraw does not make him racist.


I can see some here are already caught up in their feelings. So here. You WILL take the knee. Not much different to: You WILL take the vaccine. But so many will cry racism. Did anyone ask him why not before his choice touched you on your feelings?

He must replace by African who know how difficult it is to be part of national when Apartheid beneficial still does recognize what their grandfather's did to our people in our country.

So what about these 5

Such a shame to see a talented player withdraw but there is no space for such opinions in a team that is meant to represent our nation and what we stand for. Disgusting stuff from Quinton de Kock and good reaction from CSA

imagine agreeing to be vaccinated but not agreeing to take the knee , wow

Laat hy gaan👎👎👎

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