Basic Education Minister's briefing on reopening of schools postponed

Schools are set to open for Grades 12 and 7 on Monday.

2020-05-31 06:42:00 PM

Basic Education Minister's briefing on reopening of schools postponed

Schools are set to open for Grades 12 and 7 on Monday.

There have been mixed reactions to the basic education department'sphased reopening plan.Unions and some community sectors areagainst the reopening andsay the department is not complying with occupational health and safety regulations.- Coronavirus Hotline Number: 0800 029 999 from 8am to 4pm, Monday to Friday.

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Help protect your loved ones by sharing this officialwith your family, friends and community.Send HI to 0600 123 456 on WhatsApp.The NICD has another Clinician Hotline to improve #COVID19 communication and support for healthcare providers. The Clinician Hotline is 0800 11 1131, operating 24 hrs. The Public Hotline is 0800 029 999 also operating 24hrs.

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If DEERMEKAAR was a person. 😂 The girl is tired.... This is ridiculous My son back at school today, just to sit there and do nothing to find out that 2 teachers are sick, 2 of the cleaning staff also sick, school selling masks where it was said 2 masks per child will be given. I wanted to believe in our system and give them a fair change😥

Abramjee Expected something like that... 😝 My colleagues and I were so excited when we got employment in DoE and then a month working in this system we witnessed so many injustices, we spoke up and we were told to stay out of management matters. To see this department crumble before the nation not shocked at all!

Mme Angie, please can you take your time and fix the schools. I don't believe you can be done in a short period of time. Give yourself a chance to do an excellent job without pressure. Yamukela ukuthi Public schools are not a match to private schools. Abantwana bazolimala. When it comes to this minister, the jokes seem to write themselves. She needs to step down and allow lesufi to take over that portfolio. Education should be the biggest and most important portfolio within our country and it therefore requires a great leader.

DBE_SA Angie must fall. She must go. Every one of you want to comment . The minister is try her best, no hidden agendas , just the best they know how . Don’t turn this into a political box, it’s not . Minister you are just CONFUSED kwa wena nje! Stop confusing children! People already don't want their kids back to school anyway she shouldn't even brief anyone..they will find fault in whatever she says cause they already made up their mind

She must fall👎🏾 Mrs Angie Postponed So what would you do if you were in her shoes Who is ruling this Country mara😂😂😂 In your 19:00 news it was reported that Paedatric Association advised the Minister to open schools DBE_SA . Their amplified voice was needed when this happened 👇🏾schoolreopening angie_motshekga

Corona has exposed their incompetence, failure to do service delivery on basics all over the country, now they run around like headless chickens, they focused so much on cities schools n forgot about the rurals, the provinces Fd- them up with corruption This grennies are just confused like their Corona

Why am I not surprised. Deer in the headlights. Time to retire Sivule? Singavuli Nithini? Codiv 🥺🥺😉 Bare schools di ready just like that...... angiemotshekga MUST GO!!!! Lotus Park school's in Isipingo Durban have not received their PPE's. How exactly is this beneficial. Education is important & saving lives should be a foremost concern. Lockdown on sale of cigars is most definitely unwarranted yet gov is more concerned about cigars than kids

angiemustfall we want new blood When blind lead What ppe are we talking about here,can you please elaborate,or maybe we talking about sanitizers.i'm confused (or maybe teachers are expected to wear like doctors.) Two systems in one country this are the results. The other rich the other poor. Now mmane Angie is confused 🤔

She should not be in any position of leadership. Hi, arg nee man, Rustenburg no PPE, do you call mask and Sanitser PPE, nurses and doctors get infected while using these, how about poor kids and Educatot, Angie please resign with immediate effect, you embarrassing our country and confusing our kids. I want to ask a question at different companies we took person at 65, so what about cabinet members please help me here, I think all of them must take their person they are old enough to think. 💔

Remember what the president said 'is now in your hands'.you will decide tomorrow. What were you expecting the minister to say,she said that grade7 and 12 will re-open on the 1st June 2020 and she outlined what needs to be done.if you don't want to send your child to school do so without complaining please.

Just step down mama please This is not fair for learners Oh FFS! Makes perfect sense. The teachers want a full salary with no work and the unions need to ensure that. So the 'Covid' threat will be huge. Don't underestimate south Africans desire not to work. Mickey mouse show IM NOT SURPRISED AT ALL Lol no backsies on gazettes made out. Incompetence welcometothecircus

The union's rules Julius Malema was right 😡 How unprofessional! Some schools will be ready and some's best to check with the school your child goes to Complete and utter lack of respect for other people ! Disgusting ! The ANC is a circus ! Clueless and aimless MYANC Tomorrow is youth month 😏😷 Anker la bona🚮

Postponed? No? Surely not! Do you own these children? No. Did you give birth to them no! Its a parents choice. You delay their education..and rights to learn...🤔🤔 Just look at the anc grannies, when will future leaders take over, when the grannies and grandpas have ALL died?🙆‍♀️🤦‍♀️ AndileBbq Punctuality is a thing of the Past, even if it's in your own hands.

She must go. She must just resign and go back home. She can't lead. She has failed dismissal. It looks as if she is not aware of what is happening in the townships, ezilalini. If the education minister is the Joker😒 What an absolute shit show of a GovernmentZA. DBE_SA PresidencyZA We close schools but open Bottle stores. South Africa

The gumption!!!! 😡 Kuyaxaka okwethu bantu abampisholo Mmm things are getting tough. Murder she wrote. How rude, you wait till the last minute!!! Over it! I give up What is so difficult to state the truth? Schools ain't ready lets give it two more weeks. What is so difficult about that? For a educated? person you play with our kids lives. Stop this bull, or resign.

Always running away from making the decision how can we trust her that our childrens are safe at school when she can't make an announcement, leaving it on others to do. Not surprised at all! Somebody please ask nathi mtetwa why I can't fish to feed my family This year has been alot to deal with. She needs to retire.

Incompetency This is what the government of the_sengas look bantu basuthi ... Kunini besenga lenkomo (corrupt RSA) ... We need a new party and I'm sitting with VFplus Keep your kids at home. They are debating 12 hours from now wether schools reopen Many people may take this delayed briefing lightly but many are also severely affected and it is quite alarming to “rely” on leaders who consistently vex us. schoolreopening matric2020

She is not ready but kids must be ready yah neh, that's why we need young people in Parliament she mst retire, confuse the whole nation, incompetence,CyrilRamaphosa mfake i performance management This virus has exposed the ministers that all they is corruption Our children life's it's not a political battle please!!! You failed to deliver books in Limpopo what next now?

Who postpones the briefing on the eve of the deadline? This is so unprofessional and disrespectful And if you were gonna send your child to school tomorrow anyway, you shouldn’t be a parent. Ngizwa nginovalo, looksike even alcohol is not going to be sold tomorrow So are we going to school tomorrow or what?

So are kids going back tomorrow or not? Instead of complaining all the time try to be happy for others, Good for our kids,we also need to be ready financially& physically.We are paying school transports,school fees. who is perfect? Thanks to Maimane& Malema Angie should just go, she's failing dismally this time.

Who's tender of sanitiser is really come out This means no more schools opening tomorrow? Angie has no respect for us.. She thinks she can do as she please and not even apologize... Just cancel nje.. Mxm Incredibly inconsiderate of children's and teachers emotions, whose nerves must be frayed! Government is emotionally manipulative

Shame🤦🏾‍♂️ Postponed again Bathong? So must learners iron or what? Idiots They gonna kill ur kids Abramjee Postponed when schools scheduled to start the next day? I gave up Like really ? Shame,she is under a lot of pressure!...🤔 The level of incompetence in this government is really depressing. What are we to do tomorrow

Abramjee Post - pone her as Minister... 😠😠😠 The incompetence is staggering. CyrilRamaphosa all faith we had at the start of the lockdown is gone. You had the opportunity to be a leader of a new dawn but you are just continuing into the darkness. WTF people. Do they know that parents are on the edge of their seats waiting for you incompetent lot

Banana Republic or banana Department Maybe she forgot that she was supposed to address the nation- she is old now we can understand Mme ona doesn't respect us our government consists of the most unprofessional people on earth. one of the many reasons south africans have zero respect for the cabinet. it’s actually disgusting.

Teachers and 7&12 learners are expected to be at school tomorrow then whom will she be addressing at 11 am What does this mean with regards to the fact that the schools are supposed to open tomorrow, plz balance us on this,I am lost RealsirG angiemotshekga just Ramaphosponed on Us ...Yet AGAIN ‼️ I cant think far

The ghetto 🙊 angie_motshekga gogo are you sending your grand kids to school? How do you postpone the awaited briefing and not give clarity of what is expected. Parents need to be informed of what is to become of their children tomorrow. Are they going to school or not. Learners do not seem to have representatives in this case. Who advices the minister?

Why announce a date and time when you r unprepared? This woman must just go home. Her time is up. Unprofessional and arrogant. GO HOME Hayini! Angie kwenzenjani ngoku Why would she postpone if she was sure of her decision 🤔🤔🤔🤔 👎👎👎 Signs of Psychological and Emotional Manipulation... Typically, the unexpected negative information comes without warning, so you have little time to prepare and counter their move. The manipulator may ask for additional concessions from you in order to continue working with you.

PreciousLugaye1 did you see this Mama. Might assist with your predicament. Joke, they have had 8 weeks to get ready. All this uncertainty. Parents going back to work 2morrow thought our gr 7 were going back. People in charge are incapable of doing their jobs. Left hand does not know what the right hand is doing angie_motshekga DBE_SA CyrilRamaphosa

No respect for others! Arrrrgh. Soo much noise ,if you okay with you child repeating the grade why don't you just keep your child at home.let those who want the school to reopen to go ahead it's simple and everybody is allowed to do so We will wait at home with our kids Ma'am are applying the Ostrich Approach now...

Such poor management Useless anc sies CyrilRamaphosa It's obvious, the Unions (SADTU) & the SGB, was against the idea to reopen schools from the first place. It's clear they're cornering her decisions,. It's possible that she might be under pressure i guess. Been a minister of education for years but the level of incompetence is beyond

So this means that there’s no school tomorrow? DBE_SA and DBE_KZN & ElijahMhlanga please provide the nation with information. Are the schools open tomorrow or not? You can't do this to the nation, parents, teachers, SGB's our children have been waiting for this briefing - all of a sudden its postponed. So unprofessional

she knows they not ready so she literally ran off. So do schools reopen or wait for her to brief the nation? What a mess angiemotshekga There's confusion here....thanks to those who put in power such a bunch of confused people...children's lifes is placed at risk for poor communication All pensioners in government offices must go on retirement

What the story with they stay at home or go to school..any clarity on this.. You lady is a disgrace and busy playing politic games with our children's lives She should resign. This is embarrassing. So she will tell kids and parents tomorrow if they must open or not after school. Clear to everyone that schools are not ready,who booked the press conference for her if she postpones it.niyawezwa amanzi ngobhoko

Angie has NO passion for her work, and it shows. Sengi ayinile and ngamfundisa ngosocial distancing manje this my efforts though ANC cabinet is a joke... They are failing dismal in preparations, even the Schools that they wanna open are not well clean. They had lot of time but they decided to fart around now they wanna confuse parents and kids mxm useless ANC, useless ministers and useless old ppl ruling.

I love Angie as a person, I think she is great as a person, but eish not as a Minister. Sorry Angie HeidiGiokos Of course it is... This is is how low they think of teachers. Some kids were already going for boarding school Not everyone was waiting for tomorrow morning 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 I'm not sending my kids to school until they come up with a better solution, the teachers union is ready to stand up for their members should they get infected while at work, what's going to happen to our children should they get infected at school.

Like her schools, she's also not ready. Clearly teachers and learners should postpone attendance until the political head addresses us. This is a joke honestly... It's a banana republic for real Angie is dumb. We need clever people for this portfolio Shuu to be left hanging like this. At least the briefing was going to give clarity, No this is disappointing indeed. How do we then put our trust in DBE that our children are going to be safe

no department is ready for anything. Fuck This is so amazing What an amazing country Hope those who put their kids on busses early this morning to get to schools in time for tomorrow get their kids home safe One of our long serving incompetent ministers. God bless South Africa and it's long suffering people. So many promises and very little delivered.

How do you have a press conference at 11h00 on the day the kids are supposed to be at school So much confusion and disrespect No sanitizers, no Ppe, no water, no electricity. How the bloomen hell must the kids and teachers go to school. The minister could not do it and get it right for the past 20 years, now she wants to in 1 month 🤣

Lol this is extremely funny. So no school tomorrow? Must we go to school or not ? This minister is way in over her head. She must stop being emotional when people ask valid questions and do her job. The job she has failed to do for years. Mx This department has zero respect for parents can they not make an announcement and stick to it

Helaang! Incompetence personified. The Confusion sucks Am already in North West took my child to school from limpopo Our pupils are left high and dry.. angie_motshekga you're such a joke Mme So u professional kids have to go to school tomorrow. Typical goverment waisting everyone time. 🤣 As always Honestly these things really cannot run a country. I need to leave this shithole.

CyrilRamaphosa so Mr President you allow such incompetence to go on Parents need to be briefed about tomorrow. Teachers need to know what’s going on. Arg mahn, Aus Angie also needs to respect us This women must resign. She is clueless how to run her department. She is waisting our time and government resources.

How poor is this postponement by this DBE_SA minister leaving the nation in confusion doubt. Don't know whether this is an arrogant & tactical decision by her. ElijahMhlanga reopening of schools is also prosponed ? Angie must go. She is just useless. Just like every other anc minister. And the circus continues!

Lesufi are we still going ke kusasa? PresidencyZA This is not acceptable. Not even close! Gvmt has had 60+ days to get ready. Not just hospitals but EVERYTHING ready This is a joke 😞 By the way, I have 2 daughters and a wife who’s a teacher...I’ll be reassuring them tonight given that U can’t...angiemotshekga

This people are not serious. How can she postpone mara..... Our lovely grand mom shame, i like her I once said that we are led by cluless people how on earth jst postpone media briefing yet kids r going to schls. Vavi once said we r on a auto pilot. These so called leader r dangerous to our society rouve1408 Could this be any more unprofessional?

These people don't care about people this ANC is playing No marn this woman is not taking us seriously We have already paid omalume nje Somebody was busy copying, then the one who was being copied from crumbles their answer sheet and throws it away! 🙆 MrBean hon_mugari Some educational facilities are going to be open at Zimbabwe starting from tomorrow 1 June 2020. The Gods must be crazy!

Nothing new What a joke.. be a leader mama put your foot down. Poor from a black leader, it means that parents should also postpone sending their kids to school PresidencyZA please get rid of this woman. Again. Last update was they are going, so where is the confusion? Best is to apply for home schooling because government has decided to go ahead with opening 🏡

Dear God. May we please have new leaders, we are sick and tired with MYANC government and their self-righteous attitudes. God help S.A. She always postpone Mxm My the Hon Minister please ensure teachers are well equipped for e-learning programme for all learners this years. And someone please alert her that South Korea has started closing schools due to a rise in new infections from schools. PresidencyZA Lesufi please advice the Min.

Such disrespect yah neh And what must the learners and teachers do tomorrow morning? What a mess! So what does this mean mara😞😞😞 I am so over it . Forever disorganized. So when are schools opening? What a bun and coke !!!! katli_babes bona🤦🏽‍♀️

Reopening of schools: Dates announced for other gradesThe Minister of Basic Education, Angie Motshega has gazetted regulations for the re-opening of schools and early childhood development. Dark days are coming!! Remember that... What about grade 2? I see no mention of Grade 1, did I miss it?

32 schools in the Western Cape are affected by Covid-19 casesEducation MEC Debbie Schäfer has revealed the number of schools and teachers affected by the Covid-19 in the Western Cape ahead of the schools reopening on Monday. kelow_C It will end in tears Yawn MbuyiseniNdlozi angie_motshekga

How schools could work during Covid - The Mail & GuardianAhead of their opening on Monday, the basic education department has given schools three models to consider to ensure physical distancing.

COVID-19: R30m set aside for tour guidesTourism Minister Mmamoloko Kubayi-Ngubane outlined tourism regulations and measures during a media briefing. I saw several people testifying of making so much money with the help of Gary on binary option trading and I decided to give a try and now I'm glad now he helped me to make $5000 in one week, DM Mr now GaryCom89698109 How many will see anything. Shame on you statecapture2 💔 How fickle we are, still prisoners of the state and we sing their praises for minor latitude! Sheepeople of SA, being lead like lambs to the slaughter…

Back to school rules: Must be at 50% capacity and pupils must be 1.5m apartIn regulations gazetted on Friday, the basic education department said that social distancing measures had to be in place at schools.

Eastern Cape confirms some schools not ready to reopen on MondayKojana told the briefing that alleged acts of sabotage among rival suppliers were crippling the supply of PPE in some districts.