ANC MPs accused of turning a blind eye as allegations mount against Mantashe | Citypress

ANC MPs accused of turning a blind eye as allegations mount against Mantashe

2021-05-10 09:00:00 AM

ANC MPs accused of turning a blind eye as allegations mount against Mantashe

Just last week, President Cyril Ramaphosa rejected before the state capture commission allegations that ANC members’ allegiance to the party take precedence to honouring their constitutional obligation to hold the executive arm of government to account.

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Gosiame Thamara Sithole | IOL

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What are u expecting? Whatever action they'll take won't bring looting opportunities to the anc comrades thieves! So, it's not important! No action necessary! Now he's staping aside like Cde Ace? 🤣 When does the penny drop for our MSM that this corrupt failure, together with the corrupt failures at fisheries, SAPS, Transport, Tourism etc are all Ramaphosas appointments? He runs a corrupt and failed govt. Not a single functioning state dept.

Analysis | ANC NEC just scratching the surface and not dealing with the underlying disease | CitypressThe ANC needs to demonstrate that it is fundamentally committed to changing course, to becoming who they are currently not, before they can convince us that they are the party of Nelson Mandela and Oliver Tambo. No matter what you say, trying to paint your STOOGE Ramaphosa as an Angel, we are going to EXPOSE him. No good deed goes unpunished! Tears grips my heart knowing how hard I've struggled to find a legit trader. I never wanted to do this but I'll be guilty if i don't share this good news to people to join the best trader have ever know. Thanks for helping me and i will forever be grateful to you sandyprech We will wait for the Appeal Hearing at the Constitutional Court or some African Court because that's where we are headed. In the meantime ACE is Suspended Period !!!

I'm just here to show my appreciations to the man who took me out from zero to hero. I'm so glad to be among your winning team sir and i will always show my gratitude and work with you always Mr Christbitco Allegations are nothing but gossip but police charges for crime are the real deal He has not been charge yet.

AskariMatamela I wonder what's surprising with the culture of the ANC. No members of the ANC that are under Ramaphosa camp will be hold accountable. The Ramaphosa camp is untouchables. Reasons Why Not To Invest&Visit in South Africa: 1. Racist BBBEE laws 2. Corruption 3. Crime 4. Unfriendly labour legislation 5. Land Expropriation without compensation 6. Failing infrastructure 7. No electricity 8 Illegal foreigners 9 City Name Changes(Port Elizabeth)

We have so many examples of ANC MPs not upholding their constitutional obligations and putting party first. CR well knows this has happened - especially with regards to Jacob Zuma, Mosebenzi Zwane, and others. ta_tebogo Nazo😂😂😂 MYANC any action? Justsay42740408 Naturally... Default position.. And the thuma mina cheerleaders carry on with their 'cleaning the house' verbal diahorrea

Ooh! I c. That's why Legoete said the weak, like Vincent Smith are charged, some are untouchables. So Gwede is UNTOUCHABLE!

ANC Free State councillor likely to beat Magashule to apologise to Ramaphosa | CitypressAs ANC members and the country wait with bated breath for a decision on whether or not suspended ANC secretary-general Ace Magashule will apologise for “suspending” President Cyril Ramaphosa, a councillor in the Free State is likely to beat him to it The challenge with some members of MYANC is that they are members of members and noy members of the organization President Ace Magashule will preveile No problem; can they perform that out of the organization & government, we want to push forward with critical governmental & organizational programs. AceMagashule AceSuspendsCyril ANC

CR17 corruption in play As I said, we are witnessing the raping of the Constitution and destruction of the NPA, SIU and by extension the judiciary by Ramaphosa and his stooges. How can it possibly be fair for Gwede to be roaming around and Smith is charged? They'll say he's not been charged. It's sick

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He must face the music they are turning this Cancer party as thier Spaza Shop they charged Vincent Smith for the samething Mantashe was accused of but he still roaming free while he did what Vincent has done. Where's NPA and Hawk's Or they arrest Or investigate only those against CR17🤷‍♀️ This one sold out the miners long ago

ANCParliament doing it’s cover up job again instead of it’s proper oversight. Opposition doing its proper job again. I guess the courts are next. Again. StateCaptureCom ParliamentofRSA CyrilRamaphosa

Suspended Magashule asks court to reinstate him as ANC secretary-general | CitypressSuspended ANC secretary-general Ace Magashule will not be apologising for suspending Cyril Ramaphosa as president of the party; instead he wants the court to affirm that his decision was “valid and effective until lawfully nullified”, and therefore he should not be forced to apologise. had a double mind when i wanted to invest but i thank God 🙏 i have invested with the right account manager KevinKatch2 i got my money back with profit just as he said, i want everyone to start investing with KevinKatch2 he's the best trader. Resolutions are Resolutions he agree to it now he must abide by it Step Aside finish and Klaar. Why? In the last 3 years what meaningful work did he do to the benefit of SAns? Or in the last 15 years? This man is a liability to the people of SA and so is each and every ANC cabinet member.

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Now ANC ructions rock grassroots | CitypressParty branches organise opposing meeting about Magashule's removal. I don't really know where to start but I have to say it I know it's funny 🤭 to you but he's real believe it or not I know what I'm making through the hands of this man Christbitco he's a life changer my future manager Mxm Since when ANC NEC took instruction from streets? I agree with Julius Malema when he said these guys are clawnish!!

Step aside list: ANC members charged with corruption or other serious crimes | CitypressStep aside list: ANC members charged with corruption or other serious crimes The best choice I've made this year was investing in cryptocurrency and forex trading and earning from home. With the help of KevinKatch2 I've been earning ZAR60,353.00k weekly I've never regretted this decision fellow RSA, 🙏🏻 But the step aside policy doesn’t say only the charged people. CR17 changed it to mean only those charged, knowing Batohi will only charge certain individuals