ANC blasts Eskom for load shedding, suspects it is playing politics | Citypress

ANC blasts Eskom for load shedding, suspects it is playing politics

2021-10-27 08:25:00 PM

ANC blasts Eskom for load shedding, suspects it is playing politics

ANC spokesperson Pule Mabe issued a strongly worded statement questioning the leadership skills and management style of the Eskom bosses.

Duarte said the ANC had taken it on themselves to meet with public enterprises minister and ANC national executive committee member Pravin Gordhan as well as Eskom CEO Andre de Ruyter about the exact causes of the load shedding.READ: Rolling blackouts escalated to stage 4: Find your load shedding schedule here

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“We met with all ANC members responsible for energy, and our critical question was about how to deal with the Eskom issue. Where we are right now with the issue is that we are demanding an answer; we want to know what is going on with Eskom. Why is this thing not able to be resolved? That is where we are right now. We cannot go on like this. Every day there is a message that there will be load shedding and it seems it is never going to end,” she said.

The ANC statement released by Mabe lamented the inconsistency shown by Eskom in implementing load shedding.“The ANC calls for leadership and transparency in explaining to South Africans the state of power supply and in order to make an honest assessment of whether the right skills and leadership are at our disposal at the utility under the current circumstances.”

The latest bout of load shedding is despite a commitment by the CEO of the utility, Andre de Ruyter to contain load shedding and ease disruption to power supply in mid-OctoberPule MabeMabe said the timing of implementing stage 4 load shedding was a grave concern to them because it coincided with the first day of examinations for thousands of matriculants around the country.

“The latest bout of load shedding is despite a commitment by the CEO of the utility, Andre de Ruyter to contain load shedding and ease disruption to power supply in mid-October,” said Mabe.He said matriculants must have the opportunity to study and write their final examination uninterrupted by power outages.

But Eskom declined to be drawn into the debate on load shedding.Its spokesperson Sikonathi Mantshantsha said they are not going to comment on the ANC statement.READ: What COP26 means for South AfricaMabe accused the power utility of deliberately implementing load shedding to settle political scores, but without providing specifics on how and what politics it was playing.

“Given the inconsistency in information and assurances received from the utility, the ANC is to all intents and purposes quite concerned that these acts may be the deliberate actions of some within Eskom for political ends,” he said.He called on Eskom leadership to account and provide “unequivocal” answers on the current state of power supply. He said Eskom was not being transparent.

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“It is also a direct affront to the ANC’s commitment in our manifesto to ensure safe and reliable electricity supply to our communities,” he said. Read more: City Press »

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The blast comes only when the interests of ANC as a useless party are at stake in the elections. How many times have both CyrilRamaphosa and DDMabuza spoke in its behalf and assuring SAns that loadshedding will be a thing of the past? Can they say the same and ETolls? Says the Puppet Master 🙄 ANC has taken SA'cans for a ride much too long. Only a fool will believe this nonsense. Who drained eskom?

So Electricity crisis, becomes critical when it's the time to vote. I mean we had the loadshedding crisis for years now with companies loosing productivity. So now they're only afraid to loose elections? Rubish! That ESKOM board was appointed by ANC and how you come to complain against your own deployments? Remember it’s not the board of private company!😂😂😂

Unbelievable Jokes these ones The ANCJHB and other municipalities can logically or technically criticize Eskom_SA for load-shedding since Eskom is a (national) SOC and not a municipality owned entity. But pulemabe, as national spokesperson for ANC is misdirected to level any criticism since it’s in them.

Banxilile they should be blaming themselves as the ANC They need to finalise the Karpowership deal to meet the country’s energy demands , but they aren’t satisfied that they won’t be looting from it Who is eskom kanti

Tired of voting and frustrated with the ANC, Zandspruit residents deserve better | CitypressIt’s a cloudy and rainy morning, and the residents of Zandspruit, Johannesburg, are up and about – some already braving the cold to make their way to work while others are on the clock at their makeshift stalls that line the dusty streets. But do they? Do they really? idiocracy They keep on saying our vote is our voice while people are suffering outside there how can we continue with voting we will cry until when come South Africa enough is enough this time we want changes or else vote must fall

This utter bull for the ANC to blame eskom as if eskom is an independent entity? ANC deployees ruined eskom. Most senior party members hsd interest in eskom. What's the MYANC playing at here? The ANC is not an official opposition of itself? 😂😂😂😂, who is controlling Eskom?. Anc is a joke. eish! 🙈 It’s called reality which you and your mates caused

But the ANC is in charge of ESKOM…… the last I checked ESKOM is an SOE Which means State Owned Enterprise!!! Now that it’s election week they have nothing to do with what’s going on there? Comrades be serious we are not ignorant idiots! Which party is in power? Who runs government? Who manages Eskom - a SOE? Are you shouting at yourself?

I want to smoke what your smoking there are Lethuli It is the ANC attempting to divert responsibility with this BS comment. votethemout The ANC wouldn't even know if their bank account is leaking money.....

Why the ANC is in trouble in North West | CitypressVoices | The ANC in North West is up for a tight electoral competition for the first time since 1994 I don't think we can say tight is just people are starting to understand the importance of voting since almost 3 decades without any development But ANC corruption in office I know we all probably must have heard about Bitcoin but don't know how it works, I tried it in a week ago by a man who recommended me to leticia_thomas1 on Twitter she guides me through and i made a return of R15500 after a week of trading, connect with her Why the North West is in trouble, because of the ANC, ditto most provinces.

Playing politics in whose favour slima Obvious u expect White leaders to have messy on ANC Axing 3389 skilled employees, including 1081 engineers & doing dodgy deals, zero maintenance and no new properly functioning power stations is the MYANC ANCParliament regime's own doing. Amazing how the regime claims to be in charge, yet never takes ANY responsibility, ever!

The President says if you don’t vote ANC you will never have electricity!! We are sheep being led over the cliff!! Lol. ANC is really funny. They caprute Eskom and loot it, then when Eskom turns the lights off, they accuse Eskom of playing politics, HOW, can someone please explain to me? Imagine, It's like a parent shouting at their kid. Makes no sense at all. 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

Like Magashule_Ace marching with the students to himself. We are in this mess because of the decision they took in 2018, firing the person who solved loadshedding, removing many black executives for no basis, not a single one of them has been charged for corruption. VoetsekANC There is no greater joy than having financial stability and a life free of debts, that’s why I keep tweeting about lisamiaBTC it has been a pleasure collaborating with you...there is no other way I can show my appreciation other than tweeting the good deed you have done

Community members motivate youngsters while ANC defectors plot takeover in North West municipality | CitypressOne way for politicians to drive their agenda in Zeerust’s Ramotshere Moiloa local municipality is through recruiting disgruntled and unemployed young people into public violence and disruptive conduct. This is according to residents of the area. Stupid post If I enjoy this privilege all alone, it shows how ungrateful I’m because I got this opportunity from a post here as well and saw recommendations too. All thanks to the good work of Mrs Nichelle_111 It's very important day tomorrow to have a say to who will deliver your services and don't deprive yourself that right 🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦

MYANC you can't. You appointed those bee quotas and we warned you about that. Your fault ANCParliament CyrilRamaphosa Lies lies lies....We are tired...where are covid stats?...regulations?...and now electricity is the new thing?...suka mahn It was under ANC President, and ANC MP Brian Molefe and Matshela Koko that ANC was looted to dysfunctionality!

How hypocritical can ANC can be? What is this? After your ANC has been raping and plundering Eskom for 15 years Now you blame your victim? I believe that is called victim shaming! What does that help? pulemabe u remember this day? 🤣 ANC looters disowning Eskom in the name of votes What did we do to deserve this mara hey?

Joburg must return to the ANC, Cyril Ramaphosa tells ANC supportersPresident plays down electricity crisis amid complaints over poor service delivery and flawed candidate process Rather give it to Mashaba's Must or will? Is the IEC already preparing the pro-ANC ballots? Why dear Cyril, so you can continue looting. After all, that's all you and your ANC party do. CyrilRamaphosa

Mxm, ANC thinks we are fools These ANC hypocrites must stop playing blame-games because they know full well what happened to Eskom under their useless rule. A once-mighty electricity supplier, Top in Africa is no more and in ruins.Tender fraud, hopeless cadre deployment, looting& cooking the books.And this⬇️

ANC appointed them what is so difficult to remove them. ANC must stop pretending as if they care Everytime I pass your headquarters at night the lights are on on all floors. Start saving electricity it does not fall from the skiy ANC blasts ANC Please man! Who is running the government? So, in your super small world , you think people are imbeciles neh. Look in the mirror charlatan .

Hahaha Political nonsense!!! Eskom_SA was under pressure not to loadshed to save anc from its mess, now they can't help themselves, they have to loadshed to prevent total blackout. manufactured outrage. ANC has been part of the rot in all SOEs since 1994. They were advised about future power crisis and they did nothing.

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Does stupidity never end Eskom is an SOE GOVERNED BY THE RULING ANC! How difficult is that, they ruined it and now they cannot fix it! pulemabe is the MYANC not the party in Government? NIBA SABANI ABELUNGU, Pule? I'll bet CR will consider deploying Nomvula or Bathabile or even Godongwane to Eskom to fix the mess...

Don't make me grade 6 boy told me yesterday that ANC is really clueless when it comes to running this country....imagine 😒 Yes the ANC plays politics in Eskom problems,they think everyone is a fool in South Africa,we have been taken for a ride by the ANC And Pravin (or is it Parafin) says loadshedding should not be made political football😆😅😁

Exactly even us on the ground we can smell that. What a nerve!!!Who destroyed Eskom in the first place They are responsible for it, now that they need votes they are trying to distance themselves. They removed black executives and said that they are corrupt. Good riddance. Nobody among those black executives that were removed has been charged.

Musani ukudlala ngathi. Stop pretending cos nazi kahle ukuthi kwenzakalani kwa eskom.

The state of South Africa's power stations - according to EskomEskom needs to add thousands of megawatts to SA's power grid in the next two years, just to keep up with the country's needs, says Eskom COO Jan Oberholzer. We rely on your advices Sir it's not your fault koko inflicted more problems that will take long to resolve but one thing at a time and patience no swearing jy Ken jou werk

Yes their European ceo a da voting racist The ANC is guilty of the very thing of which they accuse Eskom. It is nothing more than defensive electioneering when the pot calls the kettle black! State owned enterprise means the govt, the ANC, is running Eskom. But they think we are all complete idiots. Which ANC? The one that has been in power since 1994?🤔

Honestly during the Zuma years there where rare loadshedding, after CR17 group control the country we going to witness alot of loadshedding and pot holes. They must ask thier deployees at Eskom. MYANC corruption is responsible for the mess at Eskom_SA & their incompetence couldn't fix it in 14 yrs pulemabe CyrilRamaphosa GwedeMantashe1 RonaldLamola MbalulaFikile This statement just exposes the appalling leadership of ANC GovernmentZA

Really now ... ANC Lol! ANC 🙈 VoteEFF 😂😂😂😂😂 Joke.

Cyril Ramaphosa is aware of what's happening in Eskom and he doesn t care he's rich enough to live his life to Z. Amasela aka ANC Captured, Liar Liars, We voting EFF Has Pule Mabe paid back the tender money ? What? ANC knew from as far back as 2007 that the country was heading for a big challenge about Electricity but did absolutely Nothing. You have no one to blame but yourself. Stop pointing fingers morwa rre.

Hypocrites Classic case of the pot calling the kettle black.... Kante who selected the Eskom board? 🙄🙄 Bwahaha. Who the fck was playing with ESKOM for years? That crooked ANC An outcry contribution made by MYANC contains no weight because they are the once that hire and fire. In other words we are being softened to listen and abide by their smooth talk.

Maybe the ANC should hand over their employees paye and help the government allocate the right amount of resources🤡

THE CASE OF THE POT CALLING THE KETTLE BLACK. ANC FUCKED UP ESKOM WITH THEIR CADRE EMPLOYMENT POLICY AND WHOLESALE LOOTING AND THEFT OF TAXPAYERS MONEY. CRIMINALS ARE RUNNING THE COUNTRY AND THE ANC. My party keeps on embarrassing me. Lol loadshedding has been here for years, only now few days before voting they blust out, i wonder why🤔

Then Pravin says no political ball...the arrogance and the confusion, sies VoteEFFOn1November Malema is blaming them for doing a scam by using Eskom I miss the ANC 4year long arrogance.😏 So they are suggesting the people they hand picked for Eskom management are against them? That's how they treated the DA coalition in jhb through their COSATU affiliate, now they are dealing with RET'S

Acting for votes. Those are their donors-deployees, they will never confront them for performance. ANC blasting itself 🙆🏿‍♂️🤣🤣

ramalokot 🤣😂🤷🏽‍♂️ We should have elections every year, such comedic content is terribly missed when no one is campaigning. Eskom is a microcosm of the ANCs failing South Africa; and created by the ANC Um, but eskom is run by ANC elected officials? ANC blames ANC/Eskom for loadshedding. who are they trying to fool?

Good for you myANC....Why are you concerned now. 🤣🤣🤣 Ain’t that something! As if blackouts are a surprise! Blame it on the rain won’t you! The Minister and CEO are very Cautious and Generous Not to call it out as it is Certainly SABOTAGE from the 'Human Errors' They must be Arrested Urgently and not just Fired We See You Criminals that are happy with State Capture 😄

ANC is a joke

Madness Madness Madness Madness Anc is failing the South Africans 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 who are they trying to fool here ANC!? This is a political interference from ANC. Politics?