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Ace: I do not fear expulsion

2021-05-16 09:00:00 AM

Ace: I do not fear expulsion

After a failed one-man coup attemptand with a criminal case pending, Magashule’s involvement of the judiciary in ANC matters may just be his final gamble.

Sundays With City PressPrep for the week ahead with City Press' insightful coverage of news, politics, business, sport, opinion and entertainmentChoose a newsletterVoting BoothANC secretary-general Ace Magashule has written a letter suspending party president Cyril Ramaphosa in apparent retaliation after he was served with a letter of suspension on Wednesday.

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LIVESTREAM: Ramaphosa answers NCOP questions

President Cyril Ramaphosa answers questions in a virtual plenary sitting.

Those were funded by Ramaphosa like the disgrundle group like in free state and north west nothing sad with the guy called mondli makhaya who jnterest serving MAGASHULE has no shame, ETHICS, CREDIBILITY, INTEGRITY OR MORALS. This criminal too has expelled himself from the organisation. It's minus one scum for the ANC.

Ufile ukhongolose,viva eff viva but the leadership have to be strong not to sell us to the devil We will do it again:DEMOCRACY. Internal process are waste of time, a lot of leaders did takes ANC to Court but no action taken against them why only Ace, FS PEC was also taken to court and the NEC applauded it.

The best choice I've made this year was investing in cryptocurrency and forex trading and earning from home. With the help of Antonkriel I've been earning $20,000 weekly I've never regretted this decision contact him on whatsapp +6799610801 Cyril's faction have been talking the ANC to court and won theirs cases, but we never heard of such comments

Sure. But Pretoria Central is a bit different. ngege23 As usual. You lies peddlers. Ace said that nobody can expell him. Aren't you guy getting tired of lying? If you aren't fearing why are you fighting it? Magashule_Ace

What’s in City Press: Ace: ‘I do not fear expulsion’; Scramble to get vaccinations right | CitypressSuspended ANC secretary-general Ace Magashule says he does not fear being expelled for taking his organisation to court because he exhausted all internal processes before embarking on that route.

😂 😂 😂 He's lying. Deluded weapon Then you must have a very funny way of showing it This guys you not afarid yet you taking them to court..🤣🤣Zuma and him same whatsapp group. Suspended SG doesn't fear expulsion from anc but is taking the party to the court about step aside It's very unfortunate utterence made.We shall see!

'I do not fear imprisonment ' someone said that before but he's everything possible to avoid jail. Including placing toys at his gate to prevent his imminent arrest 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 Reversing statements in quick succession! In Sunday papers he said they couldn't expel him Yazi,hayi kodwa mandithule ☹️

D-Day for Ace MagashuleAce Magashule has now reportedly filed papers to challenge his suspension. had a double mind when i wanted to invest but i thank God 🙏 i have invested with the right account manager KevinKatch2 i got my money back with profit just as he said, i want everyone to start investing with KevinKatch2 he's the best trader. Stream beammeupscotty for better news reporting, bye I miss the ANC I used to be proud of an organization with dignity when every member wanted to keep the ANC the best brand

He wouldn't have gone to the courts if indeed he was not afraid of being expelled How must go to save his time. ATM. Waiting for him since there is a rumor that he is the one who wrote its constitution Pride is very dangerous. It brought a lot of high profile and powerful people to ground zero. This is exactly what will happen to him. After expulsion, the prospect of going to jail looms large. Watch the space.........

We are just waiting for the downfall of this idiot, of which its very near, then celebrations will start MyNC sesithembele kenina, This roque deployee of yours must not come back to destroy what is left of the people of the free state with his inner circle. He fall on his sword for pain and suffering he caused on people. . Magashule_Ace

Deluded It's very cold outside. Maybe his other party will let him in. How true is this statement?you fear step aside not for permanent ,for until you clear your name .

ANC step-aside rule violates principle of 'innocent until proven guilty': Ace MagashuleAce Magashule is asking the high court to uphold the retaliatory suspension he issued to President Cyril Ramaphosa. ThumaMinaMediaGroup is feeling the pain oh I don't know much about legal matters but i don't think he will win the request to have the court uphold the suspension of the president. This argument will be true if a member was expelled from the party entirely due to the fact that they facing corruption or serious charges

What is Ace without the ANC his living a pipe dream Acceptance. The final stage. Fxck you City Press Then go When they are busy fighting, foreigners are destroying this country.Its for us S.Ans to stand up and vote ANC out.When they finish fighting there will be no country.S.A will be gone.Lets vote for Mashaba.Lets do for our grandchildren.Mashaba is our last hope.

As long as is constitutional, most leaders use emotions whn dy expel pple and as result dy are found in the wrong side of law. 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️ Destroying the ANC thru the courts will further alienate him from those that support him. It's in no one's interests to see the organization destroyed, which Ace is doing.

why not resign peaceful than facing expulsion since he made it clear he only listen to courts not his employers🙆‍♀️ He will fear once they dismiss him

ANC step-aside rule violates principle of 'innocent until proven guilty': Ace MagashuleANC secretary-general Ace Magashule has served the party with court papers in a bid to have his suspension declared unlawful. Ace chances to win this court battle are very slim. THIS IS JACOB ZUMA STYLE OF LEADING WE NOTICE LATER THAT HE HAS CAUSE MORE DAMAGE WITH THIS THING OF NOT PROVEN GUILTY BY COURT SO HE KEEP ON CAUSING MORE DAMAGE I AM ASKING THE COURT NOT TO ENTERTAIN CRIMINALS IN THE ANC USING THIS STYLE OF NOT GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY 🤣🤡

Agency for the Ministry of Propaganda and Lies. Breaking News: Ace and Zuma story pays journalist in SA. Why don't you just leave...clearly they hate you That’s exactly what is going to happen to you. nina niyizinja kabi wena sduphunga esibhala la nxaa Step aside Ace, u are not a God to the ANC. big mouth is costing this man. Dali mpofu will destroy him.

That's the action to be taken against him after realizing that his grip in on the NEC has lost traction,in fact, all the askari faction needs to be purged out of the ANC, for good.

Ace Magashule goes to court to challenge ANC step-aside resolutionIn a new twist, Ace Magashule has approached the South Gauteng High Court to challenge not only his suspension but the ANC’s step-aside resolution. Whatever the former SC is smoking must be banned with immediate effect Good move Ace we all know the South Gauteng High Court is the most corrupt and incompetent court in the land. Streewise 2 and Cyril is out, you go kwagga And before I forget VoetsekANC HermanMashaba I wonder who his idiotic lawyers are that think (they) could possibly even win .... whomever they are (they) should probably best be avoided as they will take on any old rubbish case to make money ?