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YouTuber Brennen Taylor Apologizes for Past 'Insensitive Jokes'

7/5/2020 3:28:00 AM

YouTuber Brennen Taylor Apologizes for Past 'Insensitive Jokes'

YouTuber Brennen Taylor apologizes to fans in a lengthy social media post about the “insensitive jokes” he previously made online

OnFourth of July, the YouTube star took to Twitter to address controversial footage that has resurfaced from when he was a teenager."I've noticed that some of my old tweets and videos from when I was 16 have re-surfaced online…I want to own up and take accountability for the vocabulary I used to use and the insensitive jokes I used to make," he

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shared with his followers. "Looking back at who I was and how reckless I was with the things I posted for everyone to see…for what? A laugh? Well they weren't funny and I am so sorry." Read more: E! News »

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brennentaylor is the kindest most genuine human.. he has a good heart. He is a rEaL person. What about child sex ring in Nevada ran by Walmart and MissingKidsCEO MissingKids John Walsh? All black boys under 12? That ain't racist? Your on the list of who didn't help already. Hmmm are you involved too? Wow!

So basically they are 'online' famous. No one cares who they are and what they did 1.we should just start assuming they all made insensitive jokes at this point. 2. This new generation!!!! Like who is revealing this? Saving this? Like gigs didn’t come when there was MySpace lol

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The whitewashing of roller skating's online revivalThe latest online trend resurrects America's racist past. The guy standing is so f*cking brave.

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