Morgan Stewart Is Engaged to Jordan McGraw! See Her Diamond Ring - E! Online

The best kind of sparks are flying this 4th of July, because our very own Morgan Stewart is 𝗲𝗻𝗴𝗮𝗴𝗲𝗱! ❤️

7/5/2020 3:56:00 AM

The best kind of sparks are flying this 4th of July, because our very own Morgan Stewart is 𝗲𝗻𝗴𝗮𝗴𝗲𝗱! ❤️

Daily Pop and Nightly Pop co-host Morgan Stewart is engaged to Jordan McGraw. See her Fourth of July announcement.

thatfinger. Soon after her post, many in the E! family were quick to congratulate Morgan on her new relationship status."That ring finger looking extra heavy these days. Congrats you two,"Hunter Marchshared in the comments section.Nina Parker

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included several smiling face with three heart emoji's.Back in March, Morgan confirmed in aNightly Popthat she was dating Jordan (yes,Dr. Phil McGraw's son) for about three months. Read more: E! News »

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congratulation morgan and jordan I thought she was married? Lmao at the people asking who they’re ! That’s morgan, enightly pop and edailypop. You guys need to step it up cause we don’t know who these people are Hello Everybody! Check out my world-renowned SINGLE! The ladies love it 😍 I didn’t even know they were a thing ? Never would have put these two together

who and who? check this out FairTreatmentForGOT7 제왑_본부별편차줄이자 GOT7 GOT7Official Who and who? الله لا يوفقم واحد يقول للثاني خربتوا البلد يا الصوص وبعدكم عم تتقاسموا السرقات يا تتر يا حرامية الناس شحذت حاج تلعبوا بقى بعقول هل الشعب المسكين قرفتونا صفقات على حيلها ويلاااااااااااااا Congratulations Morgan and Jordan...

Who are these people? Your neighbors or relatives or something? They look nice. Serious social unrest. Who does shit when it's about to go down? , Let's sit this one out. When the hell did she get divorced from Brandon 😂 akatiki2 did not even know she and Brandon were done Wow...this is amazing news Whaaat !! Wait, So She Got Divorced What Happened To Brandon Eh ?

That was quick or she just loves wearing diamonds Hello Everybody! Check out my world-renowned SINGLE! The ladies love it 😍 Who is the guy? Lol 😂 or her next victim lol! Lol I thought she just got divorced? She got back on the horse real quick didn’t she? Makes you wonder lol!! When did she leave Fitzpatrick 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Who? Who? That is one lucky guy 🎉🍾🌹 This is just horrific E! Wal-Mart promotes the sale on it's walls across America and MissingKids NCMEC sales child with no court date. Incarcerate and murder parents if they say a word!!? Murdered Officer Heartfield on Oct. 1. ShooterPaddock was a rich pedophile customer to NV.

Wait..... she got divorce When ? What happen to Brandon ? Is her divorce from Brandon even final? She sounds so blah about this. He was persistent and alright. That's a romantic story I'd definitely wouldn't share. 'I don't know, he was persistent and I was like, 'Alright,'' she explained to a fan who asked. wow what an amazing love story

What?!? But if she has not proven to be an expert on long-term first time marriage..meaning she would have to be at least 80 years old to even qualify for positive attention from internet users..WHY SHOULD WE CARE? She looks like the hotel worker in a destination wedding city that she is They just started dating at the beginning of the year. I’m happy for her but she just got divorced months ago 😂😂

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Piers Morgan branded 'hypocrite' for heading to local café on Super SaturdayPiers Morgan headed straight for his local café on Super Saturday when restaurants and pubs and bars were allowed to reopen I used to respect Morgan until he stuck his head so far up nutmeg's back side he cannot breathe. Wow. A cafe` u devil. cafe_phillies is awesome :-D

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