Ovarian Cancer, Dr. Jennifer Ashton, Dog, Electronic Nose, Cancer

Ovarian Cancer, Dr. Jennifer Ashton

Woman's foster dog has a part-time job learning to sniff out cancer

Woman's foster dog has a part-time job learning to sniff out cancer


Woman's foster dog has a part-time job learning to sniff out cancer

Anna Sharova is the foster mom of a 2-year-old German Shepherd named Ivey who, like any other dog, loves to play, go on walks and lounge around the house. The rest of the time, though, Ivey is on the job at the Penn Vet Working Dog Center of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. When she&

When she's there, Ivey is training to sniff out cancer.

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"If we can help recognize [ovarian] cancer early, we will save lives," said Otto.

But while dogs are doing this groundbreaking work, don't expect to see dogs in your doctor's office anytime soon. The goal of the research is to identify the cancer compounds that dogs can smell — which current technology can't detect — and then creating new technology around that, Ashton said. There are no screening tests and no obvious symptoms for ovarian cancer, so it is usually diagnosed late.

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Republican Alabama governor mulling nation's strictest abortion lawAlabama Governor Kay Ivey on Wednesday was mulling whether to sign the United St... It would be great if they would also mull over and comment on this list of things men can do to help kids. YOUR religious beliefs are NOT universal, much like our healthcare system. Who pays the highest price for a child? WOMEN! Since we are rolling back the clock, maybe just go back to your old flag huh

Alabama ban on nearly all abortions in GOP governor's handsAlabama Gov. Kay Ivey will now decide whether to sign legislation that would outlaw almost all abortions in the state. If that Alabama Governor has any sense she won't sign that abortion bill. I hope she doesn't sign it. America going back to 1901. Might as well try and revoke women’s rights to vote which was legalised after 1920.

Alabama’s controversial abortion bill is up to Gov. Kay Ivey, a Republican with a history of anti-abortion positions“The abortion issue is a serious issue, and I hope it’s fully debated,' Governor Kay Ivey told reporters just before the bill was approved by state lawmakers. Good for him for standing up to murder. Well, should be an easy decision for her. How can you be a woman and be anti-women's rights? How, oh how does this happen?

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