Executive Order, China

Executive Order, China

Trump order clears way for barring Huawei from U.S. telecommunications networks

Trump order clears way for barring Huawei from U.S. telecommunications networks


Trump order clears way for barring Huawei from U.S. telecommunications networks

The order, which has been under review for more than a year, is aimed at protecting the supply chain from 'foreign adversaries to the nation's information and communications technology and services supply chain,' said Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross. 'Under President Trump's leadership

The order, which has been under review for more than a year, is aimed at protecting the supply chain from"foreign adversaries to the nation's information and communications technology and services supply chain," said Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross.

The executive order comes at a delicate time in relations between China and the United States as the world's two largest economies ratchet up tariffs in a battle over what U.S. officials call China's unfair trade practices.

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Ajit Pai, who has called Huawei a threat to U.S. security, said Wednesday that"given the threats presented by certain foreign companies’ equipment and services, this is a significant step toward securing America’s networks."

The FCC in April 2018 voted to advance a proposal to bar the use of a $9 billion government fund to purchase equipment or services from companies that pose a security threat to U.S. communications networks.

While the big wireless companies have already cut ties with Huawei, small rural carriers continue to rely on both Huawei and ZTE switches and other equipment because they tend to be cheaper.

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trump is not a want-to-be dictator . He is a dictator !

Exclusive: Trump expected to sign order paving way for U.S. telecoms ban on HuaweiPresident Donald Trump is expected to sign an executive order this week barring ... davidshepardson You cannot block technology with various bans... davidshepardson Technology can never be prevented with various bans... davidshepardson China's intensive support to Huawei is precisely in line with its national goals.

Trump may sign an order that effectively bans Huawei in the U.S.The Trump administration reportedly doesn't want U.S. companies using Huawei telecommunications equipment.data-page-subject=true

Trump signs order setting stage to ban Huawei from U.S.President Trump’s executive order declares a national emergency allowing the government to block the purchase of tech linked to foreign adversaries SMH Why doesn’t he do anything about that other adversary, Russia 🇷🇺?

Trump Moves to Ban Foreign Telecom Gear, Targeting Huawei and Escalating Battle With ChinaThe ban was expected. American officials have long warned that they would stop sharing intelligence if allies installed Chinese technology on their 5G networks. Any breaking news on the Steele Dossier investigation? Shocking behaviour once again by Trump He doesn’t care about the implications of his behaviour on those who work so hard in America! Time for Trump to be defeated in 2020! About time...

Trump Telecom Ban Takes Aim at China, HuaweiPresident Trump signed an executive order that allows the U.S. to ban telecommunications network gear and services from foreign adversaries, in a measure widely believed to be aimed at China and telecom companies including Huawei Technologies and ZTE. About time! Phil_Mattingly Didn't donnie give ZTE a pass earlier? Phil_Mattingly Must have told him he was ordering some Adderall.

Trump bans Huawei in U.S. markets, saying Chinese firm poses security threatWith trade talks at an impasse, Trump issues an executive order blocking U.S. companies from using products made by Huawei and other Chinese telecom firms. Read more about the man behind Huawei and how the Chinese company grew to become the world's biggest seller of telecommunications equipment. most definately abuse of power ! he is already a dictator ! Apparently GOP Has Found Something The Market Can't Handle, Competition! BlackLivesMatter Indivisible

Trump 'very surprised' about subpoena for his son Donald Trump Jr.Pres. Trump told ABC's jonkarl he was 'very surprised' the Senate Intelligence Committee subpoenaed Donald Trump Jr. 'My son is a very good person, works very hard, the last thing he needs is Washington, D.C. He would rather not ever be involved.' jonkarl His son is a private citizen. Who wants popcorn? jonkarl You can’t have your son in a public serving capacity and expect him to not be held accountable like every other public official jonkarl The Dems have no platform! 😂😂

Trump 'very surprised' Republican-led Senate Intelligence Committee subpoenaed Donald Trump Jr.The Senate Intelligence Committee issued the subpoena on Wednesday; it was not immediately clear why he was being subpoenaed. TrumpCrimeSyndicate *The family that stays together preys together* Why is he surprised!? His son is just as much a criminal as he is! They should be used to subpoenas by now! Wait til he gets defeated next year, he can look forward to dozens more!! Harrassment, plain and simple. When will Democrats do their job? This was purely partisan minus 1 antiTrumper rep.

Fmr Trump Org exec: Trump scared of new Don Jr. subpoenaPresident Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr. has been subpoenaed by the Republican-led Senate Intelligence Committee. Members of the committee want to talk to him about matters related to the Russia investigation. Former Trump Organization Executive Barbara Res discusses why she believes people “do so much” for Trump, telling Ari Melber in some cases Trump “has something on them” or is “taking care of them in some way”. all the crazy liberals below are in a panic 👇👇🏿👇🏼

Buttigieg trolls Trump with Chinese proverb after Trump mocks him on holding his own with ChinaPete Buttigieg said he wasn't worried about Trump's 'name-calling and the games he plays.' Ok BUTTPIG! Pete Buttigieg All-American PeteButtigieg2020 AndyWarhol

Sam Bee Digs Up Awkward Old Clip Of Ivanka Trump Talking About Father's DebtDonald Trump's daughter tells an anecdote about the president talking about a homeless person in the footage. That was at least two faces ago for IvankaTrump Can we please stop talking about Trump? Im important and we should talk about me! This footage is also in the excellent documentary 'Active Measures'

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