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World, Coronavirus Live Updates And News: Cases Top 721

Without providing evidence, Trump raises questions about large demand for masks and “hoarding” of ventilators

The novel coronavirus pandemic continues to impact countries worldwide, particularly in Europe and the US. Follow here for live updates.

3/30/2020 7:31:00 AM

President Trump raised questions on Sunday about why there is such a large demand for masks in hospitals and again charged there is some “hoarding” of ventilators, without providing any evidence or examples.

The novel coronavirus pandemic continues to impact countries worldwide, particularly in Europe and the US. Follow here for live updates.

Exclusive: US Justice Department probes stock transactions by lawmakers after coronavirus briefingsFrom CNN's David Shortell, Evan Perez, Jeremy Herb and Kara ScannellSamuel Corum/Getty ImagesThe United States Justice Department has started to probe a series of stock transactions made by lawmakers ahead of the sharp market downturn that stemmed from the spread of coronavirus, according to two people familiar with the matter.

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The inquiry, which is still in its early stages and being done in coordination with the Securities and Exchange Commission, has so far included outreach from the FBI to at least one lawmaker,, seeking information about the trades, according to one of the sources.

What's this about?Public scrutiny of the lawmakers' market activity has centered on whether members of Congress sought to profit from the information they obtained in non-public briefings about the virus epidemic.Burr, the North Carolina Republican who heads the Senate Intelligence Committee, has previously said that he relied only on public news reports as he decided to sell between $628,000 and $1.7 million in stocks on February 13. Earlier this month, he asked the Senate Ethics Committee to review the trades given"the assumption many could make in hindsight," he said at the time.

What does the law say?Congress passed the Stock Act in 2012, which made it illegal for lawmakers to use inside information for financial benefit.Under insider trading laws, prosecutors would need to prove the lawmakers traded based on material non-public information they received in violation of a duty to keep it confidential.

Is there any evidence of wrongdoing?There's no indication that any of the sales, including Burr's, broke any laws or ran afoul of Senate rules. But the sales have come under fire after senators received closed-door briefings about the virus over the past several weeks -- before the market began trending downward. It is routine for the FBI and SEC to review stock trades when there is public question about their propriety.

In a statement Sunday to CNN, Alice Fisher, a lawyer for Burr, said that the senator"welcomes a thorough review of the facts in this matter, which will establish that his actions were appropriate."Burr's committee has received periodic briefings on coronavirus as the outbreak has spread, but the committee did not receive briefings on the virus the week of Burr's stock sales, another source familiar with the matter told CNN earlier this month.

Burr's sales represent a sizable share of his portfolio of stocks, according to his latest Senate financial disclosure documents filed in May 2019, although exact numbers aren't possible because lawmakers only report trades as a range of dollar values.

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Is anyone else involved?Several other senators from both parties also sold and bought stock ahead of the market downturn that resulted from the coronavirus pandemic, although it's not clear who else the Justice Department is looking at and no other senator said they have been contacted by law enforcement. Burr is the only lawmaker to have asked for an Ethics Committee review.

GOP Sen. Kelly Loeffler of Georgia and her husband sold 27 stocks valued between $1.275 million and $3.1 million from January 24 through February 14, according to Senate records.They also purchased three stocks at a value of $450,000 to $1 million, including shares in Citrix, a software company that's gained approximately 15% in value since Loeffler and her husband bought the stock last month.

Loeffler denied having any knowledge of the stock sales, saying she uses a third-party financial adviser and did not learn of the trades until later. Loeffler's husband, Jeffrey Sprecher, is chairman of the New York Stock Exchange.A Loeffler spokesperson confirmed Loeffler has not been contacted by the FBI and said the senator"has acted in accordance with the letter and the spirit of the law."

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What a great war time president. Criticizing his front line troops for complaining they lack munition. Stupid old goat Everyone knows there's something mentally unstable about this guy but yet you seem so surprised when he does something unstable stop move on to something important. Noise POTUS realDonaldTrump why don't you put on some scrubs and go visit a few NY hospitals to see what these front line workers are going through. You'll see why they are going through the amount of PPE they are. Oh, but your bone spurs might prevent that.

This is one of e worst things he has ever said. Thes me people are putting their lives on the line. And this how he treats them. America stands w President Trump, thank God for him...if Dems in control we'd all be dead The Governor of New York literally said they were stock piling ventilators realDonaldTrump doesn't deal in fact.

I can’t believe people who are supporters of the president jump the bandwagon and try to put this on NYGovCuomo of NY. He was one of the first to do something and if it wasn’t for trumps downplaying we might be in a better place. Do the math!!!..... HE IS AN IDIOT!! How many times can I say it. He is an animal

Same old Trump, lying at every turn. realDonaldTrump doesn't really know ANYTHING. At all. On any topic. TrumpIsAnIdiot Trump has no idea how the PPEs are being used in hospitals. I would dare him to go to any hospital and see for himself how the PPEs are being used, instead of opening his big mouth and hiding behind the comfort of the people's house, the White House. Pathetic.

Why would MSM cover the White House Open Mic & Comedy Hour ever. It’s just lies, fiction & confusion. it makes perfect sense that hospital administrators (bean counters) would maintain minimum levels of equipment relying on the 'just in time' supply chain. that approach works until something like this crops up.

He is not capable of giving evidence! He NEVER gives evidence for his claims. Talk about fake! When this is over people are going to have 3years of toilet paper. Don’t tell me these bastards AREN’T. The only person that's hoarding the equipment that feed bees in the respirators that is you Trump. You are not order for the PPE or respirators Canby Manufacturing and sent to the hospitals where they are needed the most. You are a coward Trump. Think about the People First.

He is a wicked wicked person. Tired of his “hunches, beliefs, and feelings”. If he had read the Playbook as he was supposed to, we would have been prepared. 🤬 ABC local : Alabama will not announce ill or deaths from Corvid19. WE HAVE A RIGHT TO KNOW!! This state ignoring threat. PLEASE TALK ABOUT THIS TODAY

that question is foolish in itself..when asking a question you are looking for answers..not providing. CNN = pure trash. He is making things worse. Maybe you should look into it, like he politely asked you to, because you're supposedly 'journalists'? Or do you only believe what the government tells you if it's China?

Ahh NY? Vents in warehouses and saying they don’t have any.... Because the Medical field needs them!!! they can’t be using the same masks all over again!. And U.S has the most cases all around the world. Then why do you think hospitals r demanding for more stuff. Because the health care system is collapsing!

President Trump raised red flags again on Sunday that he is consumed by conspiracy theories and is a complete idiot. It’s shocking the people who fail to understand why you don’t reuse, masks, gloves and all the other items medical professionals need to do their jobs! People can’t be this dense, can they?

I'd rather not be out looking for wood to board my windows up during a hurricane. The Spin Doctor has spoken. Trump family bought maybe the ventiators and sell them on the blackmarket hello! NYS we are the example and everyone knows it. god you are the worst at bringing news to anyone. Please behave and check the facts before you dive to argue w something you are no expert.

Because you have an unprecedented numbers of dick people flooding the hospitals. If you didn’t know, now you do. Hoarding TP is one thing - you walk in to a store, empty out shelves and use self-check-out . Hoarding ventilators 🤦🏻‍♀️ Señor Presidente Donald Trump reactive su industria y su economía estadounidense, que las empresas privadas y públicas trabajen fabricando todos los productos que necesitan, no compren productos chinos que son basura para un solo uso

Quit lying the representative of the company who makes the masks raised the issue you POS organization I understand your gross leftist agenda, but so far in nearly 4 years the president has never been wrong. Reminds me of all the times I thought my mom and dad were wrong and they were right! realDonaldTrump DonaldJTrumpJr

Con man needs to lead this country instead of accusing anyone Stop asking questions and provide! Too many deaths for you to worry about whether or not there's evidence to support their needs! So stupid. Trump is a spoiled toddler who doesn't want to share his toys. realDonaldTrump POTUS WhiteHouse tRump is a disgrace to this country. we deserve better. 86/45

He doesn't believe anyone, especially experts because their knowledge threatens his need to believe he knows more than anyone. He should be sent to the epicenter of the virus and made to tend to the sick and dying without ppe. He might then realize how important these things are. Trump needs to suit up and go into a New York hospital and see for himself before he starts making accusations. This man is unbelievably nuts. He needs to stop talking and do more listening. There is still a problem with hospitals getting what they need.

If trump is pointing fingers, that means he is doing it himself. After almost 4 years of his dysfunctional mental abuse, I recognize his patterns. I would hate to be married to this schmuck. Unfortunately, like so many others right now, am sure it is probably happening. Hi! Permit me share this important link here, if anyone can, then watch and if possible share! *Covid19 Sensitization campaign along the streets of Bamenda* - Your act of watching or sharing can safe even just a life! It means a whole lot right now

It is called a warning. He is giving people a break. But then you never give him a break! Fake news We have fax that there are people who are saving them and saving them for later in case things get worse however people need them now the president is actually correct In the end, he'll be CORRECT. ya'll Haven't learnt from Puerto Rico? Hoarding supplies for Political points?

You should be the last ppl to talk about evidence. The man is clueless Why don’t you look into it CNN. It is called investigative respirating. Hello they found 1000 banner layers in New York City being hidden in a storage warehouse And you wonder where the evidence is ask Como his brother is the one hoarding them

Don't need evidence ..the governor is on video admitting it NY this man clearly has mental health issues.. Fakes news CNN don’t believe anything Hey - given you have access to verifiable facts can you do a story about how many times Trump he uses “what’s going on” accusations that are purely fictional? Track records matter. Thanks. TrumpFalseAccusations.

Dear CNN the 45th POTUS may just have a point there. Checks and balance have to be included in the system to prevent abuse/misuse of resources even in a time of crisis. 🙄 Sorry, but Trump is a proper c**t. Hey dipshits. NYGovCuomo was caught red handed. Not a damn peep from y’all. Gov. Cuomo said so himself in his interview that he was 'storing/stockpiling' them until they're needed. What more proof do you need of hoarding?

Wrong. U sent them to China Fake Fake News He is insane The Costanza News Network: Since everything they report must be a lie, the opposite, whatever Trump says, must be the truth. He totally supported that claim. I watched CNNFakeNews pathetic 🤣🤣🤣 Dio vi protegga. Tutti Ask Trump why he sent 17.5 Tons of our PPE supplies to China on February 7! Maybe that had some impact on our supplies!

parle a ma main 🖐🏼 HOW does half your country believe he is doing a good job? How is this possible? FAKE NEWS! We all saw Coumo on camera admitting that they were hoarding them! He had the distributor at the press conference .. they (the distributor) was telling him it’s impossible for them to use 300 k in mask in a week. Not one reporter asked a question including you but wet this bs

The standard for Trumpty Dumpty Hoarding! Trump said the people are hoarding ventilators! You are ignorant. Could be someone who you know may not get one. Wou6 you really want to take that risk? What about someone you love.? Cnn =lies and trash He is simply Makes. Shit. Up. ALL THE TIME. What an absolute fraud. He needs to get suited up get a mask on and go and see the Drs and Nurses that working round the clock . This knob spank hasn’t a clue. He’s a disgrace. I HATE HIM.

That comment is an insult to the healthcare workers on the front lines. Trump should visit a hospital on the front lines, like in NYC, and gown up and go onto a COVID unit to see for himself. That's up to ya to find out Damn the day you networks actually became power, I hate you Hate hate hate. That's all the non feeble citizens see coming out of fake news CNN.

A thief always sees everyone else as a thief . .. So much assholes here . God bless trump 🙏🙏🙏he did very well 👍👍👍,the ccp virus kill world people.with the lead by trump America will win.🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸💕💕💕🇺🇸🇺🇸💕 Agent Orange aka realDonaldTrump is a make up artist. He factually makes incongruent facts up all the time short before he begins to wave his hands around seeking for a way out the question.

Wow. Kinda sounds like the impeachment He did not say that. He asked for the media to investigate. As usual, fakenews I do not believe he's uninformed. Therefore he must be simply unintelligent. If not, this is slander, lies and treason. And noone would want to call the president of the United States a traitor to his own country.

You guys should be ashamed. Are you for the masses or for the virus? This is no time for your usual propaganda. NY has over 1000 in storage or did you miss gov como admits as much. Relax guys. Found where the nation’s stockpile of PPE went 🤦🏻‍♂️ Sure went from hoax to 100k 200k deaths real quick Blaming the front line heroes while slow to react moves only shows what a piece of crap you are. Expected from a guy who attacks war heroes & let’s Saudi’s dismember a reporter.But oh boy your ratings are up. That’s saving grandma and grandpa. realDonaldTrump cnn

Blame the front line workers for his own failings. That is totally on brand for Trump. He wouldn’t be saying it, if he didn’t already have the evidence! realDonaldTrump will the White House give up its own supply of unused Ventilators for the cause? He’s acting when he comes across genuine and concerned & then he just can’t help himself when he starts to reveal what he’s really thinking . That’s what he did today & it’s disgusting that he accuses medical staff of hoarding & stealing . This man has a sick mind .

TurnTrumpOff Sharrap CNN and grow up Fake News! No evidence CNN? They found thousands of ventilators in a Jersey warehouse & Cuomo admitted to hoarding thousands & not distributing them bc they're not needed yet, the whole time he was demanding that President Trump should send the entire strategic supply to New York

He’s unhinged 😲 你是一个不把美国人生命当回事的总统,你是一个靠嘴巴忽悠不靠实际行动管理国家的总统,你是出尔反尔没有任何诚信的总统,你是一个笑话,你是美国最失败的总统没有之一!为美国老百姓默哀一分钟,摊上你这么个总统,他们只能自求多福吧!realDonaldTrump FUKKKIN LUNATIC! Lefty Hate Trump Media wastes our time, televising NY's Cuomo reporting how He Suckles the Teat of POTUS Trump’s care, concern & taxpayer’s generosity to NY, which Never Satisfies Cuomo. The Daily presser highlights Cuomo’s governing unpreparedness as if central to all Americans.

I agree. I’m glad he’s the President too Trump is a cancer on American society. He would sell his own children to the devil if it suited his purposes Put on some protective gear and do a walkthrough stupid man. Trump It’s New York hoardingcthem. 30000 not being used. When other states need them. I hate New York.

Trying to avoid the reporter who threw in his face a quote he made and refused to answer it by throwing a smoke screen around it. I hope the media actually finds something but doubt they will since it is trumps unreality that caused his meltdown on live tv. Yes Donny rating is ⏫ WE HATE CNN!! LOVE FOX!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

👇👇🏻👇👇🏻 You have video of Cuomo admitting that he has thousands of ventilators in warehouses, that aren't being used. So wish Obama was In charge right now. Heck I take bush if I have to Trump tells NY Gov that most hospitals have 2 ventilators. Not wanting to give NY much assistance w maqcuz NY Gov calls it as he sees it.

I'm sure Cuomo & deblasio have a couple thou they were going to sell but got caught.will sell to you cheap. Sort of😂 The hospitals need to gather all the used masks and send them to Trump so that he can personally inventory them and make sure they are not still usable.he can do this by trying them all on.

Then POTUS announced that the Federal Gov had a stockpile of 10,000 ventilators! Is that anything like correct? Distraction Send him into a hospital without a mask. Let him inhale a hoax. Evidently, that's what has been happening. EVERY time Mainstream Media says 'without providing evidence...' the evidence comes if you wait long enough. One would think that you would have realized that by now. ONE example: Trump claimed Trump Tower was bugged. MSM said he 'falsely claimed...' It was.

3 million illegal voters, recording devices planted by Obama, a Deep State, a Dem virus hoax and now hoarded ventilators and too mask requests .... Oh Don realDonaldTrump If you have a keen sense of the obvious, you would understand this is the Deflect attention from realDonaldTrump and Redirect to something else.

Why do you have to gripe about everything? Perhaps he's trying to save someone's feelings?! Always on the attack. Doesn’t CNN get tired of attacking the president especially in these trying times. Act like adults, help spread good news like the unity of the American people in these trying times. Stop being so visceral towards this administration everyday.

Goes to show how clueless he is. Masks must be changed from 1 patient to the next. It's called infection control

Rachel Maddow Burns Trump Down After He Tweets Her Clip With Thanks'The U.S. response is a catastrophe that is on track to cost hundreds of thousands of lives,' Maddow tweeted after the president thanked her. LOL HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS Hopefully, the lives that will be lost will be those of the Illuminati, Bilderberg, and Free Masons WWG1WGA realDonaldTrump POTUS She’s clueless.

Alyssa Milano calls on Donald Trump to convert his hotels to hospitals for coronavirus reliefAlyssa Milano is calling on President Donald Trump to convert his hotels in the United States to hospitals to help sick people during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Fox411 What has she donated? Fox411 Can we send some people to her house to stay? Fox411 As soon as you open your house. 🙄 You’d never ask Obama’s to do this.

Trump-Targeted Gov. Gretchen Whitmer Says Vendors Told Not To 'Send Stuff' To Michigan“I reached out to the White House last night, asked for a phone call with the president,' she said as Trump trashed her to Hannity over coronavirus criti... That's holding 'the people of Michigan' to ransom! 😱 That, the attack on Smollett and other things that never happened. You spit I a persons eye, they tend to be less cordial.

Chris Cuomo Names The Trump Character Traits That Are 'Literally Making Us Sick''If the federal government and the states don’t get it together better, you will see sickness and death in this country like you never have before.' TheTrumpEffect: rapid rise in injury and death secondary to inaction. This is true.

Rep. Ilhan Omar: Trump 'isn't being honest with the public' on coronavirusOn the stark difference between what experts are saying about the coronavirus and what President Trump is saying, Congresswoman Ilhan Omar says, “That kind of contrast is quite alarming and sort of shows you how much this president isn’t taking the time to hear what the experts are telling him and isn’t being honest with the public.” Omar is not honest, MSNBC is not honest.. 2 wrongs dont make a write. TURN OFF FAKE NEWS Biden2020 I guess you are calling Dr.’s Fausi and Birx liars. So what exactly qualifies you to supplant yourself for them?

Trump Goes Full ‘Shock Doctrine’ As Pandemic RagesWatchdog groups warn that the USDA is also “experimenting with the safety of our food” as the U.S. death toll from COVID-19 rises. foodfix has an ever expanding battle ahead drmarkhyman