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World, Coronavirus Live Updates And News: Cases Top 721

Trump says the Secret Service stopped him from going to New York City

The novel coronavirus pandemic continues to impact countries worldwide, particularly in Europe and the US. Follow here for live updates.

3/30/2020 7:52:00 AM

President Trump said he pushed to attend the opening of a field hospital at Javits Center in New York City -- but was told by the Secret Service that he would not be permitted to go.

The novel coronavirus pandemic continues to impact countries worldwide, particularly in Europe and the US. Follow here for live updates.

Tokyo cases spike:Japan's health ministry recorded 173 new cases on Sunday -- 68 in Tokyo. This is the biggest single day spike for the capital and comes a week after the 2020 Olympics scheduled to be held in the city were postponed until next year.

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Cruise ship concerns grow:A total of 179 people have been diagnosed with flu-like symptoms on board the Zaandam cruise ship, which is on its way to Florida. Four"older" guests have died. However, only two people onboard have officially been diagnosed with Covid-19.

Italy records slight downward trend in deaths:There were 756 new deaths related to the coronavirus in 24 hours in Italy, the country announced Sunday. But it was a slight drop on the 889 new deaths reported on Saturday, and 969 on Friday.Citywide quarantine in Moscow:

All residents will be required to stay at home unless they are leaving to get urgent medical help, get groceries or walk their pets in the proximity of 100 meters (328 feet) from their residence, the city's mayor Sergey Sobyanin announced Sunday night. Only essential workers will be allowed out.

Nigeria orders 14-day"cessation of movement":Citizens in parts of the country's largest city, Lagos, and the capital, Abuja, are being ordered to stay at home, while businesses and offices must close, as the virus begins to spread in the African country. The order will stay in place until mid-April.

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Probably lying as usual. Can Secret Service stop POTUS from going other places? Like Florida ?!? Blame it on the rain After y'all work through the hate. There is a message is this. Good because here in ny we want nothing to do with his geriatric a$$. Unless of course hes kissing sick people then he is more then welcome

realDonaldTrump. Why not! Putin went to a hospital in 2 full hazmat suits. Trump can to! I’m sure he’ll find another photo op Is it truly? Hes lying You mean all this time, it's the secret service who holds power over him? Not Putin or Kim? Huh, who knew it could have been so easy? cc TheRickWilson gtconway3d davidcicilline

I call bullshit on that! Whatever is the truth...glad he was not there Another lie Lies To coward to go. If you believe this he also has some steaks and casinos to sell you... This is a lie. If POTUS wanted to go he can tell Secret Service I’m the Commander in Chief and we are going; make it happen. realDonaldTrump is full of crap

The obama shadow government can’t control the world ( one world power) until they turn it into a dump that is what this is all about the world should stop this And that was the right decision realDonaldTrump is the president of USA - the order is to protect not endanger...although he has no underlying health issues his age makes him high risk

I read and read....nothing in the content about realDonaldTrump in this that matches anything in the headline. Use his name as clickbait literally every chance you get. Pussies Like the Secret Service could do that New York hates the SHITHOLE! Let him go! Makes sense, what’s your point ? Fake News only looks for negative news. Very cruel and dishonest network. You should have put into consideration the mentality of your followers with healthy heart before you put forward your hatred and bias towards others. Very cruel and bad network.

shame 🐃💩 They're not treating Covid-19 patients at Javits. It was made to treat other patients in order to free up ICU beds at hospitals. tRump is just blowing wind. Stay in DC please. They need to keep him away from as much as possible. He just makes things worse. CNN with another divisive comment. CQ, with a z pack, and zinc works. You are falsely reporting! Approved for use.

Protecting the President, that's the ultimate goal. The United Nations : ' Recommend a replacement of political institutions by permanent, local & renewed citizens' assemblies, made up of CITIZENS elected by lot for 40 days, giving right to compensatory allowances ($130 / day), accommodation & training to take up their duties. '

They should secretly allow you to go!! Since when did the American people start paying the Secret Service to protect the president's EGO? The Secret Service is his new heel spurs. I totally applaud the Secret Service for ensuring that the POTUS was out of harm's way. They did their job. He should be protected

Trump needs to go to the front lines. Let him go and lick doorknobs. Why can’t he go.... he’s the offspring of an Orangutan so he’s immune to Covid_19 It’s gone too far. Trump is a problem. No shit you say? Fair enough. But his comprehensive slander of journalism needs to be done. Especially now. When it’s REALLY on the line. These reporters and writers are the real deal.

He didn’t push for it of course. We will soon find out he never asked anyone. Bullshit More lies. Omg he is such a liar, secret service my ass By the time he leaves office and wants to return to New York, the Secret Service will probably advise him not to. Need to move on , on Corona Concrete future plans Read free

He’s king , he can do what he wants....please let him go.. what about StayTheFHome does he not get Why aren't you reporting on the poll workers that got exposed to COVID-19? Bone spurs again? Scared much.. Uh huh The should protect people. Let him go. Why Let him go, he’s so very needed! Pffft

Trump considers 'enforceable' quarantine in New York, New Jersey and parts of ConnecticutThanks to all governor who are doing better job then realDonaldTrump Might be nice to focus on the states - like Mississippi - that don't think any type of stay-at-home is needed. NY, NJ, CT governors seem to be displaying needed leadership already. SaturdayThoughts PrayForTrump realDonaldTrump EasterMassacre

Trump considering 'enforceable' quarantine in New York, New Jersey and parts of ConnecticutDO WHAT YOU GOT TO DO TO SAVE SPREAD AND MORE LIVES... Just do this president. The quarantine must be enforceable. Should send army for the help. Good idea.

Trump is considering imposing a quarantine on New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut - Business Insider'We might not have to do it, but there's a possibility that sometime today we'll do a quarantine — short term two weeks,' Trump told reporters. Late. Too late monsieur SaturdayMorning France

Trump Considers Coronavirus Quarantine in New York, New Jersey and ConnecticutPresident Trump said he is considering an “enforceable quarantine” in New York, New Jersey and parts of Connecticut and may make a decision as soon as later Saturday, as the nation’s largest city quickly becomes an epicenter for the coronavirus pandemic. should have been nationwide, a month ago That would require marshal law it's a violation of human rights and freedom

Trump says he's considering short-term quarantine of New York, New Jersey, parts of Connecticut'I'd rather not do it, but maybe we need it.' President Trump said he's considering a two-week quarantine of New York state, New Jersey and parts of Connecticut TrumpVirus TrumpLiedPeopleDied TrumpLiesAboutCoronavirus WorstPresidentEver Day late and a dollar short. He is playing catch up with governors and mayors who have already been acting. I think he should also strongly consider a lockdown of his mouth, and twitter account

Trump said he may quarantine New York, New Jersey and Connecticut'There is a possibility that sometime today we'll do a quarantine' on New York, New Jersey and certain parts of Connecticut, President Trump said, in an attempt to contain the spread of coronavirus How the heck is this going to be enforced with all the ways someone can cross state lines? Is he going to build another wall? Paid for my China? realdonaldtrump does this mean that you are sorry for calling this a 'hoax'?