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With 78 days to Brexit, British parliament ready to take on PM

With 78 days to Brexit, British parliament ready to take on PM


With 78 days to Brexit, British parliament ready to take on PM

The British parliament is set for a September showdown between Prime Minister Bo...

FILE PHOTO: The British union flag and the EU flag are seen flying near the Houses of Parliament, in London, Britain, March 18, 2019. REUTERS/Toby Melville

On Wednesday, former finance minister Philip Hammond accused Johnson of deliberately wrecking negotiations and saying parliament has the power to block a no-deal exit.

The signals point to a frantic 78 days ahead as parliament takes on prime minister, testing the country’s unwritten constitution.

Johnson has staked his leadership on an Oct. 31 Brexit and left little room for manoeuvre. He has refused to rule out suspending parliament until after Britain leaves the EU and aides have reportedly said he could delay any election until November if he lost a vote of no confidence.

Speaker John Bercow, the arbiter of disputes on parliamentary procedure, said he would fight any attempt to bypass or close down parliament to secure Brexit.

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“Even if they can assemble a majority for something, they may find few opportunities to make their move – and time is running out,” said Joe Owen, Brexit programme director.

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Try it. If we crash out the remaining 27 only lose one export customer worth a fraction of their total EU exports while we lose 27 valuable export customers worth over £265 billion half of our total world exports with jobs for millions of people please explain the sanity 😱

With 78 days to Brexit, British parliament ready to take on PMThe British parliament is set for a September showdown between Prime Minister Bo... UN NATO ECHRPublication coe antonioguterres vonderleyen FedericaMog EP_President hrw TBMMGenelKurulu Akparti herkesicinCHP iyiparti ntv WHY ILLEGAL DECISIONS BY JUDGES OF EUROPEAN COURT OF HUMAN RIGHTS (ECHR) WHY ECHR DIDN'T RESPECT TO HUMAN RIGHTS VERY DANGEROUS ! Karma proving point with Britain 😁😁😁

British parliament can block no deal Brexit, Hammond saysBritain's former finance minister, Philip Hammond, said on Wednesday he was... I just don't see how this is possible. At a certain point, the EU will say 'enough is enough' and there will be nothing the British Parliament can do. ...but Beijing might help too 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Brexit PayBack Hommond your an old hasbeen let it go !

British PM Johnson says opponents of Brexit are 'collaborating' with EUPrime Minister Boris Johnson said on Wednesday that some British lawmakers who t... That’s a good thing Boris He's looking towards an election where he can use the word quisling. He talks as if the EU is Britain's enemy, rather than a club of which it is a member.

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Speaker Bercow will 'fight with every bone in my body' to stop Boris Johnson from forcing through a no-deal BrexitThe House of Commons Speaker told the Edinburgh Festival that Parliament would be able to stop a no-deal Brexit. Lol. The no-mark has got nowhere in the past 3 years in his aims. Bercow is a loud busted flush. Sorry four years prior almost did the British Public vote for a No-Deal.....? Nothing has been delivered apart from these pathetic Children bickering amongst one another, the Public spoke we want out! Fuck Bercow! Fuck Borris! Deliver what was asked or what’s the point in voting?

Britain's speaker aims to block parliament closure for Brexit: newspaperThe House of Commons speaker plans to block Prime Minister Boris Johnson from by... You seem to have misspelt protect the sovereignty of parliament..... The only voice of reason in the British parliament!

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