Hi-Res Streaming Service Qobuz Makes Inroads Six Months After U.S. Launch

Hi-Res Streaming Service @Qobuz Makes Inroads Six Months After U.S. Launch


Hi-Res Streaming Service Qobuz Makes Inroads Six Months After U.S. Launch

You could be using the world’s greatest headphones, but if the quality of the sound going into them is mediocre, there’s only so much lipstick you can put on that pig. Audiophiles — or even p…

, which launched in the U.S. six months ago this week after a decade of success in Europe, is one of the few companies that’s designed with the audiophile in mind, bringing hi-res music to a hybrid streaming and download platform.

The company launched in 2009 as a hi-res download service, with its streaming option rolling out gradually over 2014 and 2015. And while its catalog isn’t as complete as that of other streaming services, it offers up CD-quality audio of more than 40 million tracks, and millions of Hi-Res tracks up to 24-bit/192 kHz resolution from all genres. It also offers playlists, exclusive editorial content and other standard streaming service amenities.

Both services costs $20 per month, so it all comes down to personal preference. But with

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The ‘As-A-Service’ Economy Is Moving Downstream. Are You Ready?The subscription business model is making inroads into a variety of industries and business environments.

Cashierless Stores Make Inroads in U.S.U.S. retailers large and small are pressing ahead with testing the use of artificial intelligence to track what products shoppers pick up and automatically bill them when they walk out the door, eliminating the need for a checkout line. 我国是防御型国防政策,人不犯我我不犯人 AndrewYang said something about cashier jobs being automated soon. This is only the beginning. YangGang2020 HumanityFirst I dislike dealing with other humans as much as anyone, but must we eliminate all jobs? Damn.

Trade fears; Singapore GDP; Hong Kong protestsToday's top business headlines: - Trade war fears linger on Wall Street - US budget deficit rises 27% through July - Report: Starbucks' pumpkin spice latte returns this month - Nike launches subscription service for kids Jimmy Carter said we were running out of oil and rationed oil and told Americans don’t buy a new car threw America in a depression. What a difference the president can make. Obama legacy said those jobs were not coming back. Chrysler builds new $5 B plant! jaketapper Ha! Amazing how you guys are trying to sweep what happened yesterday under the rug. I don’t think so! Hey has Freudo Cuomo apologized yet? YOU people could not get a story right to save your lives, what is wrong with cnn , at one time i watched you, not no more, Our President is right you are fake news, and coumo should be fired for yesterday rant,

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