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Wisconsin high court declines to hear Trump election lawsuit

BREAKING: The Wisconsin Supreme Court has refused to hear President Trump's election lawsuit, likely dooming his effort to subvert Democrat Joe Biden's win in the battleground state.

12/3/2020 9:12:00 PM

BREAKING: The Wisconsin Supreme Court has refused to hear President Trump's election lawsuit, likely dooming his effort to subvert Democrat Joe Biden 's win in the battleground state.

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — The Wisconsin Supreme Court on Thursday refused to hear President Donald Trump ’s lawsuit attempting to overturn his loss to Democrat Joe Biden in the battleground state,...

December 3, 2020 GMTFILE - In this Nov. 7, 2020 file photo, supporters react after it was announced that President-elect Joe Biden defeated President Trump at a rally in Milwaukee. The Wisconsin Supreme Court has refused to hear President Donald Trump's attempt to overturn his election loss to Democrat Joe Biden in the battleground state. The court on Thursday, Dec. 3 said the case must first wind its way through lower courts. (AP Photo/Morry Gash, File)

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FILE - In this Nov. 7, 2020 file photo, supporters react after it was announced that President-elect Joe Biden defeated President Trump at a rally in Milwaukee. The Wisconsin Supreme Court has refused to hear President Donald Trump's attempt to overturn his election loss to Democrat Joe Biden in the battleground state. The court on Thursday, Dec. 3 said the case must first wind its way through lower courts. (AP Photo/Morry Gash, File)

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — The Wisconsin Supreme Court on Thursday refused to hear President Donald Trump’s lawsuit attempting to overturn his loss to Democrat Joe Biden in the battleground state, saying the case must first wind its way through lower courts. headtopics.com

The legal defeat was the latest in a string of losses for Trump’s post-election lawsuits. Judges in multiple battleground states have rejected his claims of fraud or irregularities.Trump had asked the Wisconsin Supreme Court to disqualify more than 221,000 ballots in the state’s two biggest Democratic counties, alleging irregularities in the way absentee ballots were administered. His lawsuit echoed claims that were earlier rejected by election officials in those counties during a recount that barely affected Biden’s winning margin of about 20,700 votes.

ADVERTISEMENTTrump had wanted the conservative-controlled Wisconsin Supreme Court to take the case directly, saying there wasn’t enough time to wage the legal battle by starting first with a lower court given the looming Dec. 14 date when presidential electors cast their votes. But attorneys for Gov. Tony Evers and the state Department of Justice argued the law required the lawsuit to start with lower courts.

The court ruled 4-3 against Trump, with swing Justice Brian Hagedorn joining three liberal justices in denying the petition. The order said Trump can file in circuit court.It was not immediately known if Trump would still pursue the case through lower courts. His campaign spokeswoman did not immediately return a message seeking comment. Trump filed a similar lawsuit in federal court on Wednesday.

Hagedorn said the law was clear that Trump must start his lawsuit in lower courts where factual disputes can be worked out.“We do well as a judicial body to abide by time-tested judicial norms, even — and maybe especially — in high profile cases,” Hagedorn wrote. headtopics.com

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Chief Justice Patience Roggensack, writing for the minority, said she would have taken the case, referred it to lower courts for factual findings, which could then be reported back to the Supreme Court for a ruling.She noted that by not taking the case now, “there are significant time constraints that may preclude our deciding significant legal issues that cry out for resolution by the Wisconsin Supreme Court.”

Trump’s lawsuit challenged procedures that have been in place for years and never been found to be illegal.He claimed there were thousands of absentee ballots without a written application on file. He argued that the electronic log created when a voter requests a ballot online — the way the vast majority are requested — doesn’t meet the letter of the law.

He also challenged more ballots where election clerks filled in missing address information on the certification envelope where the ballot is inserted, even though the practice has long been accepted in Wisconsin and the state elections commission told clerks it was OK.

And Trump challenged absentee ballots where voters declared themselves to be “indefinitely confined,” a status that exempts them from having to show photo identification to cast a ballot, and one that was used much more heavily this year due to the pandemic. The Wisconsin Supreme Court in March ruled that it was up to individual voters to determine their status. headtopics.com

Attorneys for Democratic Gov. Tony Evers called the lawsuit an “assault on democracy” and urged the court not to accept original jurisdiction of the case.ADVERTISEMENT“President Trump’s (lawsuit) seeks nothing less than to overturn the will of nearly 3.3 million Wisconsin voters,” Evers’ attorneys said in filings with the court. “It is a shocking and outrageous assault on our democracy. ... He is simply trying to seize Wisconsin’s electoral votes, even though he lost the statewide election.”

Two other lawsuits filed by conservatives are still pending with the Wisconsin Supreme Court seeking to invalidate ballots cast in the presidential election. In addition to Trump’s federal lawsuit, there is a another one in federal court with similar claims from Sidney Powell, a conservative attorney who was removed from Trump’s legal team.

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Wisconsin this week certified Biden’s victory, setting the stage for a Democratic slate of electors chosen earlier to cast the state’s 10 electoral votes for him. Read more: The Associated Press »

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Ofcourse illegally winning !! How many duplicate voters cards were done Communist China explains bribery of Hunter Biden This isn’t any different than the 2016 election. He pulled the same thing with death threats in swing states then. Not to mention he said well before November 3rd, this would be his plan to stay in office, steal the Election.

If TRUMP steps down there will be CIVILWAR. Wilfully Blind justice chooses to run out clock and install illegitimate Biden with plenty of chances to lose physical evidence So embarrassed to live in a state that turns a blind eye to hundreds of witnesses, software glitches and the out and out obviously rigged election!!!!

Everyone go to NTD NEWS for ELECTION FRAUD TRUTH Lies EVERYONE GO TO NTD NEWS FOR ELECTION FRAUD TRUTH It is time for this action. We have this virus and vaccine to deal with. He is becoming more irrelevent daily. They cant not hear his case. Mmmfmmfdi4uopkiygwqj$jfjjjjjj4jjf&vvjvjrjjng Thank you, Wisconsin for following the law, unlike DT who has no understanding of the basic concept of the law, never seen a president like DT. constantly asking people to break the law.

If elections weren’t tampered with why are these states making such a big deal about the recounting process? I remember bush asking one time at it happening immediately. Trump is only the representative. People will be pissed if you deny their vote. Hear the lawsuit please ...duh Counting ballots 9 or 10 times is fucked up.🤔Y’all supporting this shit?

realDonaldTrump 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Lol 'dooming' WHATEVER IT TAKES— keep it up!!! The sad part is 3 idiots wanted to entertain a coop... DJT is still AND WILL BE the President of the United States😉 Fuck you 👇🏻👆🏻ALL🤣 That's not a rejection. It's a referral to the lower court, which is basic legal procedure. Stop lying and tell the people the truth

It was based on the question of whether the Wisconsin Supreme Court should take the case. All they asked was that they take it to a lower court to review it and then bring it to them The ruling was not on the merits of what Trump was arguing. Those questions, remain open Biden has begun the transition process. Biden will be inaugurated as president January 20. Trump's scam will be over. Trump's team has no legal knowledge and have no morals. All this is to delay the inevitable to scam more money. Come Jan 20, Trump will magically shut up.

On-Wisconsin...again. Good-bye Donnie. Youre playing with fire potentially starting a revolution by not dealing with the voter fraud. The media for 1/2 the country is trying to hide facts (msm). You have approx 50% of the population voting for each candidate. Neither side can ignore the other and have peace.

routeofthesun We need to call a duck a duck. Democrats are liberal Christian Democrats. Republicans are conservative Christian democrats.(I prefer they refer to themselves as fascist). This is a christian democracy, not a democracy. Ie Socialist democracy, science to expose truth. Donald j Trump is the projected winner of the 2020 US PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION has been approved by ( WE THE PEOPLE)🇺🇸🇺🇸👍👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🗳🗳

False The three dissenting need to resign. The ONLY lack of faith in our voting system right now has to do with a party and sitting president that is actively engaging in seditious behavior, trying to undue our election laws. Any judge taking part in enabling that should be prosecuted. Hello everyone I know this will probably just pass you, but if you be so kind to have the heart to donate $1 to my cash app $Gilm20. Anything will help. Today me tomorrow you 🙏🏼

BS This is so bias! Maybe if we didn’t have electoral college we wouldn’t deal with this. If it wasn’t winner takes all he wouldn’t of even win the 2016 election This article has a factual error: It states that Sidney Powell was “removed” from Trump’s legal team. Sidney Powell was never on Trump’slegal team.

'Sorry, you don't have enough fails for me to shoot you down.' Before you get all happy about it... This is not a win for DEMS. They are following procedure. Not a good option. But procedure. This is so riddled with fraud. The Leftist politician at the state level are garbage. Time to take out the trash. All Republicans need to stop what ever they need to and fight tooth and nail for President Trump and every taxpaying legal American citizen that did vote for him.

trump & his henchmen & women will do anything to circumvent the American Legal System. These people who don't believe the law applies to them. WHAT PART OF YOU'RE FIRED THAT DUMMY trump DON'T UNDERSTAND. SENSIBLE AMERICANS ARE SICK OF YOU. YOU'RE FIRED GOODBYE 👋 NEVER COME BACK Maybe OAN has a ping pong court in their news garage.

Wait. I’ve lost track, hasn’t this already gone through the lower court and lost? You’re fired, orange clown!!! Everyone knows that election was rigged. Come on senile Biden is clueless Trump Campaign: WI Supreme Court throw us a bone Wi Supreme Court: GEORGIA🚨 2,506 felons voted. 66,248 underage registered. 2,423 voted w/out registration. 1,043 address a Post-Office. 4,926 registered late. 10,315 dead people. 395 cast ballots in another state. 15,700 filed national change of address. 40,279 moved. 100+ affidavits.

Good. I'm center right and I support the President (or any candidate really) using their legal rights to ensure a fair election. Pres' claims are unfounded, ridiculous and a waste of the courts' time. BREAKING: Hearken prepares Journalists covering the election for Trauma. They liken it to a war journalists experience.

What the hell? 3 judges voted in favor of? Terrifying! Somebody needs to stop the Mad Fascist Dictator! BREAKING: How Democrats setup news stories for the Left Wing journalists. Edison Research Collated all the Data of Voting in Collaboration with Dominion Voter Systems and Edison Research Published the Count to the Press. It had huge problems with its data stream. Edison Research has to be exposed.

After Supreme Court Goes to congress Each state gets 1 vote Dems have 19 states, Repubs have 30 states President Trump wins re-election ‼️‼️‼️‼️👏❤️ President Trump will continue being President he will be re-elected!stop listening to fake news they don’t want you to know, this goes to Supreme Court under unconstitutional election, then goes to congress where they vote,each state gets 1 vote, Dems 19 states, Repubs 30 states

To Supreme Court, b/c: Unconstitutional mail in ballots country wide scale Mail in ballots will be removed,by court ordered and then a recount! Then goes to congress : Each state gets 1 vote, Dems have 19, Repubs have 30, they will vote down ballot according to 12 th amendment Lies again from AP 'MEDIA MISLEADS PUBLIC, OMITTING FACT CASE IS STILL IN LOWER COURTS'

It is NOT subversion. It IS outing the crooks and drilling down to the truth. Is EVERYONE in Wisconsin stupid? Mr. Trumo needs to put on his big-boy pants and act like an adult and concede. The American public is over the drama. You assume too much, AP. Another L for Captain Nosferatu. They have the authority: SC is BS!

Please read the Supreme Court's reply to this news more closely. It has to be filed in lower court first!!! Details are important!!! 4-3!? That doesn't say anything good about Wisconsin jurisprudence! Stalling. Typical dem mo Nazis. Brown shirts. SCOTUS Subvert his win Despite mounting evidence of election fraud, Wisconsin’s Supreme Court reveals itself as a disgrace.

So I think if trump issues preemptive pardons to 'Innocent' people we need to still do the trials. Present all the evidence so the people can see the depth of the criminal activity. What happens if found guilty I cannot tell you but then people will know. A divided Supreme Court? Can’t fathom that it wasn’t unanimous! Utterly ridiculous.

This decision should be 7-0 . Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to SCOTUS we go. 💅 The best way to avoid the truth is to not hear the evidence. Trump won by a landslide. No amount of propaganda from the mainstream media will alter this fact. I think it's crazy that of all things, Joe fucking Biden and the US Postal Service are the things that took Trump down

Chief Justice Roggensack: public will misunderstand what our denial of the petition means. The public seem to believe that a denial of our acceptance of a case signals that the petitions allegations are either false or not serious. Nothing could be further from the truth But, but Sidney, Jenna and TUCK Rudy.

The people voting doomed Trump’s effort to win Wisconsin. Not the courts. Please God make realDonaldTrump tell his Legal Team to stand down. They have had more than their fair share of total humiliation and any further attempts to overturn the election is extreme cruelty. Did anyone at see the Georgia video and the suitcases? ballots don't arrive in suitcases. TrumpWarRoom

'Doom and Subvert' are not words that should be used by real journalists. But, perhaps you're not real journalists? Lost your veneer of being unbiased? Silly questions. All part of due process. Clarence is going to get a piece of Joe. He who laughs last, laughs best. Chief Keef sister Husband *New* Music Video

THIS STATEMENT IS BULLSHIT! A Republican Judge thought it better to be presented on a different track. One day closer everyday! Thats ok Trump just needs to call marital law ... Likely dooming? U wish Get thee behind us Treason Weael! Wow. Someone explain all the massive votes at 3am that went to Biden ? MonicaPerezShow freedomactradio MaryamHenein

Who cares that’s not the supreme court we want to get in front of, but thanks for helping speed up the process. The AP has no credibility whatsoever fake news WI supreme court simply kicked it to the lower WI court. It wasn’t denied on merit. You’re grandstanding again. 'declines' means Trump won. Too much losing. Trump keeps hitting that bum note 😂😂😂🤣

*fixed: corrupt courts don't want to hear evidence. It was a poor one.Keep up the FIGHT How can 3 judges even think this is worthwhile Partial & misleading. This is a step needed to progress to another court (up) vs kicking it (down) to lower courts, thus delaying a determination; from what I understand.

Even if the SCOTUS was to hear the case of “everyone is against me and took the presidency from me”, it would go nowhere. It will be the ultimate humiliation for this trash of a president! You no good creatures will be judged harshly very very soon Fake news. They just want the case to go to the lower courts first then come to them. Stop lying.

dimitripavlenko What is going in this nation? This is unbelievably corrupt and sad. RiskyLiberal at this point .... lazy-on-the-couch-with-paralysis-from-watching-old-sitcoms funny. heh Who’s paying for all these law suits? ⓘ 𝗢𝗳𝗳𝗶𝗰𝗶𝗮𝗹 𝘀𝗼𝘂𝗿𝗰𝗲𝘀 𝘀𝘁𝗮𝘁𝗲𝗱 𝘁𝗵𝗮𝘁 𝘁𝗵𝗶𝘀 𝗶𝘀 𝗳𝗮𝗹𝘀𝗲

Lol 😆 SCOTUS is what matters not corrupt state courts. “Subvert?” Bias? It goes to Federal system. It the writer here an idiot? Democrats cheated in election2020 so they wouldn't risk an investigation into the fraudulent ballots and illegal Dominion software. Dems are very familiar with laptops and servers just ask HillaryClinton or HunterBiden who both have covered up computer crimes

This is expected. MAGA PLEASE. Don’t feign shock. Trump’s legal team is 1 for 42 . I mean any 1st year law student knows that any lawsuits must go thru channels...like chain of command This is so funny I love getting on Twitter every day and finding more stuff to laugh at. I love this. AP is 100% Untrustworthy. Lied Wed about what Barr said and all of DEMedia repeated AP lie instead of what said. Suits are proceeding fine. AP conflates state & fed suits. Suits are not being dismissed on merits of evidence but on process. Big difference.

realDonaldTrump Have you seen this?🤡 This story is irresponsible “journalism” This didnt doom any effort It got kicked DOWN to lower courts, and after they hear it, it will come back UP to WI Supreme Court Its not even close to a finished suit, it just got started Bye bye ByeDon! Even the AP... They clearly said it has to go through a lower court first.... Typical lying MSM eff stains

The US needs to have a look at the independently run Australian Electoral Commission to see how they can run elections where the results are without question. 'dooming his effort to subvert Democrat Joe Biden's win'? Huh? The Trump team identified 221,000 ILLEGAL ballots during the WI recount. MSM is SUBEVERTING the rule of law in the USA, pushing for a Venezuela-style banana republic!

TonyTodd54 Must be time 4 another rally ! Subvert? GTGO. TrumpWon My response to every one of these rulings: Actually, this just expedites it to the highest court in the land faster. But, good try with that narrative. Keep after it. have you reported any of the videos showing GA voters pulling fake ballots out from under tables after they told the 'Press and pool watchers' to go home ... that 'fake' water leak?

There is no denying the election fraud!! Just stop it! If you don’t see it your blind. Massive election fraud and media/tech giants and YES, some judges in on it and some being threatened. Wake the F up America! This isn’t about democrat or republican. 😂😂😂 Trump's lawsuit was doomed from the start. There was never any factual basis for it.

I'm sure they had better things to do with their time than watch Rudy's tired old dog and pony show. Wrong, wrong, wrong again. You people are despicable. The WSC kicked it back to the lower court because they have to go through the process. They said the claim is not without merit. As voting citizens, we should have the right to request clarification of all allegations regarding electoral fraud. We want the truth and respect as voters 🗳 God bless EEUU 🇺🇸🙏 senatemajldr GOP SenateGOP MarshaBlackburn NMalliotakis GOPLeader HouseGOP YoungKimCA

He must win for the country's sake. NOW NOW ! BE PATIENT ! Wait until it gets to the SCOTUS. Now it can go to a be higher court USPS Subcontractor Ethan Pease explains Wisconsin Fraud. USPS ordered him to backdate ballots received late. The President was a fool to trust the swampy system. I know you're not new at this but you do realize it'll get to the Supreme Court then what do you think will happen?

Sure. Like I trust anything that comes from the AP. I have more reliable sources thank you very much. Yeah its Trump subverting the truth. 🤣 Fakenews 4-3? It shouldn't have been that close. 5-0 with a fine for frivolous lawsuits. Ha! And that’s saying something. Our Republican legislators have been undermining our governor on mask mandates all along, which has blatantly KILLED Wisconsin citizens. And yet, they won’t play fake fraud with Trump? I guess that’s even too low for Wisconsin GOP. 😒

It is obvious using basic logic that something had been wrong in our media where one side blasts the other side 99% to create 4 yr of acrimony as this election mess which is a symptom of a none Constitutional society which will lead to chronic violence. FakeNewsMedia - All they said is it needs to go through the lower courts first. AP is one of the worst organizations out there in terms of spreading disinformation in their headlines. JournalismIsDead

Scotus 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣----🤡 Disgusting that 3 descended... job level above their comprehension of the law and process.. Yah! Its so refreshing when you can trust the legal system to do the right thing. I personally want to thank all the judges and courts for protecting our democracy! Lol the statement they made says they want it to go to circuit court first but says they so not discount the validity of suit ......losers in media never get it right

Pure incompetence I'm confused how a case jumped to the state supreme court without going through the lower courts to begin with. Can someone explain this to me? Damn they just straight up jumped the gun on that one went straight for the Supreme Court 😂😂😂😂🤣😂🤣 Their was fraud are you wimpy people not hearing any truth or evidence is astonishing and corrupt! More courts not giving a shit about a fare and honest election. Your state was one with heavy dumps! Disgusting people.

For a guy who hates to lose he out here racking up L's all over the country..Give it up dude. He has his followers looking crazy in these streets 🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣 🚨 realDonaldTrump RudyGiuliani JennaEllisEsq LOSES again!!! LouDobbs seanhannity PressSec maddow SteveScalise RepDougCollins kaitlancollins GeraldoRivera IvankaTrump

So realDonaldTrump is about 1-352 in court. Winning! In other words they're tired of his lawsuits. Uhmmmm. 4 to 3 is waaaaaaayyyyyyyy too close. Why ....how? Whyyyyyyy!!! It's kind of like in football when there's a call on the field and it gets challenged. The last thing they want to do is overrule the call on the field. And they only do it if there is compelling evidence. This is a case of 'the call on the field stands'

Whoops. This is just Trump's scam. People should stop sending him money. Of coarse, they don’t want to go to prison! Means nothing at all Courts now ordering “Just Stupid” stamps So, in other words, they told him to GFY. And by the way, that doesn't stand for GOOD FOR YOU! Cool. It never gets old watching this buffoon lose the same states over and over again... 😂

Wrong!!!!! Yes another blow to DiaperDon 45TransitionToPrison 45TransitionToPrison ArrestTrump ProsecuteTrump ProsecuteBarr ProsecuteMcConnell Obstruction of Congress Sedition Corruption Treason AbuseOfPower Subversion Fraud Gross Negligence Reckless Endangerment HateCrimes NegligentHomicide * 270,000 Covid 😠

Where are the true Republicans that will stand up for the Country and denounced Trump’s bad behavior towards America democracy...what a disgraceful leadership! Subvert? This! How can they refuse, without considering the evidence. This is disgusting. What the hell has the Democrats done to America/ I am sorry but this is so wrong.

😂 And he lost Wisconsin again! Such biggly huge losing! 😂🤣 Right wing Russia gate lol What are they afraid of? The truth?realDonaldTrump has the undying support of 73 million Americans and saying the phrase “president elect” thousands of times ON FAKE MEDIA doesn’t make it true! Trump2020 won fair & square & we will not let it be blatantly STOLEN

Thank you just more proof there was never any voter fraud.... WOOT WOOT ❤️ I would to dedicate the song, 'Another One Bites the Dust' to Donald Trump's legal team.. Or should we call them, Court Jesters!! trumplegalteamdiaster Accuracy of the dominion voting machines. Start at 3:19:34 - 3:34:20 from Michigan House Oversight Committee on 12/2/2020. Colonel Phil Waldron is a retired informational warfare officer.

😐 'subvert' is a loaded word ~your bias is showing 😑 Pay no attention to the real cases of fraud happening around the country only focus on one that is not related. Sad joke Meep moop. I believe the exact legalese wording the court used was: “F*ck off”. lol doom Of COURSE. 🙄 Yet 3 of the Republican justices thought this nut-job of a lawsuit had enough merit to hear it. Covid isn't the only epidemic in the US - so is derangement.

Biden cheated. It’s obvious. BidenCheated Damn Trump with all this winning, I can’t take it 🤣🤣🤣 The left is screaming 'where's the evidence' While their judges are throwing the cases out of court and refusing to allow the evidence to be admitted. I really wish trump and his cronies would just stop this ridiculous lies.the election is over Joe Biden won he will be our 46th president of the United states. Thank God!

Everyone knows that the SCOTUS is the final high court in the land right? Not Wisconsin SC. Sheesh. You mean Wisconsin did something right finally. Unbelievable. But why he keeps ranting about all the evidence he has of voter fraud, and singed affidavits. Plus he has won 1 out of the 47 lawsuit that have been filed.

Just end is so we can fast track the destruction of this country. Wise decision! Of course they won't. They're in it and fear prosecution. What a disgusting party - the left/communist party. Wisconsin rejecting Trumpett election lawsuit 🤣🤣 realDonaldTrump hey donnie...hows the day after day rejection treating u lately?! bwahahahahaha...

“Subvert.” Way to report impartially. FakeNews When will enough be enough? GOOD! ConcedeTrumpGameOver. Have some respect for American democracy. FactsMatter and Republicans have no case what so ever on voter fraud. Only TrumpTaxReturns are fraudulent. TrumpOutOfTheWhiteHouse TrumpCollapse U have Reps in Michigan is bully and clueless. She says u don’t need id. Yes u do in Michigan. She said these people are liars and not under oath. Another ignorant statement because the have all signed affidavits.

One step closer to the Supreme Court. The Kraken is getting closer...😬 BEST PRESIDENT EVER!!! Wrong as usual. They said the case had merit and to go to lower courts and come back up. Your spin is bs. The bullying going on at polls and by Dimocrat Reps is disgraceful WOW, AP. The court said the case needs to go through lower courts first - nothing is 'doomed.' Also, Biden is the only one guilty of subverting a win. You're a joke. I'm interested why you've yet to cover the recently revealed footage?

Lower court it is From the author of 'The Art of The Deal' and the self-proclaimed world's greatest businessman. DonTheCon It is time to put these criminals from the GOP to prison. They done enough damage to this nations democracy with their coup. Sedition and treason along with abuse of power and corruption are serious crimes. The whole Republican party should be arrested and indicted now

why would they want to hear about fraud and deception? its what the state is founded on. Lol Ap is first clue to this being a false story. Did you read the ruling? The fact 3 Judges even voted to advance the case in a very liberal state like Wisconsin shows how TheDemocrats are teetering on ice. If we don't start taking state legislative seats, we will be in trouble soon

Womp womp Question. Is it subversion to take back what was stolen from you Love the wording in these fake msm articles. They couldn't be trying to shape the narrative rather than reporting news could they? No problem. He’ll win it. BidenCheated2020 and you are fake News. Courts are starting to get fed up with this shit. They should start handing out sanctions.

Notice that a court has yet to rule on the merits of the case. They prefer to kick it around instead. Very hard to rule that equal protection under the law doesn't matter and fraud okay. Take it The highest court. Why would they refuse to even look at this case. The corruption..it’s stinks to high heaven

You know if they did that in Wisconsin Trump is really, way off base. Almost like one of his kids turning on him. On to SCOTUS!! I don't care if the democrats cheated, I don't want to see any more evidence. CNN said orange man bad so I voted for the racist white democrat and the Kamala lady that called him on his racism that only cares about power.

Another day, another loss for Trump. It’s all good he’s old he’ll be gone from earth soon DEMOCRATS have ZERO RESPECT for ANYTHING. MILLIONS of solders DIED to give us the right to vote. MILLIONS of voters have been DEFRAUDED & DISENFRANCHISED by the pure GREED & CORRUPTION of the DEMOCRATS. It's DESPICABLE. DemsAreDestroyingAmerica

Wake up America. All of these lawsuits are just an attempt to delay the electoral vote confirmation and throw the confirmation vote into the Senate where the Republicans will decide who won the election. It's just a smokescreen. AP frames this like it's even possible for Trump to 'subvert' Biden's win. That would take ACTUAL election fraud. We voted a months ago and Barr and the DOJ said there was NO FRAUD! Cover the federal corruption we are witnessing instead. Try that. More GOP propaganda from ..

trump has no respect for our Constitution, or Democratic system, the election process & treats these esteemed Courts like they were Walmart Complaint Depts. You don't go to court because things are not going your way. Show some respect How many times has President-Elect Biden won Wisconsin? It is a traveling roadshow.

Wow, not biased headline at all. The case is to determine whether there was fraud and other shady dealings in the election, as the ever growing mountain shows. Why you all so afraid of a little sunlight on the process? Hahhaha Trump is the biggest LOSER! Biden will not be POTUS. 4-3 though? GET caught Judges...YOU probably are working with BIDEN

🚨LIVE: Nevada Hearing On Voter Fraud 👇 Goal is to get to SCOTUS and you know it. Look at what just dropped in Georgia. It makes you wonder... WHAT THE HELL KIND OF WORLD DO WE LIVE IN?! We are surrounded by those who have no integrity or concern for activity that is clearly fraudulent. Traitors! May karma wreak vengeance on all deceitful players involved.

Sure fakenews we believe you!! Wink wink. More crying Trump supporters today. Shocking. Or not. 1681 DiaperDonnie lol “subvert.” Propagandist machine at work Law 101. Who failed that class? Subvert ? The “win” Is completely tainted... do & be better... You forgot about Georgia AssPravda spews its propaganda. Breaking: 'Homeowner Attempts To Subvert Gang Of Thieves From Looting His Home!'

Why was vote even this close. DT arrogance continues to believe he can break all rules. So happy this nightmare is soon to be behind us. Quick minions!!! Trump wants you to send him more money!! Good. The fact that it was 4:3 is disturbing. No it doesn't. Supreme Court can still take the case in case y'all have forgotten.

😂😂😂 Translation:sending this to the Supreme Court. All's well that ends well. Happy as can be with their decision. This is getting past comical. Due these lawyers even know what their doing? Are these the best Trump can field ? Sounds like the signature match were never verified by the clerks. Only verified match signatures and in person votes should. Count. bidencheated

👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾😂😂😂😂 Disqualify legal votes so you can win legitimately? What sort of loopy land have I entered? dizd President-Elect Biden, please. Why don’t you report on Georgia today and Michigan last night. Could your report be anymore misleading? The suit is alive and well. It was sent down to the circuit court. Idiots.

It's a big stall, at this point... They're hoping to drag this out beyond December 8th... Trump's trying to mess with the Electors. 3 traitors voted with Trump. Think about that. Wisconsin Supreme Court: ANOTHER WIN FOR DEMOCRACY!!! F*** tRump, BIDEN WON!!! Fraud subverted Trump, biased AP. Start at this court.

They love collecting those L's Remember when AP was a respected news source? 😂 I dont think it dooms his chances as you say. The WSC just said it has to go to the lower courts first. But I do agree his chances are getting slimmer by the day. Trump apointed Bret and Amy in case he wants to steal the election. That's why he wants to go to the suprime court.

Let the US crash and burn! I’m sorry, but if they cheated which they most likely did. We deserve to be Venezuela ! Let the liberals see what it’s like! Trump at least loves this country and did what he could to keep it alive. Now we will have deep state running it like CA. Man he got really tired of winning. All he does is lose these days 🤣

'likely dooming his effort to subvert Democrat Joe Biden's win in the battleground state.' This is liberal bias anti-Trump propaganda. Trump took a risk when he waited for the last day to request a recount. His strategy was to hope that WI could not meet the recount and certification deadline and that would give the WI legislature an excuse to step in and decide the election.

Good to see Wisconsin following law and order and rejecting ANOTHER frivolous lawsuit by DiaperDon Only 4-3? There were 3 judges willing to look at disenfranchising the black voters of Wisconsin? Why does that not surprise me.... And Videos, and affidavits and paper trails and 'lost' flash drives and abysmal chain of custody issues. This shit aint over.

It delayed it by 2-3 days tops lol. It’ll go to a lower court then back up to the WI SC. AP is fake news as always. Read what the actual justices said lol His whole term has no merit. Most of these lawsuits are put forth by lawyers for AMERICAN CITIZENS WHO WITNESSED FRAUD IN MULTIPLE STATES, Not President Trump...oh but they all count...WTH are all the leftists afraid of? THE TRUTH AS USUAL!

Shouldn't his team of lawyers know that? The court instructed the Trump Case to go through the lower court first. The old ‘run out the clock on them’ strategy. Indefinitely confined...gimme a break, anyone can request a ballot online,ONLINE!!!YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHERE THESE BALLOTS WENT AND ALSO THE ONES THAT WENT TO P.O. Boxes AND COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS. U insist no fraud cuz u want lying Biden! FACT.

makewisechoice His effort was doomed way before that AP. Tell it like it is! Please God. Make realDonaldTrump stop now there is no hope left. Give him a bit of Christianity to work to slow down the Covid virus instead of deliberately trying to convince his delusional followers to overturn democracy Amen

Wisconsin state law states, “If a certificate is missing the address of a witness, the ballot may not be counted.” The statute also requires witnesses to watch voters fill out the ballot and place it in the envelope, without seeing their selections. disgusting at best oh, that's like saying the Holocaust never happened denial you want God to watching!

A conservative court too... Trth2Pwer68 realDonaldTrump It looks like you LOST again today. How does it feel to be IrrelevantTrump? Should we send this reminder daily, PresidentElectJoeBiden has WON. I thought his efforts were already doomed when he got 20,000 less votes than the other guy. If only there was another Court that this suit could be brought to.

racouncil Good. Cos everyone is sick of all this 💩 now!! It's time he used his last weeks wisely and go out with a bit of dignity!! 'likely' Oh well, what goes around comes around! You can only cry wolf so many times. How is it that out of all the dimwits they had sign affadavits not a single one who 'saw' fraud got physical evidence to prove it, take a picture? Nope. Gather documents showing fraud? Nope. Then sirs you have no evidence. But I saw it... no you want fake fame. Losers

Only because they have to go through lower courts first Great news. Hopefully, Trump and his Trump Party cultists will soon accept defeat so healing can begin. 🤣 Dumbasses still thinking Trump won? If you had any brains, you would have figured out that Trump is a liar. It doesn’t take a month to show proof if you actually have proof. Trump has been a liar his entire life. Look it up. There’s actual proof on the internet. Idiocracy

They said it has to GO THROUGH LOWER COURTS FIRST YOU IDIOTS. The case was not dismissed based on merit hahahahahahahahaha Interesting language you use here 'subvert Democrat Joe Biden's win' Challenging election results in court is not subversion. You either win or lose. People PLEASE! Stop calling Giuliani and Ellis the Trump legal team. This is NOT a legal strategy. This purely a PUBLIC RELATIONS strategy. The ONLY goal is to create the impression that Joe Biden is an illegitimate president, just like him. (and to make a boatload of money).

jamiedupree Damn, I thought he had a chance... I wasn’t worried to begin with 😂 👉🏿Another embarrassing defeat for Trump RT Wisconsin high court declines to hear Trump election lawsuit MADISON, Wis. (AP) The Wisconsin Supreme Court refused to hear Prest Donald Trump’s lawsuit attempting to overturn his loss to Democrat JoeBiden in the battleground state,...

TrumpFrance all_serena 🎉🎉🎉 AP is once again wrong... This isn’t what happened at all Stalling tactic this will go to US Supreme Court After Ga. is corrected the rest of the States will follow. Good decisions by The Wisconsin Supreme Court 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣😂🤣😂😂😂😂😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

Justice R Bradley repeatedly cites herself in her over the top dissent LMAO FAKE NEWS RudyGiuliani GoJackFlynn JennaEllisEsq money is talking send these traitors to Guantanamo realDonaldTrump defeat and defeat. Utter failure. Trump is to the presidency what milli vanilla was to the music industry and THEN realDonaldTrump HEARD This. LoverBoy : WhenItsOVER.. Play IT LOUD!!

Right on. Now what is the moron going to do 😂😂😂 BidenCheated2020 How many times do we have to win Wisconsin? Thank you Pravda. Ethan Pease, a USPS subcontractor from Wisconsin claimed at a press conference earlier Tuesday that he was informed of plans to backdate 100,000 mail-in ballots in order to circumvent the deadline for submission. Pease made the accusation in a sworn affidavit

realDonaldTrump is an EPIC LOSER!! Good! About time someone says enough of this tomfuckery bullshit. Outstanding. realDonaldTrump - suppose this means you'll start attacking the WI supreme court justices? Wonder when it'll get to you throwing the entire GOP under the bus, when they finally denounce your fascism? TrumpIsATraitor TrumpIsANationalDisgrace TrumpTheFool

This is purpose misreporting by the AP....refusal was based procedure, not merit Just more lies!! Trump is the example of a sore loser DiaperDonald keep it up all this loser AMY COMEY BARRETT FROM THE TOP ROPE We'll hear this was the plan anyway to get it to the Supreme Court. Smart move. After seeing the other 'hearings', this is just a waste of time.

They are TIRED of the Useless UNFOUNDED Allegations! Trump Won pass it on What more important case does the Wisconsin Supreme Court have to hear. Why would they refuse to review evidence? Good. Tired of this nonsense. When all you have is garbage.. THIS is what happens It was a procedural decision. They have to file in lower courts first. Once again, reporting is not factual.

realDonaldTrump America told you N0 49 TIMES😝 Somehow it feels like Jon Bon Jovi's: Blaze of Glory feels apropos to this situation. Trump knew he lost long ago. He’s gonna con his cult as long as he can for “stop the steal” money. Finally, Wisconsin is no longer a MAGA state! Yay! I live 12 miles from Wisconsin and I couldn't believe they voted for Trump in 2016! (Illinois is always a blue state.)🤦‍♀️😁

moosemery 'Subvert'? This is a legal action, is a person suing in court subverting they system? Of course they don't. The democrats are cheaters and corrupted. He is exposing and draining the dirty swamp! Another lying headline. The court simply said they had to start in the lower courts before going before the supreme court.

UNTRUE!!! This was another procedural decision. The Court voted 4-3 that the case had to first be filed on the circuit court level FIRST. TELL THE TRUTH!!!! 'likely dooming' come on now, it's over. JTaylorSkinner Hey, realDonaldTrump We just caught you all in Georgia. This post won’t age wells TrumpWon

Womp Womp. Thoughts and prayers. LOL Win the 2021 copy of Webster’s dictionary under synonyms for the word loser will be Trump. More atrocious 'reporting' by big media. WI Supreme Court Ordered that the case cannot be heard DIRECTLY by them but may first be brought in District Court, as is the norm. Ha ha ha Trump never had any intention of subverting Biden's win. He just wants to keep conning his gullible supporters into making big donations.

That boy love to lose How many times has realdonaldtrump lost Wisconsin so far? I've completely lost count The trump cult will not see this information. In their heads he still has a case and will win. _Politics Game over Mr President!!! Thank God for justice!!! This madness has got to stop it tearing our country apart....

But...the evidence! It’s all there! It’s everywhere! Just here to see the Trump cult claim they’ll win in the Supreme Court now. Was not disappointed. With witnesses like this, who needs to win? 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆 All this winning realDonaldTrump 🎉 Right because this can’t be appealed to SCOUTUS Our election has been CERTIFIED!!!! It does not matter what any court says at this point. This is just a show for Trump to get his minions to keep donating.

No court is going to rule in Trump favor, it just not going to happen. And the U.S. Supreme Court will never take it. SCOTUS Bitches!! Back Bones!!! FINALLY Bejing Biden is a dirty criminal who must be impeached and jailed immediately! We have video and laptops!!! Not going away!!!!! His diaper is full again!!!!

SO much winning Is this court loss 40 or 41? Let’s ask the kraken... No, you have it completely wrong (again) Ruling says case must go through 1st circuit first-that is all. It is technical only and does NOT mean lawsuit is dead. Denied Biden2020 TrumpTheFool BiggestLoserTrump Trump has lost for the 999Th time. Yet, the stupids are convinced the election was stolen from him.

To quote Mr. Jeffery Lebowski 'Your revolution is over, Mr. Trump. Condolences. The bums lost.' Cue the temper tantrum. You sound giddy..AP. Neener neener 🤣🤣🤣 People have to stop thinking and saying there was no fraud in this election. They dont like Trump but there are more who do. They will regret being a Democratic loyalist in the coming months. Everything Trump promised he fullfilled even vaccine that people mocked him for

Subvert. Propaganda much? To Trump and the entire GOP Donald Trump has no case. Classic “Begging the Question.” It’s not a win yet. Ley he keep trying all hes doing is dooming georgia for the Republicans. Tears for the trumpers Trump loses. Again. Trump will maintain he won so his cult members will send him their money. Which they will. $171 million so far. A third-rate conman fleeces first-rate suckers.

Let's start scrutinizing the states that Trump won. He does have a LONG history of fraud. No signature match means bidencheated. on to USA supreme court Now who would have thought a Dem control Court would rule this way As it should...Time to pack up the Trump circus and move them out. Bwahahahaha !! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

With expert testimony like this I don’t see how they can refuse. discouraging though to read the article and see it was 4-3. That there are actually 3 crooked partisan lackeys in the state's High Court. That's a sorry state of affairs :( kyledcheney Bye, Felicia. It’s been a whole month & Donald Trump is still stuck on Nov 3 , wasting 💰 over frivolous lawsuits , the man is mentally incapable.

Rudy Giuliani has evidence of voter fraud from many states and he is in court for them. Affidavits from people who swore under oath. Why are all media outlets saying there is no voter fraud? ElectionFraud RudyGiuliani That's a WINO. Judge told his attorneys to “Get the F*ck Out of My Courtroom with this BS!”

Still not tired of winning. 🤷‍♂️ LMFAOO So. Much. Winning! this is just money grabbing business for trump United States Supreme court it is then. BidenWasNotElected Finally, it’s time to stop entertaining this charade. I'm super shocked Another L for the conman & the retrumplicans 😂 LOSER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOMP WOMP

TRUMPIES ON SUICIDE WATCH Bye All he does is lose lose lose no matter what what what.... as expected Amen Someone is about to go nuclear The government by the people and for the people will ONLY benefit the people when 100% of the people are voting 100% ALL THE TIME. VoteAllTheTimeMF Q -Santa 🎅🏼 was stuffing ballot boxes. Because he doesn’t like us. 😢

good. just stahhhhhp already. Aww... poor treasonous Trump All these efforts on Trump’s behalf were done because it was going to help Trump win,but because it was going to help Trump cope with a loss, he can not accept defeat. That meant no Republican with career ambitions could accept it, either.{re-tweet}

JennaEllisEsq Duh