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Wisconsin court rules that primary can proceed on Tuesday

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Voters in Wisconsin will likely face a choice on Tuesday of participating in a presidential primary election or heeding warnings from public health officials to stay away from...

4/7/2020 1:12:00 AM

Wisconsin 's Supreme Court rules that Gov. Tony Evers cannot postpone the state’s presidential primary, striking down his order to move the vote to June over coronavirus fears. Barring an appeal, the election will go forward Tuesday.

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Voters in Wisconsin will likely face a choice on Tuesday of participating in a presidential primary election or heeding warnings from public health officials to stay away from...

Evers himself had questioned whether he had the power to reschedule the election, but said the worsening situation, including an increase in COVID-19 deaths from 56 on Friday to 77 on Monday, made it clear there was no way to safely move forward. Evers said he was motivated by protecting public health, not politics.

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“The people of Wisconsin, the majority of them, don’t spend all their waking hours thinking about are Republicans or Democrats getting the upper hand here,” Evers said earlier Monday. “They’re saying they’re scared. They’re scared of going to the polls.”

Evers and Republicans initially agreed that it was imperative for the election to proceed because thousands of local offices are on the ballot Tuesday for terms that begin in two weeks. There is also a state Supreme Court election.Ohio saw a similar eleventh-hour flurry the day before its primary last month. After the governor and secretary of state failed to persuade a judge to shift the election date, the state health director stepped in and ordered voting shut down. Legislators set a new, almost all-mail primary for April 28, sparking new legal challenges from voting rights groups, but a federal judge on Friday said the election could go forward.

Wisconsin Democratic state Sen. Jon Erpenbach said Republicans want to suppress turnout, particularly in Democrat-heavy Milwaukee, because that will benefit Republicans.“Democrats have always been good about getting out the vote on the day of,” Erpenbach said. “If you’re looking at the newspapers, watching TV, you know right now it’s dangerous.”

Evers is among the governors who have issued a stay-at-home order and closed all nonessential businesses.“Your choice is to go and vote in person and take a chance on contracting COVID-19 or stay home,” Erpenbach said. “What do you think people are going to do?”

Full Coverage:Election 2020The state and national Democratic parties, along with a host of other liberal and voter advocacy groups, filed federal lawsuits seeking a delay in the election and other changes. A federal court judge just last week handed Democrats a partial win, allowing for absentee ballots to be counted through April 13, delaying the reporting of election results until then. But the judge, and later a federal appeals court, declined to postpone the election.

Republicans appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court, asking that it not allow absentee ballots to be counted beyond Tuesday. They argue that partial results could be leaked. The court was considering whether to take action.Democrats fear that if the Supreme Court reverses the judge’s ruling and cuts short the amount of time those ballots can be returned and still counted, thousands of voters will be disenfranchised and not have their votes counted.

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Thousands of poll workers had said they wouldn’t work, leading Milwaukee to reduce its planned number of polling sites from 180 to just five. More than 2,500 National Guard troops were dispatched to staff the polls. They were also distributing supplies, including hand sanitizer, to polling sites across the state. In Madison, city workers were erecting plexiglass barriers to protect poll workers, and voters were encouraged to bring their own pens to mark the ballots.

George Dunst, 76, of Madison, who has volunteered at his local polling site for nearly every election since he retired, said he’s not going Tuesday amid fears of contracting COVID-19.“No matter what safety precautions you take, there’s going to be exposure,” he said. “Who knows who comes into the polling place?”

___Peoples reported from New York. Associated Press writers Todd Richmond from Madison, Wis., and Julie Carr Smyth from Columbus, Ohio, contributed to this report. Read more: The Associated Press »

Republicans should be ashamed of themselves, putting people’s lives in danger just to suppress the vote. Time to replace Republicans in the state. Thank you Tony Evers for standing with wisconsin residents and trying to do the right thing. The Governor of Wisconsin is a FUC%* Disgrace Too his State Too...Nothing else Need be Said!! Wake The Blank up SLEEPERS!!

These Republican politics are straight from Hell! Why on Earth would anybody want to vote for people that want to kill you or rob you blind! The day of the crooks living off cattle rustling and running their towns are long gone! Thank Donald Trump for that! ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS !!! People have much more important things on their minds right now than who to fucking vote for !!! Just another example of how our gov’t cares more for themselves than they do us !!! timeforarevolution

Which party is the majority in the state legislature? And if both parties want to avoid health risks, why can’t they pass emergency legislation today to postpone the vote and/or the deadline for mail in ballots The Democratic Party is a nonprofit organization, not a part of the government. They can choose to count the ballots and the Supreme Court cannot stop them. A primary is not an election supremecourt

uilciande stay home but like eh voting is whatever Republicans in Wisconsin would rather murder Americans than loose an election. They will lie, cheat, steal and murder to win. 62WalterP Power and greed vs lives Easy to see what wins here. Just unfathomable. This is what the partisan power grabs like Bush v Gore and McConnell stealing the garland seat have wrought. Legit death panels. TrumpBodyCount WisconsinPrimary GOPGenocide

The Republican attitude about the Wisconsin Primary is just like their attitude about everything else, such as global warming. They don't care who dies or what happens to our democracy as long as they can stay in power BULLSHIT Dems and gops are just two sides of a death cult So? We've never shut down for a virus before. People can wear a mask, gloves, social distance. We don't need to be nannied.

The Pasquinade Post primary poll predictions*: Biden: 45 Sanders: 32 * numbers indicate actual votes, not percentages. Republicans, the GOP, and now the Supreme Court are throwing caution to the wind and endangering lives for their own political expediency. Other state have postponed their primaries. Why not Wisconsin? Oh, wait.

If Ohio can change their primary to a mail-in ballot vote, so can Wisconsin. The ultimate science experiment right in my own back yard. How did Dewine still stop the primary in Ohio then? He needs to take a page out of the DeWine playbook. Our primary was postponed and by mail in only in Ohio. DANG SKIPPY LETS VOTE DEMS WANT TO CORRUPT THE SYSTEM WEAR GLOVES AND MASK IF THEY GOOD FOR NURSES IT GOOD FOR PEOPLE DUH DOES HE THINK WE STUPID

Good Only 5 polling places out of 180 due to poll workers refusing to work. WTF. Democrats pining away for a write in election so they can fix the election, couldn’t win the legitimate way This is rich coming from the biggest cheaters of all. The Democrats are now worried about dying after voting for abortion and killing 38000 babies a year. You all whine now because you dont like it when your called out and your asses are on the line.

I find it comical that all of these boomers’ final act on earth will be voting for a man who will assure Trump’s re-election. What a pathetic way to leave this earth. Social distance. Use common sense. Wear a mask and gloves if you do not feel safe. Bring your own pen. Stay 6 feet apart. Vote. Positions of power and decision making aren't a prerequisite for making good decisions. Most bosses I've ever had were the dumbest people in the room but excelled in playing politics and manipulating the other dumb bosses into giving them positions of power.

Now the ppl of WISCONSIN must OVERRULE THEIR SUPREME COURT🤔 The Ppl have the last word they’ve always had the last word just never chose to exercise their God-given right🙏🏽 No better time than the present WISCONSIN. Send a clear MESSAGE tomorrow to WIS SC! Dig in WIS Absolutely unconscionable and irresponsible wisgop WI_Elections The WisconsinPandemicVoting DON'T GO StayTheFHome they will have no choice but to have another vote

That's absolutely disgusting. WisconsinPrimary WisconsinSupremeCourt Vote Jill Karovsky Literal murder. The court and everyone involved in making that primary tomorrow are responsible with those who will die from pandemic after getting infected during the primary. I wonder if County officials could still close all polling stations as a health hazard, Gov Evans could decide not to use the Nat Guard to enforce them, and then declare election results invalid due to lack of voting.

Republicans don’t care if you get sick or die! They will do ANYTHING to “win”. They are desperate. VoteBlueToEndThisNightmare StaySafe WearAMask Truly disgusting Cover up and show up !!!!!! Please !!!!! Love how Donnie rambled about infrastructure the other briefing/Rally GOP Supreme Court levels the field by herding US citizens during a pandemic. Where is the accountability? Unless the Judges would be on site cheering voters they have no right. TwitterNYC TwitterSF ABC

A big win for freedom in America Evil Unconscionable. They dont care about people dyi g,push there right wing agenda down our throat s.This is crazy ,because people will die This shows us there willing to kill people to keep Trump and the GOP in office. Force all 5 yes votes to serve in the place of poll workers.

VoteBlueNoMatterWho2020 Director Linda Seemeyer of DHSWI should order all polling locations closed and DelayThePrimary. COVID19 WisconsinPrimary They also are not allowing absentee ballots after the deadline. Even if residents haven’t received their ballots and requested them BEFORE the absentee deadline.

Wow... Well the old folks who seem to be supporting joe Biden better show up in safety gear like the workers at the power plant in the Simpsons if they want to avoid the worst case scenario! This is just a terrible decision! I look forward to their contradictory ruling in November, when they decide that, because of the virus, the presidential election should be postponed a couple of years.

What Didn't Ohio do just that though This is totally ridiculous and irresponsible & will for sure get people killed. Supreme court-i hope youre happy to have caused those deaths It's almost like the GOP is helping biden. Maybe it's a shared values and treatment of women thing. IBelieveTara believewomen

Kill the Supreme Court members The Governor should have the right to order the polling places closed due to a pandemic. DISGUSTING! 🤢🤢🤢 Yes !!! This GOP controlled state is stupid af THIS IS WHAT A REPUBLICAN RUN GOVT LOOKS LIKE. IT’S ONE THAT DOESN’T ALLOW YOU THE RIGHT TO VOTE. BioTerrorVoterSuppression WillingToDieVoter

Its so sad to watch Wisconsin devolve from its Progressive roots. Where is the responsibility, GOP? TheJusticeDept USSupremeCourt Has no right to pretend there isn't pandemic The whole system collapsed to essential to stay home to Gov free money & lots of loans It's The Last Battle It's time of war & NO elections People's dying People's in ECU People's agonizing Lot of sick!

Why doesn’t he just do what the (Republican) Governor of Ohio did and have the Health Dept shut it down. ARREST THEM FOR ATTEMPTED MURDER Just do it anyway. Deal with the courts later. You have to give it to crazy republicans, they are consistent and always choose votes over life. Each time there was a case where votes were in play, they picked that over integrity, honor, valor, and now American lives. Any R vote is a stupid vote! GOP DNC realDonaldTrump 🤮

Amazing that when Illinois proceeded with their presidential primary just a couple weeks ago (after issuing the stay at home order), nobody said a word. Fuckwits This is insane!!! Why would the court do this to their people. SO WRONG!!!!!! Trump admitted that making it easier to vote in America would hurt the Republican party. ... “Trump knows that suppressing the vote is the only way he and Republicans win in November . Republicans often say they oppose voting reforms because of voter fraud which is extremely rare

As a Democrat, I am okay with this. We cannot set a precedent where we allow the Chief 🤡 realDonaldTrump to delay November elections. I’ll drag my ventilator to the voting booth if necessary to defeat the draft-dodging pornstar banger. Pandumbic, Vol. 3 Republican controlled Supreme Court SUPPRESSION 🗣🗣🗣🗣

Appeal or Wisconsin Health Department needs to shut down the election Fucking joke. Society? You can’t fix stupid. And that is why Wisconsin GOP is going to get voted out. I am a Wisconsinite and I will make sure. WisconsinPandemicVoting vote GOP out. All the Wisconsin gop our! VoteBlueToEndThisNightmare

Could the media ask Trump if he approves of the Wisconsin election? And could they ask Biden if he is still on the Republican's side? If the press, JoeBiden or realDonaldTrump had either souls or spines they could pressure the Wisconsin Republicans not to kill people tomorrow. Conservative crts are part of this⬇️ USA v. rich democracies: 1.lowest voter turnout b/c of votersuppression 2.less democracy b/c of ElectoralCollege 3.lowest life expectancy 4.greatest %of pop. in prison 5.greatest of guns 6.lowest tax on 1% 7.most dangerous,incl. for kids

All the Dems should stay home. Let the GOP voters go to the polls and infect each other. =less GOP voters This is silly, how can there be a fair election in the middle of a pandemic. The Ohio Governor wasn't allowed to order the polls closed either, but the Health Department is allowed to prohibit gatherings of people. So the health dept. stopped the initial vote.

well, republicans don't believe the virus is real and they'll be out in droves - dems better sack up and vote (wear masks) or they're going to lose everything they've fought for these last three years. Maybe Wisconsin will wake up and stop voting for scumbag REPUBLICANS the states have 7 months to come up with a vote by mail or, better yet, electronic voting... this is what happens when people who don't use technology run the country

_Politics 🖕🏼wisgop SpeakerVos SenFitzgerald 🖕🏼 😡🤬🤢🤮 WIGOPSenate YOU ALL SUCK Disgusting I’m appalled and disgusted by the lack of care or concern for the well-being of WI voters by the .GOP. This is utterly grotesque and citizens should hold GOP members accountable for placing their safety at risk.

Wow! This is so wrong. So the US Supreme Court would have to appeal? That’s Murder Ohio’s Supreme Court did too. The Health Director did an end run around them. They are doing this because they believe it will give them an advantage if the virus impacts voter turnout. Ffs Wisconsin. Democrats stopped again! Democrats hate the law.

SpeakerVos will have to explain himself when poll workers die because of this. shame Wisconsin Republicans really want Americans to know that they will happily cause you to die if it keeps them in power. Muderous bastards. Hopefully Evers appeals. Better start making plans/arrangements for November. I mean, just in case. ¯\\_(ツ)_/¯

Absurd. I have no more words. This makes as much sense as well...I can’t think of anything dumber at the moment. Another reason why TheDemocrats must step up and appoint rational-minded Americans in strategic positions of power. Supreme Covidiots have ruled. Totally unnecessary primary if Bernie would quit “assessing” and make the decision to drop out and help to mend the party. Get out and get behind Joe!

What the fck It’s not just a presidential primary, and 4 days ago the governor agreed with the state Supreme Court. Okay, if the Republicans want to cheat to win, I hope every single Democrat in Wisconsin can wear masks and gloves to vote those cheater judges out. This is what happened in Ohio. Our governor had his medical director issue an emergency order. Was it constitutional? Probably not. But it saved lives and Dewine’s popularity has skyrocketed.

We need to move to national mail in elections. If we can 4 Census notices in the mail, we can get a ballot in the mail. MailinVoting The absolute mad lad state of the banana republic named USA. Top lad. I cannot wait for Trump to do that before November 3rd and that will get him removed. They're still going to vote at polls, in-person? That's... not a great idea. *sigh*

The Supreme Court is afraid to lose a seat to judgekarofsky. One of their seats is threatened in this election and they benefit from forcing an election. When people die, remember they are complicit.... JillForJustice Federal court now? Republicans are monsters with no souls Per the usual, GOP suppressing votes since they can’t win legitimately otherwise

Im so confused...the left says trump might postpone election making him hitler, evers does it and he’s a saint...what’s the right spin on this to be consistent? On the one hand, democracy. On the other, death. Let's see, which one is the better choice? 🧐SocialDarwinism The governor can order everyone to stay indoors though right?

US courts keep open abortion clinics, during this Covid_19 pandemic surely since the women get to them... the need for at home voting is muted WTF is wrong with right wingers The Supreme Court is not helping the American people. Please help,the people. We are dying. It's like an intelligence test to see which voters didn't see this coming and haven't already voted by mail.

Suck it, fascist. So conservative court is going to be responsible for a possible outbreak. That'll help them in November. Moronic decision Supreme Court of Cheesebillies. OK, Wisconsin, you are officially and undeniably humiliated in the eyes of the nation. _Politics murderers. 🧐 Macron did the same in France 3 weeks ago : lots of people got sick after the elections.

Please link to the Court's order/opinion! More proof that Republicans only care about human life in the womb. Appeal to what Court? Not a federal question Very sad. Social distancing and lives are more important. See you there Bernie2020 This is the dumbest shit I’ve ever seen. Democracy wins. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

What could possibly go wrong? Unbelievable Moronic

Despite coronavirus, Wisconsin goes forward with plans for in-person primaryIn midst of coronavirus pandemic, Wisconsin plans for in-person voting in its presidential primary Tuesday and awaits a U.S. Supreme Court ruling. The republicans ignored it, hmm. I don’t see how no one is addressing how perfectly this pandemic plays perfectly into the GOP’s plan to stay in power. gop motto: if you can't win honestly and safely, then EFFING CHEAT AND ENDANGER CITIZENS How come elections haven’t gone online?

Wisconsin governor orders delay of Tuesday election to JuneMADISON, Wis. — Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers on Monday issued an executive order to delay the state's presidential primary for two months because of the coronavirus pandemic, a move that will almost certainly prompt a court challenge and inject new uncertainty about whether the election will move forward.Evers Is this a test to see if tRump can put on hold till 2100 the 2020 election?

Wisconsin governor orders delay of Tuesday election to June; court challenge expectedIn the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, Wisconsin had planned for in-person voting in its presidential primary Tuesday.

Wisconsin legislature comes under fire for ‘unconscionable’ decision to hold primary amid coronavirus pandemicTwo members of the Wisconsin Elections Commission voiced their concerns in a letter to the leaders of the state’s GOP-controlled legislature ahead of Tuesday’s primary.

Citing coronavirus, Wisconsin mayors urge postponement of Tuesday's electionNine Wisconsin mayors, including those representing the state's five largest cities, on Sunday urged the state's top public health official to postpone Tuesday's primary election due to the coronavirus pandemic. Let the man postpone the election! Voter turnout should be encouraged, and right now that’s not possible. Just cancel elections everywhere until next year covid has taken over Use Apollo apollocurrency

Wisconsin governor delays election, prompts court challengeMADISON, Wis. (AP) — Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers on Monday moved to postpone the state's presidential primary for two months because of the coronavirus pandemic, prompting a court challenge and... He did the right thing Democracy dies in the dark!! Good for you!!!