Zip-Front Sports Bras, Front Closure Sports Bras

Zip-Front Sports Bras, Front Closure Sports Bras

Why You Should Be Wearing A Zip-Front Sports Bra To The Gym

Taking off your sweaty gym clothes shouldn’t be its own workout...

6/18/2021 12:01:00 AM

Taking off your sweaty gym clothes shouldn’t be its own workout...

Taking off your sweaty gym clothes shouldn’t be its own workout...

Christine GiordanoIs there really anything worse than trying to wrestle yourself out of a sweaty sports braafterworkout? Have you ever flopped back onto your bed after barely getting it off of your torso for a bit of a break? (Okay, that just might be me.) But that problem is a thing of the past with *drumroll please* the zip-front sports bra! Yep, that means no longer struggling to get that tight sports bra over your head before or after your workout, which leaves you more energy for the workout itself! Thank goodness.

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Thanks to a handy zipper right between the boobs, these are easy-on, easy-off, no matter how sweaty you get. It's just like zipping up your jacket–okay, maybe a bit more snug. The amazing thing about this type of bra is that it can offer even more support than the over-your-head type. It’ll protect your boobs during even the most strenuous movement.

Many athletic wear brands and now offering these genius inventions at a range of price points and colors. Pick the style that speaks to you and prepare to fall in love so hard you'll want to toss all your other sports bras for good. Whether you need a zip-front bra fit for your most intense

workout or you just want another sports bra to lounge around in, these zip-front sports bras are the best of the best. Read more: Women's Health »

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