Whoopi Goldberg erupts after COVID diagnosis: 'This will kill you! What's the matter with you people?'

11/23/2022 11:10:00 PM

Whoopi Goldberg erupts after COVID diagnosis: 'This will kill you! What's the matter with you people?'

Whoopi Goldberg erupts after COVID diagnosis: 'This will kill you! What's the matter with you people?'

Whoopi Goldberg slammed Dr. Anthony Fauci's critics in the wake of her COVID-19 diagnosis, saying it 'will kill you' and asking 'what's the matter with you people?'

"The View" co-host Whoopi Goldberg slammed critics of Dr. Anthony Fauci on Wednesdayafter having COVID-19, saying it"will kill you."Fauci addressed White House reporters on Tuesday as he prepares to step down from his government post, where he reiterated people should get vaccinated and boosted, in addition to considering testing for the virus before gathering for Thanksgiving. Goldberg grew heated after playing the clip.

"Now that suggestion set… people’s heads exploded from outrage," Goldberg said."A lot of conservatives who posted about how much they hate Dr. Fauci, that they would rather get Covid than ever test again — let me explain something to you as somebody who’s just come off it again. And not a nice, light, you know, because I came off a tough a-- [COVID diagnosis], OK? You don’t want to get this. It’s not funny. You don’t want this. This will kill you! What’s the matter with you people?"

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SO CAN SUICIDE! She sure looks bad from it Highly doubt we’ll be that lucky, but one can hope! Why is a fully vaccinated so emotional? Maybe there is something wrong with stabs? Libs are so silly.... It's just an acronym for the fluAllah Got Us!!!!! The jabs kill. Not Covid. Depopulation event called the Great Reset.

She is flipping out .Did anyone tell her t's less dangerous than the flu. She is fat and unhealthy. If you are in that way and get covid of course you will suffer more. She smokes weed and then eats too much and it shows. These people are so determined to communize America, that they will pretend like the world has never dealt with cold and flu's and viruses before!!.

It’s their life. Leave them alone and shut up 😂😂😂

Keke Palmer Reveals the Sex Advice She Received From Whoopi GoldbergThe 'Baby, This Is Keke Palmer' host shared Goldberg's bedroom advice.

If you think the jab works so damn well, get it. Just remember it’s a personal choice. Something people have the right to decide for themself. I respect both choices, however i will never be “told” I have to get the jab. Lol,your still living and alive to tell about it aren't you?! Nobody buys into the Covid bullshit anymore

We couldn’t be that lucky. Just take your Remdesivir and go to sleep And you still wonder why Nobody gives a rats ass about her or her views Didn't kill me and I'm unvaxed. I thought she was vaxed I hope it does kill her. More vaccinated died in august than unvaccinated.

Keke Palmer reveals sex advice from Whoopi Goldberg that changed her life“It was a journey of trying to figure out what works for me,” she added, noting Goldberg’s words of wisdom gave her more “enjoyment” in the bedroom. Yea no one cares When was she on a Disney show? It was Nick Lisa6264 👋

She's exactly the picture of mental illness plaguing America today. Whoopie. You going to die! That’s what going to happen. I didn’t because I was boosted. But you going to if you’re not. I know. I’m a medical professional. And I know any conservative will die if they not boosted.. 7 If you kept your big mouth shut for a while maybe you wouldn’t have gotten sick….

Didn’t kill us we had it twice and was done in 3 days Double Vaxxed and boosted then Covid again? Wow where can I get this miracle vaccine?!? Stupid airhead! 🙄 There are plenty of things that will kill us. Look both ways before crossing the street! I am sure all 50 of her fans agreed So I guess we should expect nothing of the shot at this point? It’s always “you people” that are the problem, not the government. Along with big pharma lying to you

Keke Palmer Shares Sex Advice She Got from Whoopi Goldberg, How It Changed EverythingThe 'Nope' star also shares how pornography negatively influenced her initial understanding of what sex should be (via toofab) Really now...blaming game

No one cares what she thinks. This is what's wrong with society now. She us nothing. This is the poorest excuse of an American that I’ve ever seen. This is the problem in our society. Get rid of people like will be and make America great again Streptococcus can kill too. How many people have died AFTER they’ve been vaccinated?!?!?

What a entitled and garbage human being… That's what happens when you're unhealthy. Dj Khaled! FAT AS FUCK .. Whoopi Goldberg - Another one. No it's not. It should make you laugh at the person who diagnosed it Whoopi erupts about everything. That’s her job. Does anyone take The View seriously? Dumbest a d Ugliest lady around! Gross

Soooo let me get this straight. After you survived Covid, you go back on TV to tell us it’s gonna kill us? 🤡🤡

Illinois reports 1,903 new COVID cases, 0 new deathsIllinois reported 1,903 new COVID cases and 0 new deaths Monday. Chicago's top doc is warning that low booster rates could lead to a new variant. BS You're a news organization. Find a basis for this repeated claim. BS

I think it already killed the most vulnerable among us. Whoopi has drunk the crunk of koolaid. Why do yall even waste your time on this crap? We don't even care Might want to mix in some yogurt. Her age & weight are the issues working against her. Is she on meds for BP or type 2 diabetes? What is the circumference difference between her belly & hips. Metabolic disease is the problem. Not covid and fear.

Forgot to say, hope you feel better. NOT you people? Really, sounds racist. Well whoopee my whole family had it. We are still here. Happy to say I now have my God given antibodies. It affects different people in different ways. Bottom line I'll let my body do what it was designed to do. So you can take your advice and go away.

She is right more people are dying that have been boosted and vaccinated than the unvaccinated a study just found. Like we’d really listen to her….. All elitists pushing this crap

Carnival Cruise Line brings back COVID-19 protocols in AustraliaThe move came after hundreds of passengers were infected on the Majestic Princess. i bet they were all vaccinated

Let's hope she becomes one of the statistics If you would listen, I might tell you 🤪 Actually the CDC now admits that 58% of Covid deaths were people that were vaxxinated or vaxxed and boosted! So will the flu If you didn’t have that poison in your body your natural immunity would have helped you heal better. 😎

No it will not kill you! There may be some, but some will die from a common cold! Stop with the extreme drama, yes you will be sick but you will survive! Blame are government It pains us all that Whoopi quit standup for a career in lay down. Shes such a horrible person It's amazing how the COVID Hysteria returned right AFTER Trump announced his Candidacy for 2024 . It's NOT going to work this TIME ! They WON'T be able to cheat in that election. They can't beat him in a legitimate election and they KNOW it !

Significant Post-COVID Brain Abnormalities Revealed by Special MRIScientists uncovered brain changes in patients up to six months after they recovered from COVID-19 by using a special type of MRI. This is according to a study that will be presented at the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) next week. According to the U.S. Centers

SHE is FULL of CRAP Is she dead? People have died from the flu as well…come down with all the drama…wake-up Whoopi and stop telling me what to do!!! Poor baby. It’s the new abortion shot what does a left wing democrat like her care. Should be happy it’s killing people Better luck next time Covid!! She’s an over weight clown 🤡 Let her live in fear and let the people express what they want about Dr. Fraudchi and getting covid. Her voice is less valuable than the other majority who are happy he is gone

it's not about killing yourself it's about killing other people. My mom thought that it was fine to talk with COVID-diagnosed one and then visited our family party. So, I've been living with heart-disease-consequences for two years! If you feel sick STAY HOME!

Change your first name it's annoying! Yet here she is... Probably not as quick as her obesity. Woopi is fat, fat people are more likely to become severely sick and die from covid. Fat people are also more likely to spread covid. These statements are backed up by scientific studies. Doesn’t she want to die and go to heaven ?

Low sex kills faster Like… if Whoopi dropped dead today… how would life change? Whoopi is not right It's a farce Whoopi anywayz I have no respect for you...your words fall to the ground & grinded to the ground like a butt being put out

10 days in the hospital oxygen level was 88 when I was admitted I'm still here. Couldn't have happened to a better person Who is Whoopi Goldberg? High BMI will also kill you, what’s the matter with you people? It seems to me that now the people who get the vaccine and boosters are the ones that keep getting covid. My wife and I are unvaccinated, I had covid once over a year ago, she has never caught it.

And yet..there she is is.. still spouting off.. 🤮 What do you mean you people Guess what Whoppie, your going to die anyway with or without the shot. You better repent. Who GAF? I never wore a mask, I never got the jab. I never got covid If you're going through life fearing death you're not really living 🤷‍♂️

You first nasty woman I say that same sentence to people, 'you watch the VIEW what the hell is wrong with you people ' Yet she is completely fine... We’ve can only hope it does us a favor and kills off the Nasty Creature!! This will kill you! Yes you, The .0000000000001% of the world population. 🤣 let it go, no one cares. Just another thing to live with.

Shut up Whoopie 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I've had it four times haven't died yet! Unvaccinated and proud! Were u quadrupled vaxed w/all the boosters b4 getting diagnosed? Just curious cause if you were, & you still got covid, just goes to show the vaccines DO NOT PREVENT one from getting covid 19. The vaccines, if they do not kill or mame u, they will likely make ur symptoms milder

My fiancé just died one month after the booster. 👽🤢🧟‍♀️

Lmao the vax is what’s killing her immune system. Please whoopi! Keep getting g your boosters. Do us all a favour. She's trying to protect her overweight body that's not healthy. Scared but lazy So will the Clintons….can we find a cure for that?! Lol Some ppl but ppl die every day So the woman who is so fat she needs a cane to waddle about is going to give me health advice. The vaccine for obesity is way more effective than the COVID jab...it's called SALAD.

Shut up woman. The game is over. Go. Away. Commie. How many covid deaths were there really? What's she doing still in America, thought she was leaving?

PROPAGANDA...... Whoopie Goldberg is a lying piece of crap that will continue to play the democrat hand even though the entire thing turned out to be BS and all these people wanted to do is steal tax payer money for these so called untested vaccines that have clearly done nothing but kill kids. What good has it done to get vaxxed and boosted? You still get sick! I had covid, I lived! No strange BS floating around in my body, changing the way God made me? Whoppi Goldberg needs to ……

Hey Whoopi… On the Lefts own news! It’s finally starting to come out on mainstream. Whoopi does appear to be the epitome of health and her medical knowledge is also quite impressive. Yes that booster saved her for certain. It has nothing to do with decreasing virulence of COVID, herd immunity, immune system, prior exposure, or current medications available

I was in ICU with Covid pnemonia in 2021, and was out within 4 days, AMA, after a heavy course of steroids. I just got Covid again and am on Paxlovid 'anti-viral medication', and I feel excellent. Vaccines are not required, when we have safe, tested medications that DO work! She needs to be careful, she’s as fat as I am.

Moron is quad jabbed and got it how many times Cant educate stupid Big Whoop! Let her throw her temper tantrum... whoopie is old news Not fast enough

This woman is totally out of it and out of touch with reality Life will kill you. ~ Pfizer actually came out to say they never tested their vaccines, they have no idea if it works. ~ With how fast Covid spread, how do we have so many unvaccinated people that never caught it? ~ Covid: the yearly flu with the added bonus of mass hypnosis and hysteria

PFfffft! Really WhoopiGoldberrg LOL! I've had C19 3 times, the last two times, I've had hangnails that have bothered me more! Oh well hope that jab does not enhance your infection. Not getting it, and already had, and recovered. Unlike many who have not due to the jab!! Oh-Our-God: 🇺🇸US/Americans are the nuclear-pasta for 🇺🇸USA's (Eternal-Comos/Univeral'sGravity/Omniabsolute, ultimate & complete consummation & sovereignty). Is the essence of a Holy-Soul-Mindset/Happiness on 🌎 as we exist in the NOW. Metamorphosize ASAP and all is satisfied.

I'm confused. She just had COVID. She says 'it will kill you'. Yet she is still alive.

19 BOOSTERS AND ASKING WHATS WRONG WITH ME?!?!?!?!?!? Didn't kill me twice. Enough fear mongering Whoops. Yeah I’ve had it twice and I’m not dead. Being vaccinated seems to be the main factor in reoccurring Covid. Do they not have data on non vaxxed, natural immunity results? I believe the vaccine caused variants and thus you get infected by them.

Whoopie...whoop whoop..is stupid. Never vaccinated had COVID and it just felt like a bad cold. Now my God given immunity should be all I need. Still here, still healthy and still pure! The Flu is worse than Covid. JoNochio Biden is a clown president and he can fit 1,000s of others on his DCClownCar. Take another buster

Not fast enough to get away from her nagging mouth! Her diet is more likely to kill you

Life will kill you if the government doesn't do it first She represents everything that’s broken in our society Pole kordagi pôdenud covidit ,aga pärast vaktsineerimist on mul hapniku puudus ja südamerütmi häired.Mul on abikaasa vaktsineeritud ,aga on 2 korda läbipôdenud seda covidit.Kus on näidatud selle vaktsiini kôrvalmôjud.

Pull the covers over your head tonight when you go to bed Whoopie.. That way you won't be scared when they close the coffin.. Go away. So scientists have been working on the aids virus since the 80's and no cure. So you would need to be very gullible to believe they made a safe vaccine in 8 months. Isn't she in Canada?

The latest strain is not much worse than the flu. Some people don’t even have symptoms. Get over it drama queen! The only way to get this woman to shut up is to have Patrick Swayze take over her body. Can Whoopie define kill? Because covid killed our economy, our kid’s education, our freedom, and common sense.

Vaccinations are now killing more people now

What does she mean by 'You people?' I think a lot of people are going to be really pissed off when it’s exposed what all is in the experimental covid shot and what it’s really doing in some people’s bloodstream. It’s just a matter of time. I think Whoopi fell down and hit her head lol not the same whoopee I grew up watching!

I got it and I’m not in a casket, like the 99.6%. Enjoy your jab She should definitely get another Booster time to block the faux news. you guys are disgusting. I often think about gullible people that eat up the 💩 you serve, and wonder, how stupid can someone be to believe a word from any of you! 🤷🏻‍♀️

Hey Whoopi 🖕and 🤯🔫! 🤪🤮🤣🤪🤮🤣🤪🤮🤣🤪🤮🤣 You are as stupid as Fauci. Quit being a monk. It's going to kill us but not her? I'm sure she has all the vaccines and boosters why did she get it if vaccines work?

But you're vaccinated and quadruple boosted, you're fine, just roll with it. ✌️ All the left made it clear they want us dead and the thought makes them happy because they are baby murderers and child mutilators and possessed by demons. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 It’s a crying shame it didn’t kill her. The world would be better off without her sorry ass!!!!

First off, can I get a round of applause for all the healthcare workers that have to take care of Covid patients like her?! Also, no one seems to want to acknowledge the sharp rise in flu and RSV cases this year 🤔 Such a df Don’t worry Whoopi. Fauci and Biden assured the public that if you’re vaccinated you won’t die from Covid. 😉

99.8% survive 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 You mean the science wasn’t right?!?

Lol what a dingbat Get off TV really you are a brain washed evil racist... You’re still here! I thought you moved to Canada!!! Someone please stick a bar soap in her mouth! She is more racist than anyone in this country! Gold! 🤣 Yes...2% of people who contracted it. Big business. Poor Whoopi, no one cares what you say anymore

Better get that 99th booster 😅 Hahahahaha

Worry about u boo When she dies the world will be better off. I don't ever say shit like this. She is a fucking lunitic We have a brain. What’s your excuse. Hopefully just you This liberal is so stupid can't believe people watch the view Nothing too see here, just a socialist angry because they followed the science

I thought you left the country whoopie 100% Pure blood and loving it 🇺🇸👊 How exactly does Whoopi keep herself well ? She does not look like a person that is physically fit and focuses on boosting her immune system

Tell her to watch 'Died Suddenly'. Maybe she'll grow a brain. And yet she unfortunately lt is still here, need a bug that only zaps democrats! Haha! She is a FREAK Get her OFF the air! Please do quote, play videos or interview her on here. She said that she wants nothing to do with Twitter. She left. She announced it to everyone that she was leaving. We couldn’t be happier!

I just had COVID. I had sniffles and a cough. Thankfully, I’m still alive. Her behavior as usual is inappropriate. This is not news to the American people. So typical of you to try and cause fear & panic. You are one sick person. Take a permanent vacation. You’re no good for the American people. Shame on you.

It might kill her because she is morbidly obese Strange but it hasn't killed her or many more than the flu normally does lately. Let's square those two. It killed my uncle, I still have affects by it, my son had it twice special needs who in the heck would want this covid is horrible We should be so lucky.

Get a grip Whoopi. Covid only kills fat ugly people!! You should get double vaxed and triple boosted!!! Well the mask and jabs certainly didn’t help her ! Whoopi is a freak show - plain...simple FREAK SHOW! If covid can't shut her up nothing will. 🤣😂 Nah. Had it twice and I'm still here. Unvaccinated Is it me or does she look like a snowman with only 2 sections vs 3? It's all I see.

She is the opposite of Guinan

Obesity kills as well…. But nobody is screaming that at you So does smoking, the flu and pneumonia! Nothing is the matter covid - influenza Are two viruses with identical symptoms if you are overweight with preexisting conditions be careful or die. Thought she was moving to Canada? People don’t want to listen to your left crap anymore!! It’s done and I’m relieved

🤣 She needs her seventh booster Lol you got it 2x with how many useless jabs. They, Fauci and company, said you would not get covid, spread it, or die from it. It was a lie and liberals continue to spread the big lie.

She is so self important..... yet here she still is, quite unfortunate. Maybe Fauci can make a new variant Thoughts and prayers The crazy is strong in this one. Shit up and get better So does overeating!!!! Omg 😆 Latest stats show most deaths from covid are those who took the jab Hey! This app actually pays every day! I've already made $125.62 with JustPlay.

But she’s still alive!! 🙄


It will kill you easier if you are in the shape that this zero is. So will eating donuts everyday! Common sense is lacking these days.

Let's treat them the way they treat conservatives and wish them a horrible death, then watch them pretend like they never did it and call us evil If only we could get so lucky Calm down it's already killed the main arteries of America's Supply Chain, it's already killed SMB's finding adequate staffing by paying folks not to work, it makes no sense with untested illegals streaming across the border!

I had it twice..I’m good Joe Biden said it’s over! Stop the “dying” mantra.. you do you. Vaccine and boost if you want. She’s out to lunch Yes I can kill you. Question is why aren’t these booster shots working? After all, she’s had Covid multiple times. Maybe she needs to take a long break from that show.

Shouldn't she be immune to covid.

Bullshit Yall Scare Of Nothing Um, NO obesity will kill you! 100s of millions of people have contracted the Wuhan virus and recovered just fine there tubby! lol So….isn’t she vaxxed and boosted 5 times? She should be fine, right? Oh wait, she’s fat and old. Zip it Poopi! She hasn’t been relevant since sister act.

Small chance In January I was in the hospital with omnicron for 3 1/2 weeks including a week in ICU….never vaced, never will… I’m fine and the vac is scarier You know what kills you, Whoopi.....life Does it every time!! So why would I live my life in fear of something even a moderately person can handle? I'm gonna live while I'm alive.

Actually Whoopi‘s democratic policies are more dangerous than Covid and will probably kill you faster!

Panack and over dramatization never helped anyone and often masks the actual facts! LOL I guess a high body fat will kill you. Was whoopee boosted for that? Lose some weight GIRL She’s phat it gonna kil her😬 Nobody gives 2 shits what she thinks or says Get a life Whoopi shit

'The View' host Whoopi Goldberg erupted on critics of Dr.Whoopi Goldberg .The Hottest Looks From the 2022 BET Awards Red Carpet Whoopi Goldberg might just have an answer for everything.View Story The former Nickelodeon star also recently opened up about feeling"trapped" during her time starring as"True Jackson, VP.

Anthony Fauci and said after her most recent COVID diagnosis that it "will kill you!" "The View" co-host Whoopi Goldberg slammed critics of Dr. Anthony Fauci on Wednesday after having COVID-19 , saying it"will kill you. At one point in the conversation, the Nope star shares the key piece of advice that helped put things in perspective." Fauci addressed White House reporters on Tuesday as he prepares to step down from his government post, where he reiterated people should get vaccinated and boosted, in addition to considering testing for the virus before gathering for Thanksgiving. Admitting she often viewed sex as a “service” to her partner, the “Nope” star was told to take on a fresh perspective during an appearance on “The View. Goldberg grew heated after playing the clip.' And I was like, 'That rings true,'" she says. "Now that suggestion set… people’s heads exploded from outrage," Goldberg said. "I've taken those flamboyant and interesting aspects of myself and learned how to use them in a space that has become a career for me," she explained.

"A lot of conservatives who posted about how much they hate Dr.  "My identity with sex, it was always based upon, 'Oh, I just gotta do this service,’ and my enjoyment, any enjoyment that I had at that era, in that point, in that time, came from, I’m glad they're happy," she says.’ “That was like, depressing and not enough because well I realized, like, ‘Well, wait a damn minute … this isn’t it’ you know what I’m saying?” Palmer said Whoopi Goldberg gave her some sage advice about sex. Fauci, that they would rather get Covid than ever test again — let me explain something to you as somebody who’s just come off it again. And not a nice, light, you know, because I came off a tough a-- [COVID diagnosis], OK? You don’t want to get this.. It’s not funny.’ And I was like, ‘That rings true. You don’t want this. this isn't.

This will kill you! What’s the matter with you people?" Co-host Joy Behar said the reason COVID-19 did not kill Goldberg, who tested positive for the virus last week for a second time, was because she was boosted.  "If you are not boosted, you could die.. That’s the point. People write on Twitter or someplace, ‘You see? Whoopi got it, and she has the vaccinations." The Alice  star explains that her initial idea of sex was based off of what she saw in porn.’ Yeah, but Whoopi's sitting there.

She’s not in a casket, thank you," Behar said.  "There was one time in my life where I thought porn simulation sex, because that’s what it sounds like to me, porn simulated-esque sex, was something that could be interesting or fun, but I never actually had a happy ending from it, if I’m being, you know, lightly frank," she says.  "The View" co-host Whoopi Goldberg blasted critics of Dr. Anthony Fauci on Wednesday and said COVID "will kill you." For Palmer, she also realized that her life in the bedroom can’t imitate her professional life." (Screenshot/ABC/TheView) 'THE VIEW' HOST JOY BEHAR JOKES HERSCHEL WALKER MAY HAVE SUFFERED A STROKE LIKE FETTERMAN Goldberg also noted that she was immunocompromised.  "And people who are immunocompromised, you know, I have to stay well, so I don’t hurt anybody else..

This is how we take care of each other. I don’t understand how a suggestion for making your life perhaps better for the holidays makes people crazy," she continued. I'm giving you everything I've got and I'm going in and what I did learn and realize as I matured was like, that's absolutely not the kind of sex that I want to have," she says. The hosts also discussed Fauci's career across seven administrations as he leaves his government work.  "Why do people hate watch Dr. You know what I'm saying?" GET THE ET NEWSLETTER. Fauci? If you don’t like him, like, carry on.

Like, there are other channels. There are other things to do, it’s not like he got you to wear a mask or do anything else… So just carry on. Keep doing your nonmasking." co-host Sara Haines said.  White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre tells reporters to not shout questions during a briefing with Dr.

Anthony Fauci, center, and Coronavirus Response Coordinator Dr. Ashish Jha at the White House on Tuesday. (Win McNamee/Getty Images) .