WHO Says Omicron Variant Is Not “Mild” as New COVID Wave Overwhelms Hospitals

1/7/2022 11:39:00 PM

The extraordinary volume of cases is filling up emergency rooms nationwide and exhausting health care workers.

Experts say Omicron variant is not “mild” as the U.S. reported a single-day record of 1 million new cases on Monday.

The extraordinary volume of cases is filling up emergency rooms nationwide and exhausting health care workers.

And can you talk about the confusing CDC guidance, saying people can go back to work after five days without a test if they mask up? And people saying, “Well, wait a second here.01/05/2022 10:31 PM EST Link Copied CHICAGO — To understand the crisis that shuttered Chicago public schools this week, it helps to know the key ingredient: A Democratic mayor and one of the city’s most powerful labor groups can’t stand each other.croup and bronchiolitis are well-known to doctors, who have had decades of experience treating the conditions.Walmart and Kroger Have a New COVID Announcement Here's the latest change to be aware of.

Are you just saying that because there aren’t enough tests to go around?” And then the whole issue of masking, that cloth masks do not make it right now, that we’re talking about having to have KN or N95 or KN or N94 masks, you know, many-ply masks, and what that means for people who can’t afford or don’t have access to this kind of mask that everyone should be wearing? DR.SPENCER : Well, I think both of those are related, and I’ll address those separately.The Omicron variant turned out to be the spark.But, collectively, I think what’s important is that it is shameful that, two years into this, we don’t have a system whereby every person in this country, and even more so around the world, should have access to those high-quality masks that we’ve needed not just over the past few weeks but longer, or that it’s so difficult for people to get a test.“Infectious croup is one of the first diseases you learn about when you’re an intern in pediatrics.The fact that it costs $10 to $12 or $15 per test is absolutely incredulous and unacceptable at this point.“Instead, they chose an illegal, unilateral action that throws the whole system into chaos and makes us a laughingstock all across the country.We should have been doing more before Omicron arrived, and even once we knew that Omicron was coming at the end of November, to get tests out to every single person in this country, because right now what we’re seeing is that people with means and resources are able to go out and find them and buy them online, are able to stockpile, and they’re using that to keep their families safe, but, as we’ve seen throughout this pandemic, this is disproportionately impacting the people that do not have the means and the resources to spend the time in line getting a test or to spend a bunch of time online at night finding out where they can get tests from, or different types of masks, and research what may be best for them.Culture Valerie Bertinelli's Final Words With Late Ex She was there when Eddie Van Halen died in 2020.

The fact is, is that we should have collectively done more, as opposed to focusing, like the CDC guidance does, on individual decisions and the impact of those individual decisions.It’s unclear if the union’s move will inspire educators elsewhere to follow suit as they see their own members catch the virus, which has already triggered smaller shutdowns.Amy Edwards, a pediatric infectious disease expert at University Hospitals Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital in Cleveland, agreed.I think that the CDC guidance around testing is actually probably, for the majority of people, quite true.After five days, the likelihood that you’re going to infect other people is probably pretty low.For now, the hard-nosed teachers unions in New York, Los Angeles, Washington and Sacramento aren't demanding school closures the way Chicago educators are.But, collectively, as we have Omicron spreading everywhere, this being the most transmissible virus perhaps that we’ve ever seen as humankind, we need guidance that helps us collectively make the right decisions, because every one of these infections has a collective impact.” Croup can be “scary to hear, but it doesn’t mean there is any problem with the lungs,” she said.AMY GOODMAN : Dr.Gavin Newsom last month pledging to "keep our classrooms open" in a state where campuses were shut by the pandemic longer than almost anywhere in the nation.

Craig Spencer, you’re not only a New York City emergency room doctor, but you are director of global health in emergency medicine at Columbia University.You yourself had Ebola, working with people in Africa years ago, and had to be jetted back to the United States to be treated.The Chicago tensions are particularly raw for Lightfoot, a sharp-tongued reform Democrat who ran on a pledge in 2019 to challenge the party’s political machine, which leans heavily on labor groups.Sometimes kids with bronchiolitis need oxygen support or breathing treatments, Edwards said, before generally recovering completely.You certainly know about deadly epidemics.And I wanted to ask about this issue of vaccine equity.When a public-records request revealed last month how she regularly zapped her staff and critics by email, the city’s voters and political class barely blinked.Next week we’re going to be speaking with a man who was part of the Moderna trial.In fact, an NBC News analysis of Health and Human Services data finds that at least 16 states have broken records for the number of pediatric hospitalizations linked to COVID-19.

And now he is not going to continue to be a part of a trial for boosters as each vaccine has to be changed, because he says Moderna and Pfizer and these corporations are making billions yet not making these vaccines available to the world.“The mayor and I have always had a bluntly honest working relationship,” Alderman Brendan Reilly said in an interview at the time.Can you talk about the significance of this? DR.SPENCER : Absolutely.And during a Wednesday night press conference, Lightfoot, a former prosecutor, did what Chicagoans have come to expect: She dug in.Vaccines are one of the best ways to protect against infection, but those shots are not expected any time soon for the youngest children.Global vaccine inequity has been, I think, one of the most profound and disappointing aspects of this pandemic over the past year.You know, it’s great that everyone here has the ability to walk into a pharmacy now and get a vaccine or get a booster that can keep us and our families safe, but people around the world should have the same access.Her concern centers on the many CPS students who come from underserved communities where access to the internet or computer devices isn’t always available and whose families rely on children getting two or three meals a day at school.

And there has been a very intentional campaign by pharmaceutical companies to do whatever they can to reap the most profit of this at the expense of people all around the world that continue to lack access, to healthcare workers, you know, over 115,000 of my colleagues that have died around the world, and so many of them, the majority of them in places like sub-Saharan Africa, still haven’t been able to receive access to a vaccine.The best defense for unvaccinated children, experts said, is to “cocoon” them.I was texting with a good friend of mine the other day who lives and works in East Africa, in Burundi, and he said, you know, he’s going to try to take the trip to the capital to see if there’s a vaccine available, but he’s not sure that there is.And union officials have blamed the mayor for the standstill that’s keeping city’s roughly 330,000 public school students from their classrooms.Now, this is completely unacceptable.It is responsible, as we’ve seen, to leading to the conditions where more potentially immune-evasive variants can arrive and potentially undermine the efficacy of our vaccines here.But even some of Lightfoot’s staunchest critics are siding with her about keeping schools open.“That may include our young children, and so we really have to protect them as best we can.We should have, not as a country but as a globe, done incredibly more, since day one, to scale up the production of these highly effective vaccines, not just here in the U.

S.“They are on a mission to be obstructionists to this administration in a way that puts me to shame., where they’ve long been made and where they can make a big profit, but everywhere all around the world, including in sub-Saharan Africa, where over 99% of all vaccines before the pandemic had to be brought in from other countries, because the capacity had never been built up and hadn’t been supported.And we’re going to end this pandemic in a not much better position than when we started it.” Since her landslide election over the CTU’s favored progressive candidate nearly three years ago, Lightfoot has found herself at odds with the teachers union at every turn.AMY GOODMAN : And the whole issue of these variants, that are rapidly changing, that if we don’t vaccinate the world, this will continue.The new discussion of a variant that’s come out of Cameroon, and now in France.CTU and Lightfoot’s administration have been negotiating for months with little to show for it.

Of course, Omicron, you had South Africa, and then you had Delta, India — although we don’t really know where they start.You know, Omicron might have gone to South Africa from Europe.“They believe themselves to be a political movement or political party and that is the lens through which we have to view every one of their actions.But what it means, if you don’t take a global approach, no one is safe.DR.“We will not pay you to abandon your posts, and your children at a time when they and their families need us most,” she said.SPENCER : Absolutely.

We have been — I’ve been saying this for years, you know, after our response to Ebola and many other infectious pathogens.” Lightfoot said “hundreds of millions” of dollars have been spent on making Chicago schools safe for students and school staff during the pandemic.Look, the United States has more resources than really anyone else in the world, but there is absolutely no wall that we can build high enough to keep infectious disease threats that may originate in other places away from attacking and impacting our population here.Unless we think about how to manage not just COVID but all other infectious threats globally, not just with a domestic focus, we will find ourselves hit time and time again.The teachers union insists the improvements don’t go far enough.And there is no vaccine strong enough and, as I said, no wall big enough or moat large enough that it’s going to be able to keep these infectious diseases from coming to our shores.We need to be more proactive in doing more for the world and less focused on what we can just for our own population at home.“I cannot stress this enough: We have billions of dollars to help us get through Covid that we do not see in our school communities,” Gates said.

That is a losing strategy time and time again.AMY GOODMAN : The idea that the U.We do not see vaccination clinics, especially in the ZIP codes in this city that have been suffering.S.is the most powerful, richest country in the world, has the worst record when it comes to COVID.District officials said Wednesday night that they have to prioritize tests on symptomatic and unvaccinated students given limited supplies.

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The real problem here is that Omicron is promoting a de facto strike in US by removing a lot of people of work, and that is completely unacceptable by the owners of the country. A lot of people are vaccinated. That's why it SEEMS mild(er)

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