Who is Jeffrey Clark? Jan. 6 panel seeks to make Trump's man at DOJ famous.

At a hearing Thursday, the House committee will seek to make Clark a household name.

6/23/2022 1:18:00 PM

Most Americans don't know Jeffrey Clark — the environmental lawyer whom fmr. President Trump wanted to take over the Justice Dept. to aid his effort to overturn the 2020 election. Jan. 6 committee hopes its Thursday hearing might change that.

At a hearing Thursday, the House committee will seek to make Clark a household name.

02:39Rosen started realizing something was"off-kilter," that"something odd was going on with Jeff Clark," when it was learned that he had, in violation of a Justice Department rule banning contact between Justice Department officials and the White House except through proper channels, met with Trump.

"It's even more evident in hindsight, but at the time, I did think, 'He's meeting with the president and now he wants to be briefed by the DNI on thermostats?' plus the title change. Just what is going on here with Jeff Clark?" Rosen recalled."DNI" refers to the director of national intelligence.

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TheRickWilson TraitorsToAmerica Jeffrey Clark Is A MAGA Goon Where are they finding these weird characters? Look at him… Omg! Hope his wife is ok with the fbi raid on their home. FBI hasn’t raided Maralago yet. The testicles of Trump's SeditiousConspiracy has officially reached TheJusticeDept.... What Americans care about. What the media pushes

I don't have satellite or cable so, for every hearing, I have to decide if the witnesses are data-worthy. Watching this monkeyass may be worth it, tho. If these hearings were a series they would have been cancelled after the first episode.. TheRickWilson It’s hard to think about what could have happened if this wasn’t a crew of keystone cops led by a drunken reprobate taking orders from a cheeseburger slopping clown. Seems without fox propaganda helping this would have never gotten this far.

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