China says Ukraine crisis has ‘sounded an alarm for humanity’

President Xi Jinping said imposing sanctions could act as a “boomerang” and that the global community would suffer from “weaponizing” global economic trends.


6/23/2022 1:02:00 PM

War in Ukraine has “sounded an alarm for humanity,” Chinese President Xi says, as China continues to assume a position of neutrality while backing its ally Russia.

President Xi Jinping said imposing sanctions could act as a “boomerang” and that the global community would suffer from “weaponizing” global economic trends.

.In other comments, Xi said imposing sanctions could act as a “boomerang” and a “double-edged sword,” and that the global community would suffer from “politicizing, mechanizing and weaponizing” global economic trends and financial flows.Brazilian President

Jair Bolsonaromaintained an unusual diplomatic tone in his brief recorded speech to the forum, exalting his administration’s results without naming any other country.“The current international context is a cause for concern because of the risks to trade and investment flows to the stability of energy supply chains and investment,” he said. “Brazil’s response to these challenges is not to close itself off. On the contrary, we have sought to deepen our economic integration.”

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China doesn't give a f**k about humanity ! look how they trat there owm people !!!! In a conflict situation like this Ping is stating they’re ‘neutral’ yet ‘backing’ one side - Der. Sounds like an oxymoron Disgusting He's as evil as Putin and just as nationalistic with imperial ambitions. Ruler for life over the most Orwellian place on the planet.

All talk as they build their cities of gold. Ours crumble. Throwing our money in every war that comes up. If they're backing Russia, that's not 'a position of neutrality.'

Live blog: Ukraine crisis sounds alarm for humanity — ChinaCrisis in Ukraine 'has sounded the alarm for humanity' and countries will face security hardships if they expand military alliances says Chinese President Xi Jinping as fighting between Ukraine and Russia rolls into 120th day Follow our live coverage: 👇 EU leaders gather in Brussels to discuss calls to formally grant Ukraine 'candidate status' to join the bloc, as Russian forces slowly advance in the eastern Donbass Follow our live coverage:👇 The war in Ukraine is exactly like war in Afghanistan/Iraq-- started by evil NATO for evil aims. From Afghan genocide arm/gun producing companies of US profited $1trillion and from Ukraine destruction/mass killings/fake Russia's threat so far $800 billions Peace is the key of all answers for Europe MrNelson1963 RUSSIA UKRAINE take care all of you be safe out there

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