Which Pop Star Could Play Whitney Houston's Role in the 'Bodyguard' Remake? Our 8 Picks

Here are our eight best choices for current pop stars who could be cast in the upcoming remake of 'The Bodyguard'

9/20/2021 3:00:00 PM

Here are our eight best choices for current pop stars who could be cast in the upcoming remake of 'The Bodyguard'

Here are our eight best choices for current pop stars who could be cast in the upcoming remake, roughly counting down to our top pick.

On Wednesday (Sept. 15), it wasthat the long-rumored remake ofThe Bodyguardis moving forward, with Tony-nominated writer Matthew López slated to handle the script. Released in 1992 and starring the late(in her screen acting debut) and two-time Academy Award winner Kevin Costner,

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The Bodyguardwas a resounding success, pulling in $411 million at the global box office.Of course, the film is perhaps better remembered for its legendary accompanying soundtrack, which went on to become the best-selling soundtrack album of all time worldwide, win the Grammy Award for album of the year, and spend 20 non-consecutive weeks atop the Billboard 200 albums chart.

 With enduring Houston hits like “Run to You," “Queen of the Night” and “I Have Nothing,” and of course her classic covers of Dolly Parton's “I Will Always Love You" and Chaka Khan's"I'm Every Woman," the Bodyguard headtopics.com

 soundtrack was a genuine cultural phenomenon.Artist MentionedWhitney HoustonWhoever is cast in this remake will have to be able to carry a film in a leading role, and deliver a soundtrack that’s at least a tenth as good as the one that Whitney gifted us -- not an easy task, particularly given the late legend's singular gifts. With that in mind, here are our eight best choices for current pop stars who could be cast in the upcoming remake, roughly counting down to our top pick. 

8. Kacey MusgravesThis choice may raise some eyebrows, but there’s a vision here. As of right now, the creative direction of thisBodyguardremake is still unknown. Who’s to say that we can’t reimagine the story as one that’s centered around a country-pop superstar? In terms of music, the six-time Grammy winner has proven that she can deliver tear-jerking ballads and spunky uptempo numbers with ease.

Admittedly, Kacey’s acting experience is limited: The acclaimed singer-songwriter made a cameo as herself in 2018’sWild Rose, and last December, it was announced that she would voice one of the characters in the English dub version of 2020 Japanese animated fantasy 

Earwig and the Witch. Just last week Kacey released her fourth studio album,star-crossed, which arrived alongside a 50-minute companion film. Obviously, it would be a big leap for Kacey to lead a live-action film, but there’s very little that she can’t do. headtopics.com

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 What ifThe Bodyguardwas about a Black gay pop star and the soundtrack melded country, rap, rock, pop, and R&B? If the remake decides to completely reinvent the mood of the original, Lil Nas X is the man for the job. The “Call Me By Your Name” singer has a penchant for cinematic music videos (he’s won two VMAs and a Grammy specifically for his videos), and he has a natural charisma that will make him absolutely magnetic on screen.

Similar to Kacey, Lil Nas has very limited acting experience. He’s appeared on FXX’sDaveas himself, and he was recently announced as a guest star for the 2022Proud Familyreboot on Disney+. It’s impossible to recreate the magic of the original film and soundtrack, so why not just take the general plot and run in a completely different direction that’s sure to entertain no matter what? Realistically, Lil Nas’ lack of acting experience and society’s culture of homophobia will make this vision a challenge. Knowing him, however, he’ll probably treat us to some kind of hilarious

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People who actually think The Bodyguard (as a movie and not the soundtrack) is good and worthy of a remake, really need some cleansing I really can’t see me watching a remake of this movie. But if Hollywood must spoil another great movie with a remake. Jennifer Hudson would make a good choice after she had sung “I will always love you” to Whitney a while back when Whitney was alive.

One of my favourite movies of all time How bout leave it tf alone How about a gay story...Adam Lambert as the Superstar & a hunky unknown as the Bodyguard! Zendaya Sam Smith TBH Halle was my second thought. “Hollywood needs original ideas” was my first.

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The best choice is not to do this. 😠 There is no need for a new bodyguard movie as we can still enjoy the movie today. Hollywood need to be more original. lil nas x miley cyrus Kacey musgraves? 😭😭😭 Noone because we don't need another remake TheBodyguard

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