Where to Cheer on Your Favorite Sports Teams, According to Your Fandom

New York City has sports bars for fans of all stripes.


Here's where to watch the NFL, Major League Baseball, and NCAA football in New York City

New York City has sports bars for fans of all stripes.

Arizona loyalists have yet to name an official gathering spot in New York, but the absolute best sports bar in New York City is a great place to wait that out. Except maybe on October 6 when the Cardinals face Cincinnati at this official Bengals bar.

Every Sunday, this Gramercy spot becomes a Falcons fan zone with $5 drafts and $4 PBRs.

To cheer on wunderkind QB Lamar Jackson and the rest of the Ravens, head to this Alphabet City dive bar, which also reps the Orioles.

Every Sunday, the Buffalo Bills Backers (an official NYC club for the team) gather at this upscale sports bar near Grand Central, which is pretty convenient for any Bills fans in Connecticut or the Hudson Valley. Brooklynites, meanwhile, will want to check out Bonnie’s Grill in Park Slope.

This NYU-adjacent bar is an official chapter of the Roaring Riot, the Panthers’ global organization. So, yes, you will definitely be among your people.

This massive bar features more than 30 TVs and two NYC-sized Jumbotrons. They also serve Chicago dogs, buffalo dip and Italian beef sandwiches if you miss the taste of Chicago, too.

In addition to repping the Bengals, this East Village bar sells tiger stripe T-shirts with “welcome to the jungle” written on the back and Skyline chili (spaghetti topped with chili and cheese).

This chain of Southern restaurants has dedicated its downstairs bar to the Cleveland Browns, but if you’re looking for something more homey, try Johnny Mack’s in Park Slope.

The Dallas Cowboys Fan Club of NYC recently chose this spot as its new home for watching games and carousing with it many, many fans (more than 1,000, apparently). This spot is also a home for the Mets and the Washington State Cougars.

Down the street from Madison Square Garden, Broncos fans typically gather in this massive bar with cobblestone floors, high ceilings, and 25 beers on draft.

After being a longtime spot for Michigan fans, this Yorkville bar with pinball and darts recently decided to take in Lions fans as well.

Like Green Bay season tickets, many of the stools at this historic bar are spoken for, but you can still grab a seat if you arrive early. Barring that, The Three Monkeys, Mad River, Angry Wade’s, and Tom & Jerry are also Packers hangouts.

Unfortunately, Texans fans lost their dedicated bar last year to, well, New York being New York. But you’ll certainly find a warm welcome at this outsized barbecue joint.

So, you’re probably still reeling from Andrew Luck’s early retirement. Feel free to cry about it in good company at this hangout for the “most rabid Colts fans in NYC.”

St. Pats isn’t a Jags bar per se, but it is where the local chapter of erstwhile Duvalians meet to watch games together.

This is the only watch spot in Queens, but oh what a great one it is. Come to catch the Chiefs and stay for some of the city’s best barbecue.

If you’re no longer sore about the Chargers leaving San Diego, then head to this Irish pub, where the games are shown with the sound on and patrons can enjoy $6 food and drink specials.

On Saturdays, University of Georgia fans gather at this massive bar near Penn Station and on Sundays, they celebrate star running back (and former UGA player) Todd Gurley.

There are no beaches or a trace of decent Cuban food, but Dolfans NYC still manage to have a good time at this bar down the street from the Empire State Building.

If you love to see a sea of purple, this is where Vikings loyalists gather. Just be sure to call by the Friday before each game if you want to reserve a table.

There’s no shortage of Pats bars in New York City, but between the perpetually packed (and incredibly pricey) Professor Thom’s and Tír na nÓg’s unfortunate Times Square location, we have to give it up for this bi-level beer garden just a few blocks south of Central Park.

Enjoy a po’boy and a Sazerac at this nothing-but-NOLA bar where every Saints games is shown with the sound on followed by the occasional round of Bayou Bingo.

New York is essentially a massive Giants bar, but this UES bar undoubtedly has the largest concentration of fans outside MetLife.

This place is actually one of three spots where the local Jets fandom meets up, but unless you want to go to Printers Alley and risk hanging out with Titans fans or trek all the way up to fandom-agnostic Blondie’s on the Upper West Side, this is the place to be.

Take in the Raiders’ final year in Oakland along with the rest of the Silver & Black Empire, New York’s official Raiders fan club, at this Irish bar. Just be sure to eat beforehand because there’s no kitchen.

Short of just driving to Philly (which is so much closer than you think), there’s this chain of Philly cheesesteaks restaurants where Eagles games are always aired with the sound on.

Few bars are as dedicated to their team as Hibernia: They serve the same beer served at Heinz Field (as well as the songs and anthems played during games) and the mayor of Pittsburgh even dropped by once.

This might be New York City’s only bar dedicated to all things Bay Area. Though we’d still suggest Raiders fans try Peter Dillon’s.

When not showing very European sport under the sun, this Irish bar is a home-away-from-home for Seattle fans.

If you don’t mind having the occasional NYU student wander in, the local Buccaholics chapter meets at this rum-obsessed bar.

Titans fans gather at this Nashville-inspired bar every week to catch a game and demolish half-off wings.

When not serving New York’s “smartest, most fun, and most influential folks, friends, and families,” this scene-y Upper East Side bar allows Redskins fans to get loose. Second Chance Saloon in Brooklyn is also a hangout.

Bama fans watch Nick Saban and his Tide take down rivals at this upscale sports bar.

Auburn alums gather at this three-floor Irish pub every week to cheer on the Tigers.

Boise State alums have established chapters stretching from Houston to Vietnam, but have yet to establish a foothold in New York. This fandom agnostic spot is the next best thing.

When not hosting drag brunches, the Liberty welcomes gaggles of Tigers fans to root on the No. 1 team in the country.

This year, the Gotham Gators, as they call themselves, have three designated bars in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Tailor Public is the more calm of the Manhattan locations while Brooklynites will want to stop by Roebling Sporting Club for all their Gator needs. Be sure to bring your UF alumni ID to enjoy food and drink specials.

The local Bulldawgs chapter recently added this more upscale spot to its game day hangouts as a family-friendly foil to the consistently rowdy American Whiskey.

Come for the unlimited boozy brunch, stay for the game.

When not airing every hand-to-hand combat sport and soccer game under the sun, this bar becomes Death Valley North.

New York Terps gather here every Saturday to watch Maryland take on the rest of the Big 10.

The official Michigan bar is Blue Haven in Kips Bay, but UM fans run the risk of running into Michigan State fans whose gathering spot is literally one block away. Better to keep your distance.

Every Saturday, this bar becomes a Sparty hangout, but like we said, the local Michigan bar is one block south, so take care.

Independent-minded Leprechaun fans come here for $25 unlimited wings among other gut-busting specials.

Buckeyes fans can enjoy a stunning 45 taps of beer at this lounge-style bar.

Like Bama, Sooners diehards also gather at The Ainsworth albeit the Midtown location.

At this official home of New York-based Ducks fans, groups can reserve tables for free.

Unsurprisingly, NYC is rife with Penn State grads, who have three designated bars. This Bryant Park-adjacent spot with 5,000 square feet of space is the best bet.

This Irish pub chain isn’t a UT Austin bar, but when Longhorns devotees arrive on Saturdays it is.

Feel free to play a round of giant Jenga or giant Chess during halftime with your fellow Aggies.

After each game, this pub gives UCF fans $1 Coors Light pints, $1 wings, and $1 shots in the name of injured QB McKenzie Milton.

The local USC chapter gathers at this upscale bar every week for bottomless brunch and game-watching.

Not only can you watch the Utes among your fellow Utah alums at this bar, but you can enjoy a kangaroo skewer while you do so.

UVA fans don’t seem to mind sharing this bar with Georgia fans. Different conferences after all.

Catch the Huskies here on Saturdays and then come back to watch the Seahawks play on Sundays.

Between taco crawls and seeing Shakespeare in the Park, the WSU expats gather to watch games at this Dallas Cowboys bar.

The Big Apple Badgers, as they call themselves, catch every game here and donate part of the proceeds from food and drinks sales to the Wisconsin Eastern Alumni Scholarship Fund.

Like the Cardinals, the Diamondbacks don’t have an official gathering spot in New York, but this iconic Irish baseball bar is a great place to catch any and all MLB games.

It only makes sense that the best place to watch the Bravos play is this Falcons bar (or whenever they drop by Citi Field to play the Mets).

Though, you can watch the Ravens play here, The Horsebox is best known as the finest spot to watch the Orioles play, according to the Baltimore Sun.

Being a Red Sox fan in New York City is a dangerous thing, but this all-things Boston bar has been a dedicated safe space for Sox fans since 2005.

This spot bills itself as a hockey bar, but in the off-season Cubs fans gather here in hopes of seeing the team clinch another World Series in this decade, if not, century.

Full disclosure: This is a Cubs bar, but the owners assure us that White Sox fans may experience at little “friendly banter,” but are still “more than welcome.”

Yes, the city’s Bengals bar is also its Reds bar. What can you do?

Same with this spot, which is a home for both Indians fans and Browns fans.

Either this spot or Stout in Midtown West, where Broncos fans meet up.

This bar is all committed to all things Detroit for Michiganders who root for the Tigers or the Lions.

Unfortunately, Astros fans lost their favorite hangout Avenida Cantina after just two years in business and a natural successor has yet to appear. So try Hill Country in the meantime.

In addition to broadcasting all the Chiefs games, this barbecue spot also roots for the Blue Crew.

We’re gonna recommend you join all the other sports fans without a proper home at Foley’s, including fans of the Twins, Diamondbacks, Padres, Rockies, and Rays.

Local Dodgers fans have made this this New Jersey–born taco chain their primary hangout to catch a game (as well as a meeting spot for a coach bus to Citi Field when the team is in town).

It’s a rough time for Marlins fans, but should you decide to cheer them on away from home try Dolphins bar Slatterly’s.

As long as there isn’t a Packers game on, you’re free to use this Wisconsin-loving bar as a Brewers hangout, too.

Another day, another team without a set NYC hangout. Some guides recommend Vikings spot Bar None in the East Village, but the place is usually overrun with NYU students, so try the one-size-fits-all Foley’s instead.

The Playwright is only second to Citi Field as the best bar to catch the Mets. Members of the 7 Line Army — New York’s most put-together Mets fan club if not the United States’ — meets at this bar to cheer on The Metropolitans.

Yes, the majority of New York City bars are Yankees bars. But the Yankee Tavern is by far the most steeped in that old-school feel since it was actually opened the year the team swept the Pirates at the 1927 World Series.

The city’s Athletics fandom isn’t nearly as established as its Giants fandom, but those loyal to the Athletics have been known to gather at this boxing-centric bar on occasion.

This Philly cheesesteak spot often offers $5 pints to any fans wearing gear for a Philly team in the bar.

This bar is more dedicated to the Steelers than the Pirates, but it’s still the best place in the city to catch a Pirates game among fellow Western Pennsylvanians.

So sorry Padres fans, but somehow the most diehard fans still haven’t established an official place to watch games. The folks at Foley’s will put games on for you, though.

Yup, Finnerty’s again. Just as the owners love the 49ers, they’re all-in for the Giants, too. Come and be among your people.

Fans of all Emerald City sports are welcome to head to this spot for $6 well drinks and $4 High Lifes and PBRs.

This became a Cards hangout by becoming a hangout for fans of the Stanley Cup-winning St. Louis Blues. Synergy!

Bad news Rays fans: There’s no dedicated bar for your team in the city — yet.

May we suggest digging into some brisket while contemplating why there’s no dedicated Rangers bar in New York?

There’s no set Blue Jays bar in New York, but when the Raptors were on their successful NBA Final run, this bar hosted fans for game-watching parties. It figures they’ll be equally friendly to Jays fans.

As an official Redskins bar, it stands to reason that the bartenders here will also put on the Nats.

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