George Floyd: What Protesters Say İs Fueling Their Anger - Cnn

George Floyd: What Protesters Say İs Fueling Their Anger - Cnn

What protesters say is fueling their anger

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5/30/2020 5:09:00 AM

'There needs to be change, officers need to be trained better.' As protesters gather in cities like Minneapolis, Atlanta, Charlotte and other places across the US, anger and frustration continue to grow over the death of George Floyd.

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So true. 💥These are no protesters these are criminals that should be treated as such!!!😝 It's not a training issue. It's a mindset that's going unchecked. My police officer parent showed respect to people, even the accused & the disrespectful - was called the N word by fellow officers & citizens (served 60s-late 90s) understood deescalation was the goal not killing.

It started with Kent State and has ever since grown into hatred for the police 99.9% agree Mr. Floyd’s death was evil and he should not have been killed. Knee on neck for 8:46 is heartless & cruel. Protest is good. However, MSM encourages rioting lumping legit protesters with criminals who don’t care about innocent victims or Mr Floyd.

The 'cops' who incite these riots are trained, by Soros funding. They are paid to create hate for cops, and the sheeple fall for it everytime. Why the other guy in the same car was alive and one is dead? Perhaps, the alive one was not on drugs and being rational human and did what officers said? If you are so wrapped up with 10mins fake news video, then there is a another one they don't want you to see. It might help!

These are not protestors. These are people coming into cities and destroying communities who have nothing to do with police. wow that surprising Stop. What’s going on in Minneapolis right now has nothing to do with that and everything to do with rioting, looting and random violence. It has nothing to do with Police being trained. How is it that Most Black Cops have the same training but hasn’t lynched a White Man or any race. It has to do with vetting these Police and fire those with any first sign of racism.

This isn't protest over George Floyd. This is an excuse to steal and destroy. And you are helping pass that message. People have pretty much had enough of you(CNN) as evidenced last night in Atlanta!! Lets stop saying officers need to be 'trained better', they, don't need that, what they need is to be 'vetted better'. Everyone can't/shouldn't be a policemen. They need background checks including mental illness evaluations and education working with the public.

The democracy party can't hold himself.We need free and equality. People in positions of “authority” have been saying this for years. If it’s a broken-record problem, get a PC stick. Lies That's rich coming from CNN! Now that they're attacking your building and not police precincts Black people need to behave better.

CNN is the most corrupt and dishonest news organization in America! CNN is becoming the Chinese News Network. FakeNews CNN Mediawitchhunt This is for you We are all brothers and sisters thru the blood of jesus!!..we need to all come together.....people need to be assured these kind of acts will never happen again...

You probably can not “train” equality. WE ALL MUST TEACH EQUALITY. And all you Christians and non Christians out there, Christ and Mohammad were protesters for equality peace and representation. Somethings cannot be trained Its instilled in you from birth You grow up with it Some loose it but its there And when you wrong Deep down inside no matter how tough you are You KNOW Youre human Have heart

They’re making a change alright to your logo... you reap what you’ve sown. SorryNotSorry Protestors ? U called ppl who wanted to get back to work terrorists as they protested peacefully yet u call this protesting ? You’re a sick evil bunch ! Go ahead, loot and burn your own communities because nobody cares!

If we keep burning shit that should fix it. Vengeance , revenge , hate , shells , violence , madness , rage , devil this violence doesn't stop +++++++++++++++++ Instant Karma is going to get you Its gonna knock you off ya feet We all shine on... Like the moon, the stars and the Sun We all shine on... Like the moon, the stars and the Sun We all shine on... Like the moon, the stars and the Sun We all shine on... WWG1WGA

Yeah that cop in MN is bad but who is saving your asses right now? If the police and national guard have disappeared off the streets, I would suggest your reporter and staff get off the streets. They are going to come in hard and fast. GeorgeFloydprotest GeorgeFloyd JusticeForGeorge blacklivesmatter BlackLiveMatter JusticeForGeorgeFloyd GeorgeFloydMurder Minneapolisprotest Minneapolis MinneapolisRiot mineapolisriots photooftheday PhotosOfMyLife istanbul

Police should stand down and go on strike and let these animals burn down every liberal city in the U.S. Shouldn’t have never killed all these BLACK MEN and WOMEN. To prove y’all tough! Oh well. GOD is TOUGHER than us ALL. Police STARTED it!! It is not the fault of the police, so don't set the police car on fire. It is the fault of the people living in the White House. There is no use protesting against the White House for it is carefully protected. I wonder what the people living in the White House are thinking about

It is not... the training (?).... Racisms... It's: inclinational-bents, and Predelections; is a mind-set. It’s gonna take a hell of a lot more than training a few officers. How about all the Trumpers who agree with all of his constant endless dog whistles

CNN accuses Minneapolis police of lying about its arrest of a black CNN reporter - Business InsiderBusiness Insider is a fast-growing business site with deep financial, media, tech, and other industry verticals. Launched in 2007, the site is now the largest business news site on the web. I would seriously consider a lawsuit. CNN has the power to do so and get results Please, these corrupt cops had to know they were arresting a reporter and his crew, after all they had mics and cameras and probably a news truck near by. Reporter: Put as back where you want us, no you are under arrest. Did you hear that

Police Arrest CNN Reporter, Crew Covering Minneapolis Protests Live On AirCNN correspondent Omar Jimenez and members of his crew were arrested live on air while covering protests in Minneapolis. Fucking crazy as a white CNN reporter was not arrested! 28 May -Cop Setting Fire To Building Smashing Windows Inciting Riots In Minneapolis Cop Setting Fire To Building Smashing Windows Inciting Riots In Minneapolis I SEE TRUMPS HAND IN THAT

CNN Reporter Omar Jimenez Arrested Live On Air During Minneapolis Protest BroadcastCNN correspondent Omar Jimenez and his camera crew have been arrested during a live broadcast from the protests in Minneapolis. Footage quickly emerged online, and many of Jimenez’s colleagues took… Now arrest everybody else at CNN..... Why, let me guess, he is a brown babay Wow this will make deadline upset. How dare there masters get arrested.

Breaking: CNN team arrested by Minnesota police on live televisionFour Minneapolis police officers have been fired for their involvement in the death of a black man who was held down with a knee as he protested that he couldn't breathe. Follow here for the latest updates. Live updates: realDonaldTrump will be furious at this attack on freedom of speech Never in my wildest dreams did I think this was possible in USA. 🇺🇸 or 🇹🇷 ?

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Atlanta Protestors Graffiti, Smash Windows at CNN HeadquartersProtestors graffitied the CNN logo and smashed windows at the Atlanta headquarters of the news network during the fourth night of protests over George Floyd's death CNN = China National Network CNN whips up the frenzy and the the frenzy comes home to roost. So will CNN finally take a stand against protests and vandalizing?