Live Updates: George Floyd Protests Spread Nationwide

Live Updates: George Floyd Protests Spread Nationwide

Breaking: CNN team arrested by Minnesota police on live television

Minnesota police arrest CNN reporter and camera crew as they report from protests in Minneapolis

5/29/2020 1:26:00 PM

Minnesota police arrest CNN reporter and camera crew as they report from protests in Minneapolis

Four Minneapolis police officers have been fired for their involvement in the death of a black man who was held down with a knee as he protested that he couldn't breathe. Follow here for the latest updates.

Just joining us? Here are the latest developments on the George Floyd casePeople stand outside the Minneapolis Police 3rd Precinct in Minnesota after fires were set at the building during protests on May 28. Carlos Gonzalez/Star Tribune/APProtests spread across the United States for the third night in a row on Thursday, as crowds demonstrated against police brutality and called for justice in the death of George Floyd.

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Floyd,a 46-year-old black man, died after pleading for help as a white police officer pressed his knee on Floyd's neck for several minutes while pinning him to the ground. Floyd was declared dead at a nearby hospital soon after, according to authorities.

Here's a look at the biggest developments:Minnesota protests:Floyd died in Minneapolis, which saw large-scale protests on Thursday. Crowds numbering in the thousands set fire to a police precinct, which had been evacuated earlier in the day. In nearby St. Paul, protesters and police faced off with tear gas. More than 170 businesses were damaged or looted, according to police, and the Minnesota National Guard was mobilized to both cities.

Nationwide outrage:It wasn't just Minnesota; protesters took to the streets in Denver, Colorado; New York City; Memphis, Tennessee; Phoenix, Arizona; and Columbus, Ohio.Trump and Twitter:President Donald Trump tweeted about the Minnesota protests, saying"when the looting starts, the shooting starts." Twitter has since flagged the tweet as violating the platform's rules and"glorifying violence."

Investigation into the death:Local and federal officials have not announced any charges against the officers involved in Floyd's death, but said the investigation is a top priority. All four officers have invoked their Fifth Amendment right against self incrimination.

Federal call for action:The House Judiciary Committee urged the Justice Department to investigate, saying the federal government has a critical role to play in promoting a culture of accountability for all law enforcement organizations.The officer who knelt on Floyd's neck:

The officer, Derek Chauvin, had 18 prior complaints filed against him with the Minneapolis Police Department's Internal Affairs. It's unclear what these complaints were for. Read more: CNN »

That's very dangerous for the humanity rights These police officers apparently need to be retrained and learned what their jobs entails. They obviously do whatever they want to do without following the right protocol. They took the law into their own hands instead of enforcing it. This is embarrassing for Minisota.

Wish they burned all of cnn fake news It's too bad people who treats others like animals even if you treat an animal brutal it an offense , please People of America repent and let the love of God leads in your hearts God have mercy on Americans Police are born to be criminals and go to police to accomplish their wisher , to murder, and do all criminals do is only reason to go in police dep, to become protected. Otherwise if not in police they end up I jale

When Hitlet is in the White House, SS are his soldiers! That is what America has become! Does any 1 know the charge Even during a riot about racism they can’t stop , arresting the only black journalist covering the story is an example of why they are rioting. Stop the police racism now ! theycallmetford

Why are you not covering this? He was apparently ID'd as a member of the Police... And just like that, CNN stopped fear mongering about leaving your house and started promoting massive unsafe protests. The loss of our freedom begins. It’s funny how all these comments say the arrested Omar the black guy but I saw 3 people get arrested and 2 of them were white. Plus I saw an empty street except CNN people. So they refused to leave then started asking questions, that’s not how that works and they know it.

Do we see the ending of a free press? Exactly. Get rid of him. He's crazy hrw KenRoth where u ?🤔🤔 Good, CNN deserves it.. They like to stir up the pot causing trouble and then report it... Don't drop your soap So sad America, land of the free....... What is Washington trying to hide ? This a Shame This is the most fake set up video I have ever seen! If you believe this I have some magic beans to sell you!!!

Ever think that maybe those officers were not notified that they could be there. Arrest everyone no matter the race if their on the streets Peaceful protest White man shot by Muslim in the line of duty! In Grand forks north Dakota maybe you should cover that story you jerks! Prosecute the entire film crew!

so in America the land of the FREE white people can decend on capital buildings with guns and the police do nothing But four officers can actually assault a black man in daylight an assault which has a tragic ending and they just get fired Why not American people are fighting against racial discrimination and human rights abuses in the reasonable expression of the demand, and it should be supported! Did not see that someone robbed, smashed, or fired, we only saw beautiful scenery!

Good idea. CNN cause more problems than solutions. How do we know this wasn’t staged? CNN we’ve been here before with Anderson Cooper and the flood...with “journalists “ wearing masks only while on camera. This is all 'trickle down' -- but we're not talking economics. WTF Are we in communist China, or are we in The United States of America? Do we still have a Constitution?, freedom of speech? Freedom of the press?...

CNN Eeeeeeeeeeeeeek Now we get the picture of what is coming in 2020 if is Trump president. Trump: Without my permission, you can be arrogant This is staged people, guy's already released. deeper forces are at play here, dont fall for these fear mongering fake narratives He's black Bahahahaha.. Do you guys miss HK police👮?

We will not stand for this! We don't live in a police state. This is an attack on every single American's freedom. Great to know this is big in the states. In Hong Kong, it's daily business. Why don’t you tell the whole story? They were told to move and they elected not to listen to the police officers thereby creating a hazardous situation. You guys at CNN really like to escalate situations to your advantage regardless of the outcome!!

FUCK YES!!!! WERE FULL ON NORTH KOREA NOW AWSOME DONT SHOW ANYTHING. LET THE STATES KILL ALL LIKE THE KING !!!!!! Did they have their Cheer Leader outfits on? Fake BULLSHIT! Welcome to Africa!!! Democrat run states and cities shutting the media down. Karma for spouting too much fake news? Made up staged bullshit

When is the last time a FOX News crew was arrested for reporting the news? Oh, that's right, they just sit on their comfy sofa and chat with Donald Trump. They don't REPORT news, they manufacture propaganda. Thank you, CNN, for getting out there and doing the hard work. Hi 5 for remaining tactful and professional even when not given a valid reason for the detainment.

America under turmoil.. justice for Floyd.. Wtf is wrong with Minneapolis police? Maybe they deserve this... Good they promote violence Good. Please watch! This is horrifying. It looks like a scene from a dictator-lead country. Was this necessary? ONE officer could have approached and asked them to move. Instead they surrounded this non-white reporter and carted him off before arresting the others. This is TRUMP's U.S., not ours.

This is straight up proof that the Minnesota cops are racists, they arrested the reporter of color but didn't arrest the white reporter not far from there and in the case of George Floyd racist killer cops. 艹,哈哈哈哈哈哈 Most likely a CNN set up. First hand feeling Omar That’s shows how they’re hatred in theirs hearts against the blacks . As 45 still there he will continue supporting the hatred. His words today should prove to every black/brown/white should vote him out for peace/soul of Americans to come back to regin in the land as 45 must go

Uh why? People out here blaming the president!!!! Lmao This happened but the cops who murdered George Floyd are still free. How is this true? We got ourselves KIM JONG-UN in the making here..stay safe America Minnesota police department is drawing negative review world over how can they arrest a black news report and leave the white news reporter and both from the same network, my God this is preposterous, I mean like seriously. Is this modern day racism or what? It's disgusting.

He first said: “ok. We will go back to where you told us”....which demonstrates that he and the crew disobeyed what they were told. Do an investigation to find out who ordered the arrest. I will to bet it came from Barr at the direction of the White House. Something to think about. CNN you guys are good at what you do. Find the truth and report it. Your supporter.

I watched this live and I can't believe this is what is happening HERE in the United States of America! God please watch over us! CNN reporter Omar, who is black and Latino, and his team were arrested by officers early this morning in Minneapolis. Not far away, CNN journalist Campbell, who is white, says he was 'treated much differently.' Democracy during realDonaldTrump era. cnnarrest OmarKamal

Rip George when journalists become activists, they are no longer journalists McClain_on_NFL So, this is Trump’s notion of “great”? 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 Outrageous 12Aggies Oopsies ... What was he arrested for? He appears to be removed from the action. This is totally uncalled for! FREEDOM OF THE PRESS! Just proving that there is no freedom in America

Watching from Nigeria, honestly this is a total disgrace to the American government and democracy all over the world. What is happening? I bet this came from the Donald. The hypocrisy of this administration is endless!!! At some point they need to be held accountable for some of their fakenews 🤷🏻‍♀️ People deserve Better Honesty

Democrats don’t like it when the press reports on them. I hope he doesn't get missing,get murdered by the police This is the ability of a prejudice police force. Intimidation. The Minneapolis police chief needs to be fired. They think it is still 1960. How much intelligence does it take to use a pair of handcuffs. ThugMindCops

Now you know how nice is the police in Hongkong! Everything is screwed up in Minneapolis. No arrest yet on the cops who killed an unarmed black man. CNN crew gets arrested for covering the devastation caused by rioters. And rioters think it’s ok to steal from stores and burn down a police station. The madness must stop.

Best news I've heard all morning! It’s staged, you zombie sheep Fake news is a crime Spotify Ltd.: Spotify, Please Add Pin, Pattern, and Email Authentication When Logging In - Sign the Petition! via Change Spotify SpotifyUSA CNN FOX4 business SpotifyUK CheddarNews May be this is what a great America looks like.. no shit it ain’t a dream country for me...

Dammit they should’ve kept them locked up. I thought that we were finally seeing the light ⚠️ ⚠️ ⚠️ Reporting While Black. Please God Save America Good. They should arrest you all for inciting the violence in Minneapolis The orange Führer loves Gleichschaltung Totally staged Why do people seem to think Trump is in control of Minnesota police? 🤷‍♂️

impunity of the highest order It will all end very badly Great news! Arrest a communistic bunch of news idiots. Love it! JosephGlass CNN CNN IS FAKE NEWS ! They were ORDERED TO LEAVE THE AREA UNDER RIOT AUTHORITY AND DECIDED TO TRESSPASS AND NOT LEAVE. CNN IS FAKE NEWS Sad, sad situation knowing that they have already screwed themselves and they continue to make wrong decisions.... smh

The whole thing looks staged. Just like everything else. It all happened after Biden ‘s you ain’t black blunder Hello this is called human rights of United States of America 🇺🇸 Black people need to fight back. Support black people. American has no humanity at all. Black people combine and tear American 🤬fight for equal! fight for justice! Fight for humanity n freedom! Fight for yourself!

Expected! He is Black! Why America proved its authoritarian type of regime. We must resist authoritarianism and dictatorship. In USA, in Turkey, in Brazil, in Iran, we must defend ourselves. Come on people! Is the United States the cradle of civilization and freedom? Unbelievable and at the same time all I could think was that every young teen should be shown this video to be aware of what can happen when you are doing nothing. The scary part is what if it wasn’t on camera?

Morons see CNN as anti-Trump. Gil Scott Heron... 'the revolution will not be televised' google that now USA Crazy When buildings are being burnt, stores being looted, police station damaged ot destroyed, there is no longer a legitimate protest. What is happening is a riot led by criminals. So stop the bullshit lie of 'justice for George.' Community leaders are allowing criminals to run free.

Did the CNN team have a fake $5 on them ? IT'S STAGED. Where were the other reporters? Where were the citizen journalists? No one was out there in that spot except CNN. Why? Was it because the police had already informed everyone not to come to that area or they will be arrested? Fascism running rampant in realDonaldTrump KAG. BlackLivesMatter GeorgeFloydprotest FreeSpeech FreePress

Get those scum reporters off the streets! Keep your head up! You are doing great reporting I felt how you felt Why only black journalists are arrested? Death of democracy! Death of civil and human rights! Death of media freedom! Shame on you Trump! Shame on the USA!!!! Good Juliet So, they don't arrest the murderer of Mr Floyd but they arrest journalists? Something is wrong in USA.... Something about democracy and Justice..

Who's in charge up there? Are we in Russia? And the killers are yet to be arrested Do you see why other countries laugh when you call yourselves the 'land of the free'? I am tempted to snicker because it's CMM, but this was wrong. The cops in Minnesota are out of control. This is some handmaid tale shit Not surprised it’s a DEMOCRAT STATE. VOTE THESE SICK DEMOCRATS OUT OF POWER. VOTE REPUBLICAN!

Why do you call riots and rioters “protest” and “protesters”? How do you differentiate the two? After killing innocent peoples, they are still arrested what's this country want turn to ? Trump destroyed America I can’t believe what’s happening WTF!!? America “Land of the free” what utter rubbish FakeNewsAlert like the cops are going to just arrest those reporters and then just leave the camera in the middle of the street.... whatever, quit faking it until you make it.

Under arrest by police, the reason must by thats he is black! 🤷🏻‍♂️ Lol USA a Free country No way !!! Never go there !!! Crazy!!, 😢😤 You need to check to figure who gave order to arrest. There is no reason to arrest unless it was ordered. And if the police didn't remove them, the riots went on, the CNN team would have been hurt or killed......the police would get blamed. Sure glad I'm not a policeman.

What did CNN believe they have rights! 😂🤣😅 CNN HELPED to create this NEW American media that operates on OPINION ! Throw away the key! Hmmmm Well, at least they weren't killed. Silver lining. Apna ghar koi nhi dhekta dhusre ko bhut dhekhta h LaurenNotLozza America, the land of the free 🤣 time to work on an UN article condemning the people of USA, ha realDonaldTrump ? Minneapolisprotests MinneapolisPoliceMurderdHim GeorgeFloyd

This is scary! These policemen stop free reporting for a free country! But I know there are also a lot of good policemen but they have to save the laws and not break them! At least there are some good cops in Minneapolis Where is this? Beijing? Where is the report free in USA ? Fake news yall were definitely told to move before you could start recording but clearly didnt listen so they cuffed you right as you started lmao

Police state The city of Minneapolis is burned down, the police is getting mad overtime, and after this they are about to go bankrupt. So CNN, you really need to keep your camera crews with THE PEOPLE where they will be a lot safer! Is it that the police want to cover up what they're about to do? We all in this situation no matter the race we should stand together to stop racism either black or white people

This what is happening to black man should stop , the world is still in pain of the loose of hundreds of people in corona viruse now we've got another corona that is finishing up black people. I wish all the old generation get finished because it's the beginning of racism. It's good that in the end they released CNN journalist OmarJiminez. 'America leader of the free world' my foot!

Who gave the order to arrest journalists? This was not a mistake... Is this the freedom that America professed to have? Someone has to clarified why the arrest is necessary. True freedom comes with responsibility....without which is called chaos! Minneapolis PD making this worse and worse. Self-inflicted wounds now. Cen they even get out of their own way?

yvesaint_k A VIRUS CANNOT KILL A GREAT NATION LIKE AMERICA, I THINK IT IS RACISM 😪😪😪😪 No more press conferences & platitudes!!! DO LEADERS REALIZE THAT MINNEAPOLIS WILL BURN EVERY NIGHT UNTIL THERE ARE ARRESTS!! America. Have you had emough yet? Really seeing what was hsppening is really pouring gasoline on the fire..thug mentality

These cops will be invited to the White House by Donald Trump. I don't want to guess the racial composition of this team. Seriously, arrest the right people davduf America first 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 More police incompetence. Ridiculous. ここまでする前に警官全員に被疑者を死なせないような 逮捕術を教えなさいよ Under arrest for being fake news

They can arrest a reporter but won't arrest the col that kill a black for no apparent reason they don't care American lives. Womp, womp. I send my thoughts and prayers. This is so fucked up All the CNN reporters were arrested in that group , it’s a disgrace how CNN is focusing in on the one reporter of color , it’s almost like you like adding more fuel to the fire .

I don’t hear any Miranda rights. Anyone else? Freedom of Expression reaching Turkish heights. Is this the freedom you wanted to bring to the middle east which resulted in the death of millions and the destruction of many countries? bimpxxx_ This sickens my stomach. Sigh. CNN has a black reporter antagonize state police to point of arrest so they can say all police and America are racist.

America, the land of the free Whoever told you that is your enemy ~ RATM Unbelievable! The land of the free, only if you are WASP... This is Trump's America and his police force set free. Remember this in November. PoliceBrutalityAmerica GeorgeFloyd Election2020 Trump應該下台,他導致了10萬美國人的慘死 realDonaldTrump

The officer gripped him while he reported like he would go running down the street to “escape” Not a fan of CNN at all, but obviously Minnesota has no control of the disaster they're facing. Can't deal with the out of control mobs so countless officers stand there and participate in the arrest of the media?!

AdahopAlex Maybe he’s being arrested for fake news 🤣 The Land of Free 🇺🇸🤔🤠 This is shameful. The leader of the free world no longer it seems. Pau tá torando He'll yeah lock all of CNN up and throw away the key , they are Domestic Terrorists BrookeBCNN Arresting reporters who expose the government happens only in a dictatorship DictatorTrump

donlemon GET THERE NOW 🤬 in america you should use white reporters, is that it? Look. They arrested the black guy first. What I'm comprehending, is that they wanted to make it look like it wasn't racially motivated and they went for the white guy for this reason. Maybe I'm wrong, but that's how it looks to be to me.

I stand with the protesters. Murder is murder. let some white people be made to beg for someone not to kill them for 7 min. Rednecks cannot be allowed to win this next election. they are brown shirts 2.0. we can't be like the people of germany and capitulate to a mad man. They could not have been more clear or respectful. They calmly stated who they were, showed their ID and asked where they should stand. Then they were arrested?! I don't understand.

GretaThunberg Divide States of America, land of the free whites. Freedom of Speech, as long you agree. Donald Trump making America greatly depressing again. FAKENEWS realDonaldTrump WWG1WGA MAGA fake news I hope the crew is safe. This is complete and utter bs. Reporting while black. The descent into totalitarianism. America as we know it is falling in real time, before our eyes. TheWorldIsWatching

'The Kent State shootings (also known as the May 4 massacre or the Kent State massacre), were the shootings of 13 unarmed Kent State University students in Kent, Ohio by the Ohio National Guard on May 4, 1970.' (Wikipedia). NoKentState But the cop who murdered a man is a free man right now. WTF Robbo cops to thick to think for themselves, programmed with hate and bile, land of the free my arse

' of the free, and the home of the brave.' plz explain to a non american... sarcasm? Cheers 🍺🍺🍺 All I wanna say: ? Five Demands, not one less. Stand with Black America. 1. The protests must not to be characterized as a 'riot' 2. Amnesty for arrested protesters 3. An independent inquiry into alleged police brutality 4. Implementation of complete universal healthcare 5. Abolition

Fake news stopped in its tracks. They can arrest a black news reporter for doing his job. But not a white cop caught on tape killing a black man. This is what a Race War looks like black people! Is this what Trump meant by MAGA? He needs to go!!! The UNITED States deserves a leader to bring ALL citizens together!!!!

Are You sure we are talking about the same USA? The more I see the more it confirms to me that the only reason for such a mess is sitting in Washington at the WhiteHouse. NoRacism cnnarrest potus MakeAmericaTrumplessAgain Minneapolis It seems like the Minnesota police department is off the chain

Bad look he’s black to Minnesota Police Department MSNBC's white reporter is reporting freely even CLOSER than Omar was. WTF America 😭Knee-off NECKS of Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, Somalia, Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Lebanon, Palestine, Bolivia, Chile, Korea, Cuba, Venezuela and Endless List😭😭 Maybe we can focus on the real issue now? You spent less than a day on police brutality against people of color and the partial justice system. Now all you worry is that a member of your media that is following by your agenda was arrested. Go F off.

Those reporters had it coming. Always the American reporters who turn a buck on these things. This is why I watch foreign news outlets. Take the hint cnn. You are part of the problem. You are just as bad as Fox Trolls and MSN-Bait Channel. From an outside perspective looks like trumps taking a few pages from Kim Jong-un suppression of the press book. Quick to call on your constitution for the right of assembly in the midst of a deadly disease whilst your freedom of press is being ripped away.

Wtf is going on with America I don’t have cable Anybody know how I can tune into CNN? This is all CNN are good for race batting and look what’s happened? Why not black on black or white on white or black on white!!! Looking for sensation your channel is propaganda and criminal!!! YOU HAVE BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS!!! Killers

Orders from the WhiteHouse MinnesotasWrongPath They really were not protest if anything that was used as an excuse to riot and loot and destroy things not theirs Free Omar 4 doing his job we need real leadership we need a real POTUS this is no right he hates CNN was this his call stop the pigs arrest these cops regardless what he did fat cop had no right to kill America is spinning we need Obama to calm them and USA

Apparently the Minnesota State Police are trying to impress Trump. They must want him to grab their pussies. cher_rink Way to spin it CNN! That seemed really staged by the cops. CNN is a joke, who gives a shit if your crew got arrested. They don't arrest the cops so what does that say. 记者在美国不好使了?但是在香港特别好使。

So if you murder a black guy in plain sight, you do not get arrested. But if you report on protests, they take you in? Defies all logic I love it when leftists eat their own. Time to let America taste their own medicine. Protests getting out of hand because they learning from HK Damn CNN'S news team just got a little taste of what it is like being black in America! 😒 Getting arrested and not being told what for? And we are supposed to trust the police? 🤔

So a reporter is arrested but a literal murderer is being protected by the cops. Fucking disgusting In this video,those officers and the one in charge of them,should be removed from their jobs,this is how these George Floyd situations start,by officers that are racists & use their badges to hurt &kill people of color,or they are just untrained or unfit to b n law enforcement.

MaryBlary IranWithGeorge GeorgeFloyd We should call upon the 'international community' and 'donor countries' to sanction USA and instill democracy and human rights. Since when has America become FUCKING CHINA!!! ShizleTrevor Well done police. Wow I'm in England I don't and never will watch the news, but this is funny how much bs the establishment will make up for the sheep to believe, I've just shown this to an 11yo playing fortnite and he said what a croc of shit, should they be arresting the one's setting fires 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

Oh,the Hong Kong police arrested a reporter,the evil regime is…wait…OMG…it happened in the US! This is what making America great again looks like To be fair he may have been arrested for crimes against music.. 😂😂😂 Come in now, say it! 'it's Trump's fault!' We're waiting... 😁 ajitxsingh I am yawning. Well planed CNN 🤣👍🏻

Shocking. Terrifying. America, what the hell have you become? Wow!.......I know that 99.9% of the time is fakenews but this is so wrong at all levels. 😳😳😳😳😳😳 America land of the 'free' All CNN reporters should be arrested You see them needing time to think about what to do? FFS. I can not breathe !! The Statue of Liberty ... false emblems

HOWS IT FEEL TO BE CENSORED!! AND YOU WANT US TO BE MAD ABOUT THIS?! See.. the Minnesota police is not all bad, they got a scumbag off the streets This is a violation of the human rights of citizens. The bad government should immediately release the arrested persons. Why people should burn cities reason number 415.

They’re prolly being charged with the crime of FakeNews Next time they will listen to the police. Headline should read. Our reporter who has no respect for law and will make the story up was arrested by the police for being an asshole. Cop will be sent away forever This is much worse than the label communist China

How convenient it was CNN. Trump doesn’t like CNN. I think I’d be looking into Trump paid followers.....Trump probably sent a lot of these people to start this. He threatens ALL the time. “Civil War”. Ive always had a bad taste for america. This really pissed me off Yet those 4 police officers are not even charged. Had they been swiftly arrested this rioting could have possibly been avoided. NoJusticeJustUs LordHealTheLand

Congratulations America, you are now officially a dictatorship. This is scary Minneapolis has been a “blue state” run by Democrats at every level for ages. Shouldn’t it be Nirvana there where everyone lives according to their Dem-run society? 🤔GeorgeFloyd Minneapolis MinneapolisUprising Entire cnn should have been arrested years ago, along with Clinton’s

Weird...what's with the letting him talk for a bit while holding him then arresting him. No urgency... Odd The land of the free Dictatorship in the making from ComradeDonnieBoy. This is what happens when you have no leadership within the White House. Chaos and Mayhem from a Dictator. Stay cool, you don't want a police state

How is Omar? Keep us posted please. America must not turn into an authoritarian police state, which is exactly what Trump & Co. are working toward. Minneapolis ~ you’re a mess & making it worse! Never in my wildest dreams did I think this was possible in USA. 🇺🇸 or 🇹🇷 ? realDonaldTrump will be furious at this attack on freedom of speech

Live updates:

Most CNN Employees Will Not Return to Office This Year, Jeff Zucker Says'We expect that the majority of you will not be able to return to our offices this calendar year,' the network president said in a memo on Wednesday.

Foster kids struggling during the pandemic are getting much needed support from a CNN HeroDanielle Gletow and her organization, One Simple Wish, are making sure children in foster care -- and those who have aged out of the system -- have the support they need during the pandemic. Correct duworabe jusaseri

CNN Puts Up Out Of Office Notice Until Maybe 2021 Due To COVID-19, Jeff Zucker Tells Staff At Cable NewserThe news never sleeps, but for many of those at CNN who get the news out to the world, a return to their offices and bureaus may not come until next year because of the coronavirus, network boss Je… Doesn't want to give JamesOKeefeIII and his Project Veritas team an opportunity to infiltrate their offices and document their plot to unseat the president.

George Floyd protests in NYC turn violent: Officers punched, pelted, more than 40 people arrestedNew York City police arrested more than 40 demonstrators Thursday evening after violent protests that followed the death of a man in police custody in Minnesota earlier in the week, police said. They continuously do crazy stuff & makes the story about themselves. If they want Justice they would not do what they are doing. But they are allowed to get away with it & it will continue. This is about a man who isn’t with us & a man who it looks like to me took that life. That Media is the reason for all this violence. They give it all the coverage encouraging the protesters to destruction.

Minneapolis police station catches fire amid protest of George Floyd's killingBREAKING: Protesters set a police precinct in Minneapolis on fire Thursday night in the third day of unrest after the death of George Floyd. Precinct was where 4 officers who were fired after Floyd's death were based. Get ali velshi out of there!!!! This tragedy does not need to end with more violence on innocent people. Minnesota standing up strong much love... Stunning development. Probably should have been expected.

More than 40 people were arrested or summoned in New York during Thursday's George Floyd protestsFour Minneapolis police officers have been fired for their involvement in the death of a black man who was held down with a knee as he protested that he couldn't breathe. Follow here for the latest updates. The are at least 40 million African_American in USA Killing all of them must be hard. More power to you goergefloyd New York needs more peaceful demonstrations. 加油