What Happened Today: White House Briefing, More Social Distancing Specifics

What Happened Today: White House Briefing, More Social Distancing Specifics

4/9/2020 3:58:00 AM

What Happened Today: White House Briefing, More Social Distancing Specifics

NPR politics and science correspondents answer questions about the latest efforts to end the coronavirus pandemic and how people can practice social distancing.

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All the Celebrity Homes Perfect for Social DistancingAll the Celebrity Homes Perfect for Social Distancing, From an In-Home Spa to Bowling Alley keep your family immune system strong.--

Trump blames internet companies, including Amazon, for Postal Service strugglesThe president again took aim at Amazon during Tuesday's White House coronavirus task force briefing. WTF .. Again WTF ! What is wrong with him.... Free trade, open competition, the best win... Remember The “Blame Game” ... how to divert attention from your own failures!

White House coronavirus official says they're investigating when social distancing can be relaxedDr. Deborah Birx, the White House coronavirus response coordinator, says officials are looking at areas in the US where mitigation efforts seem to be working to determine if social distancing guidelines could be relaxed at the end of April. Dumbass. Other countries are extending quarantines and stay at home orders and we consider relaxing and haven't even peaked yet. SMH Really? I that happens I’ll be last in the buffer line...

What to Do If Everyone Is Zooming Without You and Other Social (Distancing) Anxieties'It's easy to imagine that all your friends are laughing it up in some glamorous Zoom party while you refresh your inbox. Why would you imagine this? I don't know—personally I like to vary my anxiety spirals, but to each their own.' oureric writes: oureric Or, MAYBE, we could all use a break from the keeping up with the Jones’ culture that brought us into this progress trap.

Social Distancing SocialsWe can’t meet up together in person these days, but we want to stay connected. That’s why we’re launching our SocialDistancingSocials. Join us via Zoom tomorrow at 4PM ET from the comfort of your home with your favorite beverage in hand.

Live stream White House's coronavirus Wednesday briefing: How to watch Trump's latest COVID-19 updateMembers of the White House's Coronavirus Task Force will discuss national COVID-19 statistics and response plans during its daily briefing Wednesday at 5:00 p.m. EST. How about not? Switch to that Tiger Dude instead! Can we... not? Seriously. Just leave us alone. We don't need 24/7 of the WH.