Listener Questions About At-Home Care For Patients Of COVID-19

Listener Questions About At-Home Care For Patients Of COVID-19

4/9/2020 3:58:00 AM

Listener Questions About At-Home Care For Patients Of COVID-19

Dr. Lucy McBride, a doctor of internal medicine, gives advice for what to do if someone is recovering from the coronavirus at home.

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At-home COVID-19 deaths may be significantly undercounted in New York CityThe daily tally of New York City residents who died at home with coronavirus-like symptoms exploded from 45 on March 20 to 241 on April 5, according to Fire Department of New York data - suggesting the city may be significantly undercounting COVID-19 deaths. no test no virus No shit. People are dying in their homes because they can't get tested deaths with a touch of covid are being significantly overcounted.

Opinion | Boris Johnson vs. the CoronavirusIn Opinion Katy Balls writes, 'A leader who has repeatedly defied the laws of political gravity finds himself struck down by the very virus he had put his government on a war footing to beat' Or chap who ignored medical advice to avoid contracting illness gets illness. If only karma would strike this justly everytime schadenfreude

COVID-19 reinfection risk questioned after low levels of antibodies found in recovered patientsAnalysis of blood samples from 175 coronavirus patients released from hospital showed nearly a third had low levels of antibodies and in some patients, they could not be detected at all. Oh no oh no oh no oh no oh no oh no It's cold comfort

New York hospital sends some 'borderline' COVID-19 patients home with oxygen monitorsSome coronavirus patients who would have been admitted into the emergency department at a New York hospital are being sent home with an oxygen-monitoring device as the city's medical system struggles to reserve resources for only the sickest people. Where would you rather be? Is this helping to fudge the numbers for DementiaDon? Happy Holiday to them.

Apple in the age of COVID-19: Can new iPhones be made, and who will buy them?For Apple Inc., the most valuable U.S. company, COVID-19 creates questions about supply and demand.

Anesthesiologists hailed as special heroes in fight against coronavirusSkilled medical practitioners are placing themselves in harm's way to save lives during the coronavirus pandemic-- but some medical professions face more dangers than others. Did you guys interview this guy ? Hey guess who else doing same damn thing plus now being asked to go help in the ICUs thanks to our backgrounds in critical care nursing? CRNAs. There's 54,000 of us out there! Please don't ignore our contribution nurseanesthetists AnesthesiaCRNA Here's my earlier piece on an anesthesiologist fighting for PPE and testing at her hospital! girlmedtwitter medtwitter WomenInMedicine