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Well, At Least Abortion's Still Legal SOMEWHERE

Well, At Least Abortion's Still Legal SOMEWHERE

9/27/2021 12:32:00 AM

Well, At Least Abortion's Still Legal SOMEWHERE

An overwhelming majority of voters in the deeply Catholic republic of San Marino legalized abortion on Sunday.

Parliament legalizes theprocedure, which has been criminalized in the European state forover 150 years, Sammarinese individuals will no longer need to go abroad to Italy and elsewhere to terminate unwanted pregnancies, a potentially costly trip that not everyone can necessarily afford.

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“We supported this for the simple reason that it seemed right that women have a choice and aren’t forced to go somewhere else, but to have the services on our own territory,”Sara Casadei of the “Noi Ci Siamo” campaign toldthe AP.There will still be restrictions placed upon abortion access in San Marino, as the law only legalizes the procedure during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy and under certain circumstances after that. Still, it’s better than it being fully criminalized

like it had been since the mid-19th century—and definitely better than the six-week bullshit Texas just put into place!“I am very happy and satisfied that the citizens of San Marino have finally expressed the fact that women must enjoy equal dignity,” said Francesca Nicolini, a doctor and member of a group that supported the referendum called the

Sammarinese Women’s UnionThe Guardian. Read more: Jezebel »

Texas Planned Parenthood clinics stop performing legal abortions due to new law'We had no way of predicting what right-wing actors would do in response to this law becoming enforceable,' Planned Parenthood South Texas' president said.

San Marino voters overwhelmingly back legal abortionSAN MARINO (AP) — San Marino residents on Sunday voted overwhelmingly to legalize abortion, rejecting a 150-year-old law that had criminalized it and making the tiny republic the latest majority Catholic state to approve the procedure under certain circumstances, according to complete returns. Here in Taliban USA we are reversing abortion rights constitutionally granted under Roe v Wade. Nice to see some places making progress while republican states in the US slip back into the dark ages. We can finally can get down to some serious baby killing. Let the slaughter commence!

San Marino voters overwhelmingly back legal abortionResidents in the tiny republic of San Marino have voted overwhelmingly to legalize abortion, rejecting a 150-year-old law that had criminalized it Our perception that abortion is a crime has ended in the Mesozoic generation. Amen

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Susan Collins, Who Doesn’t Actually Support Abortion Rights Despite Claiming Otherwise, Won’t Support Abortion Rights BillYou don’t get to describe yourself as pro-choice when you routinely do things that are the exact opposite. True. She fooled us.

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