Weird black hole spewed star-forming jets 500 light years long

Black holes located in dwarf galaxies usually stop star formation, but now one has been seen seeding new stars through a huge plume of ionised gas

Dwarf Galaxy, Black Hole

1/19/2022 9:21:00 PM

Black holes located in dwarf galaxies usually gobble up matter needed for forming stars, but now one has been seen seeding new stars through a huge plume of ionised gas

Black holes located in dwarf galaxies usually stop star formation , but now one has been seen seeding new stars through a huge plume of ionised gas

at Montana State University and his colleagues observed the black hole in a dwarf galaxy called Hen 2-10 spewing a plume of ionised gas nearly 500 light years long, stretching from the galactic centre to a cloud of gas on the galaxy’s edge where stars were forming.

AdvertisementSchutte and his team used the Hubble Space Telescope to observe and carry out spectroscopy on the dimdwarf galaxy, which is about 34 million light years away in the constellation Pyxis.Astronomers are interested in dwarf galaxies like Hen 2-10 because they could be similar to the galaxies found in the very early universe. If the laws governing galaxy evolution haven’t changed, understanding how these galaxies form stars could tell us how galaxies like our own Milky Way might have first evolved.

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