First 'Murder Hornet' Trapped İn Washington State - Cnn

First 'Murder Hornet' Trapped İn Washington State - Cnn

Washington state has trapped its first 'murder hornet'

Washington state has trapped its first Asian giant hornet — or, what we've come to know as the 'murder hornet'

8/1/2020 2:14:00 AM

Washington state has trapped its first Asian giant hornet — or, what we've come to know as the 'murder hornet'

Scientists have been trying to trap the invasive insects and prevent an infestation since they were first spotted in the state last year.

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How long do we shut down for this pandamic to pass? This story died off months ago stop trying to resuscitate it davidalangrier 😁 Last seen in crowded bar, not wearing a mask. One day, they will disappear, just like a miracle. I was wondering what happened to this story line when they dropped it mid-season.

Where did he come from HillaryClinton the deadliest of them all. Wow good job guy's. Now we must murder this Asia murder honest. Asap. 🐝🤺😷✌ , the name 'murder hornet' is extremely offensive for Asian gaint hornet. I can’t take no more Tapped in a cage ? No surprised at all, it's 2020. Maybe next Hurricane, flood, earthquake, meteor... Keep calm 😎👌

Oh no, let’s lock down. Why didn’t trump stop this by hiring Barry the Bee “They’re not sending their best...” We need the Japanese bees. It might be hard to choice 'the Sterile insect technique' for giant hornet. I saw an Asian leave a spider at a rest area men's room in Washington once. You know there is always an animal out to get us, take dogs as an example. Killer dogs went from German Shepard's, to Doberman's, Rottweiler's and now Pit Bull's. There is always some poor animal that is going to decimate humans, but truth is we decimate them.

I knew they’d be back! We must lockdown the country until we eradicate these killers from the planet! There's no other option! Chinese again?!?...but Biden wants to.bend over and hold his ankles for CCP. No thanks. A real live murder hornet. BillClintonIsStillAPedo Trap and tag? No gas them when the ships dock containing Chinese goods.

I wonder how big the queen is? Did you put him on the payroll? I could take that guy. Scary creature (C&P) Temperatures can reach up to 117°F, so the honeybees aren't messing around. The temperature is so precise! According to National Geographic, (C&P) Japanese honeybees can withstand temperatures of 118°F, and the Japanese giant hornet can withstand temperatures of 115°F. Not much room for error, only a 2°F difference!

(C&P) Japanese honeybees, on the other hand, know all of the tricks of Japanese hornets, and they've developed a way to fend them off. (C&P) When a scout comes snooping around their hive, they'll sit quietly like a Trojan horse while the scout enters the hive through a narrow opening. Then, when they have her trapped, they'll surround her in large numbers and form a “bee ball.”

chickwerner Hopefully hornets can’t carry covid 🙄 The honey killer What an UGLY MTF!!! Very racist BillClintonIsAPedo MaxwellDocuments Good...the other hornets will look for their missing friend and stay there. Let them loose in Washington and Oregon Trapped? Are they going to cage them and put them in prison for murder?

The Chinese killer hornet are they aggressive.. like 'yellow jackets'.. or are they (if left alone) docile.. like a 'honey bee'.. if they're aggressive.. go ahead.. call them 'murder hornets'.. Not the Redpainter1 wasp variety 😊. Feed it some mystery seeds We found another food source I got stung by one last summer in Nanaimo BC while accidentally sitting by a nest. It was one of the most painful experiences of my life and took months to heal.

The hornet identifies as a bumble bee. Get it right, CNN. IF THEY THINK ITS ALONE THEY HAVE MISTAKEN BIG TIME HAHA Took that long, is this a distraction? Now whats gonna happen. MsMeeToo Welcome to the apocalypse, folks! Please enjoy your stay. Meanwhile this one’s still on the loose... Hillary? Is that you

What, is it August already? Now do the rioters... The UFOs or those off world vehicles will zap them ! Pull its wings off A bit theatrics there. Y’all ain’t give up in this one yet huh.. We got him! Oh are you bringing those back? Where is your piece on lowering drug prices? what part of Asia? Are you guys ever going to talk about ghislaine documents that implies bill clinton in pedo island

WE KNOW It’s just another hornet... you have to be stung by many to die. notruthnopeace justfear Planted by the Chinese Hope it gets to the rioters in Portland YES Mr President Global warming not happening !!! But because its an Asian Hornet suppose he will blame the whole of Asia ? I saw one in New Jersey yesterday. They are nasty looking

Ahh man....😞Why are they always one of the first states for these things from Asia Viruses, seeds, mega hornets - Made in China This is news? Fear Monger Much? You already ran this story yesterday. Pathetic. Cool, maybe we can send the Nazis that just got kicked out of Portland to guard the hornets. Much better use of their skills than beating up peaceful protesters.

So how come fake news hasn’t blamed president Trump for this ? Another Democratic hoax? Fake news Damn Asians' first the Corona and now the Hornets Isn’t it calling it “Asian” racist CNN? I thought calling something with a name descriptive of where it came from was “Racist.” Racist CNN. ChinaVirus Prosecute him or her.

And they named it Donald.. 2020: AUGUST HAS ENTERED THE CHAT! Oh great! That buffoon trump is gonna blame it on china, yuk! BillClintonIsAPedophile Why you guys keep posting the same shit? This has been a thing for months. If Trump calls it the Asian Giant Hornet will CNN lose their minds and start posting how that is bad for Asian Americans and now racist he is? My money is on yes.

2020, the year China cursed the world. go_ask_china 😂 morgfair I prefer cicada killers. 😱 Bruh Grass Hoppers have been killing them for Months CNN loves to spread fear don’t they? Need banana for scale Just 1? Thank you 2020. 😐 Murder Hornet: I'm a Murder Hornet and we're gonna kill 'em all. Praying Mantis: Shit! Hold my Beer. 🍻 🤣

* “or what the media has declared the murder hornet to scare the shit out of you” If you get Chinese seed in the mail, simply “return to sender” by putting it back in the fucking mail. I watched a vid of a praying mantis eating a 'murder hornet.' WTG CNN bet this is Trump’s fault. Spread ur panic and fear.

WTF is it with Washington state? It has since escaped and rejoined its hive. They are coordinating as we speak. May god have mercy on our souls. Nice try guys but we don't care. They think trapped. They’ve tweeted this story at least 4 times in the last 24 hours lol How big is that MF’er? Now let it go in the White House Oval Office. Let it be free! POTUS realDonaldTrump

How do they know it’s the first ever “murder hornet” tho? It could be the second that they trapped... And just how big is this ‘murder hornet’ that was trapped? Can you provide a reference with like a quarter or something please so we know if aside from a mask we should consider getting beekeeper suits or rocket launchers!

Bwahahahaha!!!! The next “pandemic “, like the African bees..... Yeahhh thank god id be crazy to encounter them Coming from CNN. What next? The hornets have a new strain of Covid, which were released by federal agents. At the orders of Trump! Wouldn’t be surprised November is around the corner. They are bound to keep finding things

Level 3 has started Of course they did. It's not like we are going through enough already lets bring in the 'murder hornets'! These came from China also. Another act of war by the Chinese. It is past time to eliminate the threat to the world that is the government of the People’s Republic of China, It took them this long? 😱😶

Only a few million more to go Let’s not detain him or vet him. We should release him into the general population giving him a court date to review his illegal immigration status. I’m sure he’ll show up. Well, that’s one less we need to worry about. Well done Washington! Well I'll bee. It's okay Washington State, there is a song for that...

Dude.. I caught one in a glass of wine at Thanksgiving.. used a napkin and a hair elastic.. is that also headline news The use of the descriptors “murder” and “Asian” for a misunderstood creature is deeply troubling, and exposes the character and hypocrisy of every singular person employed by CNN. It’s also extremely offensive. Please do better. Have Brian Stelter offer an on air public apology.

Too late trump & his cohorts r already in the WH So the plan is “trap them” and the tote board is currently sitting at one? Back to the drawing board, right? Fake news What's going on here? murder hornets from Asian,The Chinese seeds in the mail don't plant. The virus.. we are being attack..... Oh no - the 'Chinese' hornet. Trump will love this.

Eek! Ridiculous story!! More fear mongering! Pretty sure they'll have to catch more than one Its Trump fault, isn’t it? Is it Chinese? Really? No other news, huh? Fausty admitting Trump's responses to C19 saved lives didn't rate for you hacks? One. You trapped one. I'm sure this will stop the infestation. Great job.

I thought they were supposed to wipe out the country a month ago. Now they are hunting bees for experiment's Thats not good. Don’t tell Trump !! Another Asian invasion !!! Just what America needs — another invasion. Take that bees! Nice mug shot Yawn* y'all are trash. Anything but the murder hornets No pearls, diamonds, rubies, nor tiera - hardly a queen. Probably an impotent heifer.

😂😂😂 INDIAN DID IT OH F!! Is this one of them I saw this earlier They got here months ago and they caught their first one? OJ's hunt for the real killers can't believe how inept this is BILL CLINTON WAS WITH TWO YOUNG GIRLS ON EPSTEINS ISLAND! NOW, THAT'S NEWS! 1 down crud load to go.Glad CNN is doing some good honest journalism.

Didn’t Covid start in Washington State also What is with this state!! How much toilet paper should we buy ? 😂 I don’t think you’re allowed to say it’s Asian in Washington State aren't all hornets murder hornets? Those kind of beers have bad venom it’s not good to get bit by one of those lawn that in school

Come to my house I saw one and it built it’s nest in front of my house this thing was huge at least 2 inches long and a time before this it mysteriously came into my house and slapped me in the ear.its wings sounded like a helicopter kid u not. I don't know why y'all trippin we got those things ery where in Alabama. Just don't piss them off.

Just mail that shit back to them we don't have time for this. It's fucking HOW BIG Fuck this, I am moving to someplace with frozen tundra. There plan is to trap each Hornet individually?!?! Bold strategy Cotton let’s see if it pays off For those that do not read the book, search for the ten greatest plagues listed in the REAL BOOK. My creator is the real king. Everything else is fake.

Hmmm, China and Washington, COINCIDENCE? Too fuckin funny I don’t think this is an accident ! And by “trapping” they mean blown into smithereens, right? Pretty please? 😁 Wait. Didn’t Covid start in Washington state? Baskin bees TheWarMonitor It coming. This is terrible They’re back! How about the seeds? Has the same face colour as the Donald. Apt.

Coronavirus, seeds, murder hornet, what's the next? Take down CCP,they are Devil. Season 1 callback! Can you please send it to realDonaldTrump He is truly an expert on these things, and the country anxiously looks forward to his in-depth analysis and insight on how best we can handle this soon to be problem. Irony

Be careful this can be deadly for those who vulnerable. I thought we moved past the murder hornets? Bugs are the least of the problems right now! Where are they on the demon sperm? Asian Hornet!?!?!?!? ThAtS RaCiSt!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They gonna use him as a “CI” to snitch on his boys .... watch. Should turn these bitches loose on tRump’s storm troopers.

Y’all Washington state is large. Next time, say where If we men put it in our penis, it would vibrate and cause erotic feelings of delight in us. I want to have insect intercourse with it, but only if you allow. With insects you must allow the insect to penetrate the man, not the other way as that is unholy. Okay, thank you.

You probably should have completed the story by at least mentioning that hornets have also been found in southern B.C. and on Vancouver Island. So, ONE was captured. One. Gods like 'I'll give you a reason to stay your ass inside'. Hope they watch him better than Epstein, Will Donald J Trump blame China for this invasion and change its name from “murder hornet” to the “Chinese hornet”?& come up with a new conspiracy theory “they’re out to get me” Jim_Jordan CNN nytimes CuomoPrimeTime WhiteHouse DNC JoeBiden GOP WHO BBCWorld UN nbcsnl

Get the DDT back out! Here we go again. Virus is bound to start dropping in cases. Bring back the murder hornets 2.0. And don’t get your panties in a wad either people. When I say, “No longer affecting”... I’m taking about no more Shock and Awe.... They need a new News Story Well good - we need a distraction.

Fake News Lord Professor Terguson: Guess where did the commy asian giant hornet come from? Mr Helper says, 'Chy-Na' ' Professor Terguson: Good answer. Good answer. I like the way you think, I'm gonna be watchin you. How about all these numbers? At least it hasn't set up a Chaz zone yet. ...or..... Has it ?

They are peaceful let them out no justice no peace CNN is racist. ‘Asian’ hornet? C’mon!! Livestock pestilence is next It was on NBC 26 three months ago. Lol good luck seattle Pin that thing onto the the 'Welcome to Washington!' sign along the freeway so they know you're not taking their invasion sitting down.

Yep, definetly killer face. jaketapper I can only guess what Trump will call it gematria 2 inches! Jesus F Christ. I have got the Coronovirus to the right of me and these mf to the left of me? At least STDs give you a chance to enjoy the memories... It is called 'suzume-bachi'(hornet) in Japan.If we are bitten twice by that hornet,it will be fatal..

Yuk 😡😡 jaketapper Yup, much more newsworthy than this What species can Texas send to invade China? Looks dead not trapped. This species is not as harmful as it appears . Living in Japan, I always find them at the garden of my home in summer. They never attack you unless you stimulate them. But I still get scared when I find tho. Fortunately I’d got stung by other kind of bees several times

Woo hoo! I call dibs on the murder meat. Send them to Portland It’s a Democrat hornet 🐝 World breaking news at FAKE CNN !! Asian killer hornet is a GIANT !!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 When is the court hearing for this poor guy I want to be there 2 months down, one in the bag! NICE!! I will take a murder hornet over Trump any day

Sorry, am i reading onion news? Tell me that is enlarged Stop with the nonsense don’t you think caused enough chaos Mostly peaceful hornet? It's a great step. But we probably need to trap way more! One down, I guess. It took me 3 cans of Black Flag to get rid of a ground nest. I’m going to need a flamethrower for these SOB’s.

Wow pretty racist to call it Asian hornet.... Ah, the Murder Hornet makes their return! Da pohuy. Wait a minute. I thought it was supposed to be killer toads for August. There's only one way to end them: Dr. Serizawa, please prepare the Oxygen Destroyer. FREE HIM HE AINT DO NUN Probably labeled as covid death

2020 really needs to chill out. Barely?!? Lmao They might kill fewer people than the Trump Administration. CALL IT BY ITS NAME: CHINA HORNET There was a documentary on how the Japanese honey bees protect themselves from this killer creature. Perhaps we don’t give our own honey bees enough credit? ONE? That ONE has a whole colony somewhere near. Look out . . . Here they come! 🦟🦟🦟

Here we go!! TheWarMonitor It was Trump's fault of course Stop trying to make murder hornets happen. It’s not going to happen. 🙄 Wait that’s racist this was fist reported 3 months ago as a problem and this is the first one? FU That IS A CNN PET 😭😭😭 This type of insect should be examined Will the police let it out on good behavior?

😔 Yay back to the murder hornets

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