Entertainment, Ellen Degeneres Apologizes To Staff After Report Of Toxic Culture At Talk Show - Cnn

Entertainment, Ellen Degeneres Apologizes To Staff After Report Of Toxic Culture At Talk Show - Cnn

Ellen DeGeneres apologizes to staff after report of toxic culture at talk show

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8/1/2020 2:13:00 AM

Ellen DeGeneres is apologizing to her staff in the wake of allegations that her talk show fosters a toxic environment

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🙄 Cancel her Show 🤬 Another misleading headline by CNN. Ellen did not apologize. She shifted Blame to her staff and then apologized for them. Took no responsibility. Siempre ah sido una tóxica, por eso todo sale a la luz Just read about her. She’s a real weardo! Employees working there are not to talk or look at here. Suck!

Just want to make sure, but everyone is basically getting on Ellen because she didn't police her producers and executives right? Overrated never watched or cared for her Is she trying to look like Trump or is Trump trying to look like her? The new South Park season gonna be really fun to watch. Aww thanks, Ellen. *Throws apology into garbage*

it's a strategy by Trump, to allow the company owned by a the Chinese to get bought by American company so they would stop stealing our information! What a bullshit non-apology. 😂 I started watching her show for the laughs then it got bothersome. Same old stuff. Celebrity guests were succumb from staff trying to scare them. It was too juvenile for me. Felt bad for Andy.Then when she showed vacation clips with Portia and lavish gifts that was it for me.

To little to late Rocky_BW bona tsala ya gago ga ya robalelwa ke dithokwa... Heeeeeedu 😂 Ke mmoleletse gore wa ineelela kfphele Mphoeng_M Time to cancelEllen CNN loves her Bit late for that Ellen. How's your Wayfair account doing? 'I'm sorry we got caught' Karen DeGeneres So you’re telling me she’s now apologizing because she’s caught. Got it.

This goes deeper than what is claimed. Is she getting ready to move to Greece as well. Maybe she will be Tom Hanks neighbor. Isnt she the one virtue signaling about being good to each other and sh*t? Its always the people preaching that nonsense the loudest who end up being the worst people. apologizing for being a terrible person NO

The left eating itself alive once again. Does that individual have a cervix? 🙄 MarkTGeiger1 Aww ! Poor Ellen - she’s losing her touch ! Could she be part of the Hollywood Pedo ?!?!! I never heard anything negative about her show !!! That's cool, is she going to apologize for her atrocities against children including rape and torture?

It's weird how those who use their celebrity platforms to rant and rave the loudest about equality, justice, peace, tolerance, understanding and opportunity are the ones who are the most negligent in offering any of it. Just... weird. shit falls from the top Oh pppllllleeeeeaaaazzzzzeeee 🙄 she knew...

I never found anything to do with Ellen funny.. but this is hilarious. It’s worse than that. based on how she treats Andy and some guests, I am not at all surprised. How toxic? I stopped watching her years ago... Hey TheEllenShow how about just be a good person and you won’t have to apologize. Covering for something else cnn?

I don’t know what’s worse, the environment or the fact that she’s only apologizing now when she’s the source of some of the toxicity in her own show. For months, I worked with a consulting company our company hired, who's name sounds like Toilet & Douche. They were 100% LBGTQ and most blatant sexual assaulters imaginable. They maintained silence of the victims, by constantly threatening them with firings for petty issues.

She’s been getting publicly shit on for 3 months, why now? Can’t sweep it under the rug any more? Ratings dropping? Yeah ummmm she’s related to the Rothschilds and is part of an elite pedophile ring how bout that one? Think of that though. A public apology because work conditions got so bad the public found out about it. Sounds like she’s completely wholesome and dedicated to her crew. Some of whom have been on hand for 17 years. And making less than half wages. 😤

Miss ' let's play who can I hate today?' Game. Toxicity starts at the top. Wtf is going behind the scenes? Rumours of TheEllenShow being not nice or just google Ellen & Mean and you may or may not be surprised what you may find. Must be hitting her wallet!! 'toxic culture' Apology for homosexuality, pedophilia, communism and satanism. America, America... Where are you going?

Some folks on social media are exact replicas of the person they are condemning. So much meanness towards someone you don't know, and honestly don't know nor care two cups about what you say on this platform. Too little, too late. Like she didn't know already.

Ellen DeGeneres 'terrified' staff when she was a guest on another showEllen DeGeneres is reportedly facing an internal investigation into her show Ellen amid claims there is a 'toxic work culture' on set Alot of people in this world are not as nice as they seem....

Ellen DeGeneres sends emotional apology to staff after investigation launchedEllen DeGeneres has apologised for the workplace culture at her talk show as an executive leaves and she promises to change how staff are treated DailyMirror Lol shame on her You call that ‘emotional’? Sounds like she had to say something so she put together this sad apology. She must have taken apology lessons from Kevin Hart. She's a hag.

'I am sorry': Ellen DeGeneres apologizes to talk show staff after complaints of mistreatmentEllen DeGeneres apologized to show staff Thursday as a review of complaints of worker mistreatment found deficiencies that will lead to staff changes. Nobody cares. Just donate your entire net worth to reparations for blm. F her This is so great.

Ellen DeGeneres Sends Emotional Apology to Staff; EP Ed Glavin Expected to DepartEllen DeGeneres apologizes to her staff: “I told everyone in our first meeting that ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ would be a place of happiness...Obviously, something changed, and I am disappointed to learn that this has not been the case' oh lol Bitch, bye!!!! okay but does anyone actually like ellen anyway

Ellen DeGeneres Apologizes to Staff for Toxic, Racist Environment on Her ShowAfter a Buzzfeed News report revealed that racism, microaggressions, and other wildly toxic behavior ran rampant at The Ellen DeGeneres Show, it seems showrunners intend on making a few changes. No word on whether the notoriously less-than-nice Ellen will take any of these lessons to heart, but perhaps producers will at least stop telling Black employees they can’t tell any of them apart. i like that you chose a pic where she looks like the cool guy emoji 😎 Wtf man, come on.? does she though?

Brad Garrett Says Ellen DeGeneres' Mistreatment Of Staff Is 'Common Knowledge'The 'Everybody Loves Raymond' star claimed to know 'more than one who were treated horribly' by the embattled talk show host. I heard about it from the beginning! Fs given = 0 Hey the lefties check all the SJW PC boxes. So the lefties aren't subject to the same rules as they impose on the rest of us. By the way, Degeneres has serious mental issues.