Virginia is for worriers: Governor race poses real risk to Dem agenda

“If things don’t go well' for Terry McAuliffe, one party lawmaker said, 'there’s going to be a lot of different reckonings here.”

10/16/2021 7:01:00 PM

If Terry McAuliffe loses, it could put a chill on Democrats’ agenda and prompt hand-wringing over whether the party failed to boost him enough in a difficult race against Republican Glenn Youngkin

“If things don’t go well' for Terry McAuliffe, one party lawmaker said, 'there’s going to be a lot of different reckonings here.”

Link CopiedThe Democratic Party’s fortunes are increasingly tied to someone who's never served a day in federal office: Terry McAuliffe.Losing ground in a Virginia gubernatorial campaign once seen as a near-lock for Democrats, McAuliffe has sought to nationalize the race —

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calling out congressional inactionand President Joe Biden’s waning popularity as he tries to mount a return to an office he held four years ago. If McAuliffe loses, it could put a chill on Democrats’ agenda and prompt hand-wringing over whether the party failed to boost him enough in a difficult race against Republican Glenn Youngkin.

McAuliffe’s allies on Capitol Hill have also ratcheted up their pressure campaign, demanding Speaker Nancy Pelosi put the Senate-passed infrastructure bill up for a vote in a move they say would help him ahead of the Nov. 2 gubernatorial election.The effort has taken a gubernatorial race that amounts to a bellwether for Democrats’ popularity writ large and twinned it to their legislative agenda — if one fails, so too could the other.

“I'm hopeful that everyone will come to their senses by the end of the month,” said Rep. Filemon Vela (D-Texas). “If things don’t go well [in Virginia], there’s going to be a lot of different reckonings here.”If McAuliffe doesn’t pull out a win, some pessimistic Democrats privately predicted a “collapse” on Capitol Hill, where party leaders are already struggling to unite sparring progressives and centrists around a roughly $2 trillion social infrastructure package. Meanwhile, the Senate-passed $550 billion bipartisan infrastructure bill is sitting on the shelf because the votes aren’t there in the House, much to Virginia Democrats’ irritation.

That bill is stalled out because Pelosi and other senior Democrats have yet to clinch a deal on the social spending bill with two key holdouts, centrist Sens. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) and Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.). And despite public pronouncements of action by the end of October — when Congress will again be forced to address expiring highway and transit programs — Democrats appear far from even an outline of an agreement.

Election day in Virginia, not Oct. 31, is the real deadline for action on Democrats’ domestic priorities for many on Capitol Hill.Either way, the race is a tipping point. If McAuliffe wins, he will boost Democrats' struggling legislative push. If he loses, it may set off a shockwave that could send already skittish moderates sprinting away from the tenuous talks.

“Terry losing is catastrophic for the agenda,” said one longtime Democratic aide, summing up the views of the party’s most vulnerable members on condition of anonymity.Predictably, most Democratic lawmakers did not want to go on the record to forecast what would happen if Youngkin stunned their party in a reliable state and won. Democrats control both of the state’s legislative chambers, as well as every statewide elected office, but Bob McDonnell’s resounding gubernatorial win in 2009 demonstrated how hard national momentum swung away from Democrats as they tried to clinch the Affordable Care Act.

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But a few tried to paint a rosier picture of the too-close-for-comfort Virginia race — that either way, it should be an alarm bell for Democrats to unite behind a once-in-a-generation bill that could touch every aspect of American life, from child and family programs to health care to the environment.

“I very much hope and don’t expect Terry to lose,” said Rep. Don Beyer (D-Va.), who lost a gubernatorial race in Virginia in 1997. “But in a worst case … I think the moderates will look at it and say if we want to get elected in 2022, we better show we’ve done some meaningful things in the last two years.”

Virginians started early voting in late September, and each successive day brings more pressure on McAuliffe to clinch what became a dependably Democratic state in the Trump era. The party has won two straight gubernatorial races there, including McAuliffe’s first term, and took the statehouse during Trump’s presidency after a long stint in the minority. Plus, Biden won by 10 points in 2020 in a state once known as a GOP stronghold.

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If he loses I will have more faith in election integrity In 2017, Northam was leading by 3.3% in the RCP average. He ended up winning by 8.9%. Terry McAuliffe is currently leaving in the RCP average by 2.2%.. He’s not gonna lose Click bait Vote 🗳 Anything that puts a “chill” on Biden’s agenda helps working Americans.

This reminds me of all the panicky stories Politico ran about CA Gov Newsom, but when he crushed the recall by 25 points … crickets about what the defeat meant for Republicans. Guess being bought by a German right wing tabloid publisher has an impact on coverage! Twenty articles a day from on the same topic…amazing!

About as much substance in this ‘shock’ as the recall ‘shock’ from California. The GOP were crushed. DougJBalloon Yes they’re really twisting the optics on this one, but I’d rather have dems taking it seriously than getting complacent

Will Trump play the role of spoiler for Republicans in Virginia governor's race?Former President Donald Trump’s splash dive into the Virginia governor’s race on Wednesday has come at an unhelpful time for Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin. trumpism is not politics. It’s a long-standing violence and intimidation generation machine. It’s racism, fascism, and sales combined to further fracture social divisions and deteriorate societal stress points. From Central Park 5 to the Wall to Floyd and the Big Lie/Jan 6 attack

Clearly two of his most pressing concerns in the closing days of the 2021 campaign is the huge and growing apathy and fatigue among his own democratic supporters. I don't care who wins, just get stuff done that actually affects us in large ways, like does it really matter? Glen, Terry, doesn't make a difference in the slightest. They are both probably corrupt politicians anyway.

Media is , as usual, trying to create a story that actually doesn't exist. „hand-wringing“ Really? Now do 'When Youngkin loses, VA saved itself from a tRump kiss ass that would have destroyed VA' “DEMS IN DISARRAY”—- From heatherscope and burgessev’s keyboards to God’s ear. Hopefully it will put a chill on the radically progressive agenda the Dems are trying to ram through.

He won’t lose. Virginia is far too blue because of all the folks in NoVa leaching off of Washington DC. I voted for TerryMcAuliffe last time but he is so transparently molding himself like Play-Doh to parrot the new progressivism he’s unrecognizable. So fake and dishonest. Politico has become a tabloid rag.

Sounds like Politico wants a lost for democrats so they will finally have the talking points they looking for.

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DougJBalloon McAuliffe is part of a dying wing of the Democratic Party. Young people aren’t excited about these corporate democrats in any way. And that’s who McAuliffe represents. Or they could be fucking insane and the country is just trying to find some moderate balance somewhere in the ethos of America's politicos.

Just stop. Why not say, 'If Youngkin wins, it will mean the end of democratic process in Virginia'. Stop putting the load all on Dems. TFG won in 2016, in part, because media wouldn't hold him responsible... for anything. VOTE 🗳 for TerryMcAuliffe Get out the vote, Virginia!

Biden shows plan to address major financial risks posed by climate changeThe Biden administration released its Climate-Related Financial Risk Strategy Report on Friday, in in response to President Joe Biden's executive order in May. Biden should address the major financial risk created by his presidency. The lib media will not report that Biden is clueless and his progressive agenda is causing havoc. Coming soon bread lines

Democrats Rely on Big Guns in Virginia as Early Voting PlummetsIn Virginia’s contest for governor, Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe is bringing in top Democrats to rally voters in key locales where he needs to drive up participation. Some folks may still not be sure which candidate will get their vote. They have a right to wait until election day to cast their ballots. TerryMcAuliffe needs to not pressure voters to cast their ballots until they are ready, That may be on election day. Be nice! Vote McAuliffe for governor! Do not vote for the Republican who will condone hate,evil,racism,inequity,ignorance and for infection and death from COVID. Say no to Jim Crow and Trumpican’s! They should try governing well instead of gimmicky campaign efforts

McAuliffe: GOP rally's pledge to Jan. 6 flag was 'racist dog whistle'Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe called on opponent Glenn Youngkin to condemn the Jan. 6 Capitol attack, labeling the use of a flag from the deadly riot at a Republican rally a “racist dog whistle” When a Democrat candidate is in trouble in the polls, what should a Democrat do? Checks the manual….. Oh - charge racism and sprinkle in Trump. 🙄 McAuliffe is going down and he knows it. ICYMI

First lady Jill Biden will stump in New Jersey, Virginia to help elect Democratic governorsGO JILL! GO BLUE!!!! Maybe President Biden should put her in charge of the border crisis. She seems to want to work more than VP Harris does. Because Joe is sleeping The Presidency off.