Tıff, Varietystreamingroom

Tıff, Varietystreamingroom

Variety's Female Filmmakers Panel @ TIFF Presented by Canada Goose

9/18/2020 2:18:00 AM

Variety’s Female Filmmakers Panel will celebrate the women behind some of TIFF ’s biggest films. Join us for the virtual conversation tomorrow, September 18 in the VarietyStreamingRoom presented by CanadaGoose

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Amy Coney Barrett Supreme Court confirmation hearing live updates

The high-stakes confirmation hearing for Judge Amy Coney Barrett, President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, is underway Monday in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Starz CEO on Female Audience Push: 'It's The Right Thing to Do''Women are really driving our business. Women and African American women,' Starz' Jeff Hirsch told an investors conference. Bring back NowApocSTARZ! This article goes a long way to explain some of the baffling creative choices that have been made on Outlander. So they can pick up the perfectionists

Meghan and Harry Made a Huge Donation to a Female Education CharityThe Sussexes gave $130,000 to CAMFED.

All-female aircraft repair team is set on changing the industryOnly 2.3 percent of aviation mechanics across all airlines are women.

A cinematic history of the horny female gaze'She Found It At The Movies', a new anthology from Christina Newland, celebrates female thirst on screen. Here, she picks her absolute horniest faves.

She Is The Music: Lali, Mon Laferte, Francisca Valenzuela & Paty Cantú on the Nuances of Female Empowerment.lalioficial, monlaferte, franciscamusic and PatyCantu talked about the nuances of female empowerment, collaborating with other women in the industry and the raunchy lyrics on reggaeton songs. lalioficial monlaferte franciscamusic PatyCantu lalioficial monlaferte franciscamusic PatyCantu nobody is reading all tha lalioficial monlaferte franciscamusic PatyCantu ok

‘I’m A Black Female Doctor, And The Racism I Face In The ER Is Taking A Toll On My Mental Health''They don't prepare you for moments like this in medical school.' My God Unfortunately the racism she faces is not due to her race but colorism due to her complexion. Skin color is the clue to race which triggers racism. Racism exists in all races. It is not limited to one race. And no, they don't prepare the other races mentally either. We all have to face our challenges in life. People need God every day to face their challenges.