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US Covid-19 fatalities on the rise again - latest updates

Novel coronavirus has infected more than 10.5 million people around the world claiming at least 513,000 lives. Here are updates for July 1

7/1/2020 5:35:00 AM

US Covid-19 death toll begins to climb again with 1,199 fatalities recorded during the past 24 hours. Here are other updates 🇨🇳 China reports three new cases 🇰🇷 South Korea begins supply of remdesivir 🇲🇽 Mexico registers 5,432 new cases Read more:

Novel coronavirus has infected more than 10.5 million people around the world claiming at least 513,000 lives. Here are updates for July 1

Wednesday, July 1US fatalities on the rise with more than new 1,000 deathsThe United States recorded 1,199 fatalities from the coronavirus during the past 24 hours, as the country's death toll began to climb again, the Johns Hopkins University tally showed.

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The number of daily deaths had not exceeded 1,000 since June 10.The country has suffered 127,322 deaths overall, according to the Baltimore-based institution as of 8:30 pm (0030 GMT Wednesday).The US also registered 42,528 new cases of coronavirus during the past 24 hours.

Due to increased death tolls and case numbers, many US states, particularly in the south and west, have had to pause their reopening processes.China reports three new virus casesChina has reported just three new confirmed cases of coronavirus, all in the capital Beijing where an outbreak last month appears to have run its course amid intense testing and case tracing.

No new deaths were reported, leaving the toll at 4,634 among 83,534 cases of Covid-19 recorded since the virus was first detected in the central Chinese city of Wuhan late last year.The National Health Commission said 421 people are in treatment with another 108 under monitoring for being possible cases or having tested positive for the virus without showing symptoms .

With 328 cases reported since June 11, Beijing has reinstated some prevention measures, suspended classes for schoolchildren and carried out 8.3 million virus tests among the city’s more than 20 million residents.South Korea begins supply of Gilead's remdesivir -KCDC

South Korea started supplying Gilead's antiviral drug for the treatment of the novel coronavirus, the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC) said.The first batch of remdesivir will come from Gilead's donation until July, while the health authorities will negotiate the price for supply after August, KCDC said in a statement.

Mexico registers 5,432 new cases, 648 more deathsMexico's health ministry reported 5,432 new confirmed cases of coronavirus infections and 648 additional fatalities, bringing the total in the country to 226,089 cases and 27,769 deaths.The government has said the real number of infected people is likely significantly higher than the confirmed cases.

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First case reported in asylum seeker camp at US-Mexico borderAn international disaster relief organisation reported the first confirmed case of Covid-19 among migrants living in a tent encampment of asylum seekers at the US-Mexico border.Global Response Management said that one person in the Matamoros, Tamaulipas camp across the Rio Grande from Brownsville, Texas had tested positive.

“Aggressive isolation and tracing measures have been enacted,” the US-based relief organisation said via Twitter.There are some 2,000 asylum seekers living in tents along the border. The migrants from Central America and other parts of the world have been stranded by the United States’ suspension of asylum hearings due to the pandemic through at least mid-July.

Trump 'more and more angry at China' over virusUS President Donald Trump said he was growing "more and more angry at China" over the spread of the coronavirus."As I watch the Pandemic spread its ugly face all across the world, including the tremendous damage it has done to the USA, I become more and more angry at China," Trump tweeted.

The global pandemic, which Trump blames on Beijing, has intensified already strong tensions between the two countries over an ongoing trade war.China has accused Trump's administration of politicising the pandemic to deflect from its own handling of the illness, with the United States suffering by far the highest death toll of any country.

US officials, meanwhile, have urged greater transparency from China.Brazil military moves to protect Indigenous people deep in Amazon forestBrazil's military delivered protective supplies and medicines by helicopter to isolated Amazon indigenous communities bordering Venezuela and tested frightened members for Covid-19.

None tested positive to the rapid finger-prick tests, but the coronavirus pandemic is threatening to decimate hundreds of Amazon tribes that have no immunity to external diseases and whose communal lifestyle rules out social distancing.The operation to help the Yanomami who live on Brazil's largest reservation is aimed at countering criticism that the right-wing government of President Jair Bolsonaro is not doing enough to protect indigenous people from contagion.

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The Army airlifted supplies from the Roraima state capital of Boa Vista on a Blackhawk helicopter to a military frontier post deep in the rainforest, with boxes of face masks, alcohol gel, aprons, gloves, tests and medicines, including 13 ,500 pills of the controversial anti-malaria drug chloroquine.

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There must be an error in your data about US daily death number, it was never above 1000 in the last 30 days. It's around 600 in the last weeks, if you look at the 7 day moving average curve. Philippines extends Covid19 lockdown in central city. Here are other updates: 🇯🇵 Tokyo confirms 67 new cases 🇹🇭 Thailand schools reopen with strict hygiene rules 🇦🇺 Melbourne suburbs preparing for one-month lockdown For more:

China reports 19 new COVID-19 cases, including seven in BeijingChina on Tuesday reported 19 new coronavirus cases in the mainland for June 29, up from 12 a day earlier, the health authority said. There were no new deaths. A disgusting nation! A disgusting nation! We are f. U ( | ED

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As in U.S., Covid-19 Risk in Britain Is Higher for Minority GroupsBritish researchers are reporting repeatedly that some ethnic groups are more vulnerable to Covid-19 than the country’s white majority, a finding mirrored in the U.S. that doctors say is laying bare longstanding inequalities in health between communities Crafty, cunning yet a Clueless Covfefe needs a miracle to win and miracles are hard to come by: Joe Biden holds a whopping 14% lead! Be blue. Shed red. Anyway. 4 more months to go before the fat lady would sing on November the 4th. Till then.. Finally, they understand why East Asian countries were able to control covid19. Why? Because the virus is a racist, and they don’t have b&l populations. Lol Westerners' confidence and propaganda! They think white people are superior in everything! Not only health, but also knowledge and ability! Bring up the source of western suspicion and accusation against other countries!

Gilead prices COVID-19 drug candidate remdesivir at $2,340 per patient in U.S.Gilead Sciences Inc has priced its COVID-19 drug candidate remdesivir at $390 per vial for the United States and governments of other developed countries, it said on Monday, setting the price of a five-day course at $2,340 per patient. See? It's all about MONEY gotta make a buck while people die

COVID-19 drug remdesivir could cost $3,120 for some US patientsOr free at the point of delivery like every other western country 🤦🏻 Ohhh thats why all you Liberals hated on Hydroxychloroquine? $$$$$ CarolinaGurl_15

U.S. teens envision fall school reopening during COVID-19 pandemicWhen U.S. schools begin the next academic year with the country still fighting the coronavirus pandemic, students should spend half their time in classrooms and half doing online activities that pinpoint their individual learning style such as videos or reading. There is now 0% chance of school reopening in late summer. Reopen them. That’s it. There you go.