Americas, Up To 17 American Missionaries Reported As Kidnapped By Gang Members İn Haiti - Cnn

Americas, Up To 17 American Missionaries Reported As Kidnapped By Gang Members İn Haiti - Cnn

Up to 17 American missionaries reported as kidnapped by gang members in Haiti

As many as 17 American missionaries have been reported kidnapped by gang members in Haiti on Saturday, including 14 adults and three minors, a source in Haiti's security forces told CNN.

10/17/2021 11:16:00 AM

As many as 17 American missionaries have been reported kidnapped by gang members in Haiti on Saturday, including 14 adults and three minors, a source in Haiti's security forces told CNN.

As many as 17 American missionaries have been reported kidnapped by gang members in Haiti on Saturday, including 14 adults and three minors, a source in Haiti's security forces told CNN.

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CNN i guess you should have listened to Daniel Foote CNN PLEASE CNN, don't bring that Lamothe on ppl's screen, he is on the reason why these gangs are armed, he was the one who ordered over 200 IMI galil and distributed to these gangs so please do some repoting investigations before you bring that gang leader on ppl's screen

100% illegal, insane and inhuman to let 5% developed 20% Christian Colored in Europe and USA 100% owned by 100% developed and 100% Christian Whites LegalProperty-legally owned by LegalPerson-God, His Kingdom or its Subject in own Race and Faith PrimeMinister BREAKING This happens when a poor country is in desperate need of food, water, security and medicine but the rich country brings them religion instead.

My first instinct is that American troops are ready to invade this country again. God bless this country. Everywhere American troops go, they are full of human tragedies. Ooohhhh bad idea. Extremelly, bad idea ! But, who knows. This admin are all about abandoning americans abroad..... cool 👍 There's a man for this job

Naive Christians from Ohio have no business going to Haiti when it’s semi-stable, going there now is just suicidal. If we’re not going to invade,occupy & rehab these countries,then Idk what else u can expect America &the international community to do! 🤷‍♂️ Keep sending more aid, food, money &supplies that just end up commandeered by criminals &corrupt officials 🙄This is a bad scene all around

Americans are not safe in Haiti spread the word The days of MISSIONARIES going to help USAID_Haiti Are over! America is DONE with you Haiti... This is what you get when you put Americans into harms way kidnapping

Up to 17 US Christian missionaries kidnapped in HaitiHaitian officials: 17 American missionaries kidnapped in the country

Biden will leave them abandoned and call it a success CNN Minority Hindu houses, temples are being vandalized and burnt in Bangladesh, many Hindus are already being killed. We need world media & leaders to stand with us. Please help us. Please save our lives😰🙏 SaveHindusInBangladesh PleaseStandWithHindus SaveHindus

This is a test by the gang masters and the Biden’s government should demonstrate its strength 🦾🦾🦾 Get rekt Pray about it Dominicans killed about that many Americas. Russians and Ukraninan people are just as bad. Not sure anybody would choose to go there right now They blow Haiti off the map I'm guessing they wanted a close up look at American special forces

So Biden’s Department of State secures the return of Americans in an attempt to deflect from the incompetent Afghanistan withdrawal? This black flag wag the dog nonsense needs to stop.

US religious group says 17 missionaries kidnapped in HaitiSAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) — A group of 17 U.S. missionaries including children were kidnapped in Haiti on Saturday, according to a voice message sent to various religious missions by an organization with direct knowledge of the incident. Leave them there. I think they did it because of America’s treatment to Haitian refugees This gang is about to be demolished by special forces if they don't hand them over.

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That's not a very rich group to kidnap! I pray for their release. CNN need to block those scammers posting under this thread. pretty sure haiti doesn’t need religious “saving” from the US. these folks are twisted, and ignorant to think they wouldn’t be viewed as ops, considering the CIA has a very long history of using NGOs and “aid” groups to infiltrate to overthrow gov’s and profit from entire regions

Your bad grammar makes it sound as if the GANG includes 14 adults and 3 children. Should say, '...17 Americans, including..., have been....' Do you people have ANY quality control? How about a tether to journalistic integrity? Or just plain competence in basic writing skills? Maybe their “all powerful” god will save them. Maybe he won’t because he’s made up.

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Hope you are not suggesting we send in American troops to rescue these 17 missionaries. When you sign on for missionary work in unstable, third world countries, you know the risks up front. May God continue to be with you. I don't wish any harm to them but missionaries are sent to covert and or 'spread the word of God', they think there doing the right thing but there not

🤷🏻‍♂️ Another thing for Joe Biden to completely blunder Prey , who had authorized that ' mission' ! without a backup...they should be defrocked U.S government years of Haiti’s bad policies. They will be eaten Very troubling! They are sending a message to America and POTUS ...may Jah be with them..🙏🏾🙏🏾

Missionaries or child traffickers.

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shouldn't have been there. Sigan botando a los Haitianos de EEUU que esperan Que se queden de brazos cruzados Dangerous place

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What were they doing there? Is Haiti America? Are there Haitian missionaries in the US? blockchain is the future and banksocial is at its center!

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