Jay-Z, Beyonce Selling New Orleans Mansion That Caught Fire in July

Jay-Z and Beyonce are selling their New Orleans mansion for $4.45 million.

10/17/2021 11:03:00 AM

Jay-Z and Beyonce are selling their New Orleans mansion for $4.45 million.

Jay-Z and Beyonce are selling their New Orleans mansion for $4.45 million.

au revoirto New Orleans with a fire sale, of sorts -- just months after their mansion there ignited, they're selling it.The power couple is listing the 1925 pad, asking for $4,450,000. The 13,292 square foot pad has 7-bedrooms, 8-bathrooms and was originally a Presbyterian church. It's since been retrofitted to not only house the rich and famous, but also hold special events.

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Nestled in NOLA's Historic Garden District -- and just steps from the main Mardi Gras parade route -- the home's hosted weddings, salons and major recording stars and corporate execs.TMZ.comIt's easy to see why the rapper and singer loved this place ... the mansion's acoustics are unparalleled. According to the listing ... a Grammy winner once said,"I did my best writing ever, while watching the sunset from the rooftop garden!" The listing doesn't reveal who said that, but it easily could have been Jay or Bey.

In any event, the 3-story building with 26-foot ceilings features Spanish baroque architecture. The building itself is divided into one main residence with 3 apartments that are each approximately 1,000-square-feet.One big bonus ... the house will be painted to the new owner's liking prior to the deal closing. headtopics.com

The listing comes nearly 3 months after the mansioncaught on fire. The blaze lasted a little over 2 hours, and it was classified as simple arson. Read more: TMZ »

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Good move, it'll be underwater soon These comments smmfh….there’s so many haters in the world🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ I dont think ive seen a picture of jay z in like 5 years damn he looks different. Times are tough YALL They can give it to me for free That’s the ugliest “house” . All the beautiful homes in Nola and they wanted a ugly one. Ain’t no way that house is worth 4 million, maybe 400,000

why does tmz always use bad pics of celebs- J'ai 2000 dibs Let’s all go in together

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treydayway go get it No thanks new Orleans are hurricane prone i will be buying They post couple photos all the time and y’all do this 🥴 I'm throwing my bid in. Who want chip in🔑 Nah it used to be a church and that’s cursed So relatable! Thanks TMZ! Meet your true owner. I didn’t even know they had a place in New Orleans

Finally, had a fire insurance job collected the money now sell

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kaylaiko_ Take it or leave it 😗 Why y’all use these pictures ? Why does this matter? Time to eat the rich yet? Youngboy mansion cost more This Papa Justify crib from The Skeleton Key rebelleflowerr_ It's alright, we'll just buy a new one i still see TMZ uses misleading photos like we in 2007. What the fuck are these photos? She fed us with looks all we and this is the shut you put?

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The one that got burned? omg? Hello Good morning 😊🤝. So, WilliamSBSmith1 I think the reason Jay-Z and his wife Beyonce are selling their New Orleans Mansion for $4.45 million is because they are hungry, they don't have food to eat. SMH!!! But Kanye West can buy the Mansion for $5.55 million. 👍🙌! Meaningless people

…I have a mansion, forget the price… ain't never been there… they tell me it's nice… I went to Tulane. Maybe they want to gift it to me? What do you say, Beyonce ? Reunite me with my friends! Can we see the inside or no Really Don’t Give a Damn

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